A&P Smart Balance Deal Updated!

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Smart Balance A&P Deal

Earlier today we posted some catalina deals at A&P.  Well, I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is, the deal is not working on shelf prices.  The good news is you can still score some good deals.

After hearing from some of you that you were not getting your catalinas, I tested the deal tonight.  I first bought 4 Smart Balance Milk ($4.49) $3.00 each, used (4)$0.75 off coupons, paid $6 and did not get the catalina.

I then returned it all and did the deal again purchasing 5 Smart Balance Milk.  The total was $15, I was able to use (5)$0.75 off coupons (my store allowed it), paid $7.50 and received a $5 reward making them them just $0.50 each.  Still an awesome deal.

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You’ll notice I said reward instead of catalina.  The reason is because I did not receive a catalina but actually received a checkout coupon.  It did not print from the catalina machine but instead printed like a regular receipt.  I’m not sure why or if it’s just for the offers this week.  Or, maybe it was just my store.  But, that is how I received it.

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Here are some of the updated deal ideas you can do:


I would image that it will be the same for the rest of the offers this week.  And, I’m not sure if this will roll but I will be trying it out later in the week.

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