High Value – $2/1 Glutino and $2/1 Udi Gluten Free Coupons – $0.29 at ShopRite

Gluten Free CouponsGluten Free Coupons

There are 2 great new Gluten Free Coupons available.  The coupons are as follows:

These are coupons that are found on the Hannaford website however there is not mention of Hanaford on the coupon.  They are regular manufacture coupons.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 7.02.07 PM ShopRite has Glutino Gluten Free Baked Potato Crisps for just $2.29 making them just $0.29 after coupon.  Also look for Glutino Crisp Bread priced at $2.49.

Here are your deals:


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Coupon source: growingupnatural.com

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  • Larry

    why do people like gluten-free food? gluten is good for you!

    • Coupons

      Ever heard of celiac disease? These people’s lives depend on a gluten free diet. Don’t be so judgmental and shallow minded.

  • Everyonecounts

    People who have wheat allergies of celiac’s disease depend on eating gluten free foods to sustain a pain free intestinal tract.
    Also, many people swear that eliminating gluten flattens tummy bulge and can help eliminate hyperactivity in some children.
    A popular fad diet out right now… Paleo has no grain, including wheat.

  • Anonymous

    The coupons dont expire til September !