How to Double Dip on General Mills & Gas Catalina Deals this week at ShopRite!

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Catalina Double Dip

There has been a lot of talk here at LRWC this week about the awesome Catalina Deals happening this week at ShopRite including the General Mills Spend $50 Get a $25 Gift Card Catalina Deal. which just got sweeter with the new New General Mills Coupons and SavingStar Offers as well as the Spend $50 in Gift Cards Get a $10 Catalina Deal.

Reader Sandra showed us how she was able to double dip these two deals and I think it’s a great way to take advantage of both deals while keeping your out of pocket as low as possible!  First she worked a deal and did the General Mills Spend $50 Get $25 Catalina Deal.  Here is the deal she happened to do which has been posted on LRWC this week:

Transaction #1:


She then took her $25  Gas Gift Card Certificate and used it to pay for part of her Shell Gas Card purcahse in her next transaction.  See below!

Transaction #2:


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  • Candy

    I have to ask the obvious: How can you use a Shell gift card at a SR ???

    • Laura D.

      LOL!!! Nice catch! Should be a Shoprite Gift Card for the first transaction 🙂

    • Cindy Livesey

      It’s a Certificate. You are using the certificate to buy the shell gas card.

      • Laura D.

        Ohhh, duh, I get it now! 🙂

    • Dee2

      I had the same question

    • Sandra

      Hi Candy,
      It is actually a certificate that prints out on the bottom of the receipt that you can either redeem for SR gift card or one of the 4 gas gift cards (Shell being one of them). so you don’t have to get SR gift card, you can actually get Sell Gas cards right away.

      • Anonymous

        Do you know what other gas card included in this deal except Shell? Thanks

        • kabby

          Shell is the gas card that gives you the double dip….no other gas station gives you $10 cat….other gift cards but not other gas company..again SHELL is involved with both so you get the double dip.

  • Sandra

    Thank you Cindy.

  • Jasper

    Wow, it didn’t occur to me that this would work. Does anyone know if you can do the gas $10 catalina deal more than once? I already did it earlier in the week.

    • Haseena

      I did 2 separate transaction on Sunday and each time I bought a $50 Shell Card and got a $10 Cat.

  • Traci

    I was wondering the same about the $25 SR gift card deal as well. I would love to do the deal more than once, but is there a limit for each Price Plus Card? TIA

  • tina

    Anybody else in a store that does not fully double…feel like this deal is just not worth it?

    • Shanta

      My Shoprite stores doesn’t fully double but I did the deal and and mines was a moneymaker, I received $2.99 credit towards the gas deal on a free item 🙂

      • Tina

        I’m curious what did you get….I don’t want to purchase a bunch of fun da middles as we don’t eat that it’s a waste even for a deal

    • Meg

      Yep, we are in a same boat. But we can still buy 17 fun da middles, not sure however how much they are here in Brooklyn, NY, here everything in SR is more expensive.

  • Larry

    there’s no limit on $10 certificates when you buy the $50 gas card–i’ve already bought SIX of them this week

    • myztiX

      Note that my 2x 10$ catalina printed expires 6/1. I expect the same for everyone?? So be careful overbuying, unless you know you can spend X next week.

  • Grace

    Do you have to buy everything in one transaction to hit the first $50 mark for GM products, or can I split them up in multiple transactions (with receipt tracking)?

    • Laura D.

      Hi Grace, you can split it up with multiple transactions. It will track on the bottom of your receipt, hth!

    • Mike M.


      You can purchase the GM items in multiple transactions. Your total towards the $50 will track on the bottom of your receipt.

    • renee

      It is tracking on your receipt. You don’t have to do all the transactions at one time.

      • Grace

        Thanks so much everyone! I’ll have to give this a go this week.

  • Lady J

    I know some people might be annoyed that the buy $50 GM to get $25 gas/SR card deal is tracking (this way you can only do it once). But I’ve found it really helpful. I don’t have to go to SR and hope they have every single item I need, or that I calculated shelf price correctly. I haven’t finished yet, but I’m more than half way to $50. It’ll definitely be a money maker by the time I’m done. I’m looking at about $5 MM. I couldn’t have worked it so well if the whole thing had to be one transaction.

  • meli

    i was hoping this would work thanks!

  • MariaD

    Hi – the one error I saw on this deal is that the $25 was counted twice as a savings. It was counted as a savings in the transaction one and then again in transaction two.

  • Jenn

    Totally awesome I didnt even see this! I just posted I did this same deal plus the kelloggs and popsicle on the other Free GM cereal post. Great minds think alike lol. Awesome job!

  • susan J

    The $50 gas card purchase and the $10 CAT is a great deal. My question is can I use the multiple $10 CAT’s next week to purchase a SR gift card? I don’t want to have several $10 CAT’s that I can’t use up in one week.

    • Michelle T.

      Susan J, unfortunately, no. Normally Cats cannot be used to purchase gift cards. And the Cat from getting the gas card has a date to be used 5/26-6/1 only. And they are one per transaction. HTH

  • Christina

    I tried to redeem the $25 SR gift card today but they told me it was a misprint and I could only redeem a gas card. Anyone have that issue?

  • Kayla

    I tried the gas transaction and did not get $10 in the Catalina so upset!

  • Me

    Does anyone know if the $10 SR Catalina is still working this week? (26 May)

    • Anonymous

      I am wondering the same thing…?

    • Cindy Livesey

      No it was only last week and it ended on 5/25.

    • Bill

      I would suggest waiting until next week to redeem (or at least until the ad preview is posted). You have until 6/8 to redeem for the gas card, and there is always a chance that the gift card Catalina deal will be back next week since you’ve got Graduation and Fathers Day coming up. Last year they did it for several weeks. Worst case, you just redeem it next week and don’t get the Catalina, same as you would this week.