Still Open! Pinecone Research Accepting Applications

Pinecone Research Accepting Applications

Still Open! – Pinecone Research has just opened up very very limited spots.  They usually try to fill certain demographics first which can fill up quickly.  This survey company is very difficult to get into and in my opinion, they are one of the most reputable survey companies out there.  They pay a flat fee of $3.00 per survey and they pay very quickly.  It’s a great opportunity to make a few extra bucks, especially with the holiday season in full force.

You can head over here to see if you qualify

If you don’t qualify for this or you missed it, be sure to check some of the other Survey Companies you can see if you qualify for.

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  • Lisa

    Hi! I have a question about signing up & knowing if your application was accepted by Pinecone. I did look thru the older posts & comments first for an answer, but no luck. On Sunday, when LRWC last posted about Pinecone opening up again, I went to their site & filled out the application. I received an email back that day with a user name & password that I had to use to login to Pinecone’s website. After I did that, the screen said (not verbatim, I’m paraphrasing) that I was going to be put in their database & if my info matched what they were looking for, they would email me a survey. Today I got an email saying basically the same thing, but that if I was to go on vacation, change my contact info etc to let them know so I won’t be taken out of their system. My question is, do they do that for all the applicants, or was I chosen to be a member?? Do they make everyone members & just pull them up as needed, or do they choose the members & then only use the members for when they surveys come up? Sorry if I’m not being clear, or if this is too long. I just want to know if I was selected & to keep a vigilant m on my email for the surveys, or if they say that to everyone who fills out an application & I might get chosen once or twice a year.

  • Coupon Capt

    Lisa if you got a user name and password you were selected. Not everyone gets to be a member and its very hard to get in as my coworker has been trying to qualify the past 2 years. They are a great company in my opion and pay really quick. They have just changed the payment system to include rewards outside the standard $3 they pay. Sometimes I get a few surveys each week and other times it will be a couple of weeks and I may get 1/2 if I’m lucky. I think it just depends on what demographic the companies need thoughts on how often you get surveys.

    • Lisa

      Thank you very much Coupon Capt!! I appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me.. I am looking forward to participating..Have you ever received products to try?? I think that would be really cool to try a product & be able to have YOUR voice & opinions actually heard & considered by the companies..Hmmm, I wonder what demographic I filled if they are so hard to get selected for?!

  • Coupon Capt

    I’ve only ever got one trial from them well over a year ago. I think it was for shampoo if I recall correctly. Others say they get things all the time. I’ve had better luck with other companies on trials with one being approx 5 already in the past year. Guess its all in the luck of what they need from people.