New $0.75/1 BarS Hot Dog Coupon = $0.50 at ShopRite

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Bar S Hot Dog Coupon

There is a great new Bar S Hot Dog Coupon available.  The coupon is for $0.75 off any Bar S Beef Franks.

Print: Bar S Hot Dog Coupon

It turns out that the BarS Franks on sale this week for $0.99 ShopRite are not the beef franks.  The BarS Beef Franks are priced at $2.00 each making them just $0.50 after coupon.

Here is your deal:


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  • Sugar

    My paper in Central NJ has this as a DND, just a heads up.

    • Cindy Livesey

      They do but it’s already been reported (in the comments of the shoprite match ups) that it is doubling.

      • Sugar

        Cindy- everything you do is appreciated, I don’t want you to think otherwise! I just didn’t see the DND noted and thought it was worth mentioning, since cashiers can stop it from doubling.

        • Cindy Livesey

          Oh I know, I always appreciate the heads up on things since it’s hard for us to keep up with every single thing. I just wanted to let you know that people had already said that it was doubling. Of course you are right, cashiers can stop them from doubling.

  • Lisa

    DND here in Ct too.

  • Shanta

    Same here, the printable and the newspaper coupon states DND.

  • Rocky

    Just fyi, I posted on the SR Matchups thread, earlier, that this doubled for me at SR yesterday. Someone else also posted that it doubled for them at Acme yesterday.

    • Rocky

      Just to clarify, I was talking about the insert version. Don’t know what will happen with the printable since I can’t print $%##?$% Red Plum coupons (she said with an angelic smile)…

  • jillian

    It says DND, so if it was doubled that was probably an oversight on the cashiers part. I wouldn’t post this thread as saying it is doubling- wouldn’t that be misuse of a coupon regardless if the cashier happened to allow it to double?

    • Rocky

      Jillian, there are a number of coupons that state DND, however, they will double, and, the doubling part of it is picked up by the store, not the manufacturer, so, it does not go against the manufacturer’s wishes if they don’t want to pay out the extra cost, themselves.

      On the ‘old’ barcodes, you were able to tell which those were, because they started with a number 5. If they started with a ‘9’, that meant, under no circumstances was any retailer supposed to double it. With the new barcodes, you/we are no longer able to tell which is the case, so, we report back to each other.

      It is in no way meant to game the system. It is a part of retailing and has been, for awhile. If it were a strict no double, there would have been a problem at the register. Cindy can probably explain this better than I, but, that is the gist of it.

  • myztiX

    It will not double. It uses the new barcode system.

    Most likely it will not double automatically, or it will beep.

  • melanie

    Did anyone find these at their store? I couldnt find them.

    • myztiX

      I found them at the store in CT, they are next to the non-beef ones ($0.99).
      Has a 2 for $4.

      I took the gamble. It did not double.

  • Ruby

    FYI the printable ones did not double in Manchester, CT. Not sure if this will be the same for the coupons from the newspaper.