Reminder: Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive 2013 – Give From Your Stockpile!

Stamp Out Hunger 2013

Stamp Out Hunger 2013

The annual Stamp Out Hunger 2013 Food Drive that is run by the National Association of Letter Carriers tomorrow!  Now in its 21st year, the Stamp Out Hunger effort is the nation’s largest single-day food drive.


How to help:

  1. Collect and bag non perishable food items
  2. Place by your mailbox on Tomorrow 5/11/13

So, start putting aside your extra goodies from your awesome shopping trips.  I’ve already started my donation bags.  And, don’t forget, you can also find a food bank or shelter to donate to through the Coupon for a Cause page.20130510_154034

I’ve already got my bag(s) ready to go.  Always feels great when you can just grab from your stockpile to help those in need.

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive 2013


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  • Shanta

    great picture Cindy but look at that cute little face down there peeping in:) Cindy, Did I miss something, what happened to the new comments format??

    • Cindy Livesey

      LOL, he is cute isn’t he 😉

      Oh about the comments…well, they are now gone as you can see. We tested and tested them on our test site but yet, once we went live on the site, it didn’t work well. Actually, the comments themselves worked well but the problem was with the recent comments widget in the sidebar. They would not work. I know how important it is for readers to have that recent comments section so I had to make a choice and decided that not having the recent comments wasn’t going to work. People like it too much. So, we had to pull it.

  • Laura D.

    LOL! Cooper is just adorable! His expression looks like you put some of his food into the bag to donate! Except, he is having just a little bit of difficulty with it.

    Sorry to hear you had so much trouble with the new comments once they went live. You ALL worked SO hard!!! You have to admit though, they were really cool!

    It’s definitely time this weekend to sit back, relax and have a glass of wine. Thanks for ALL the hard work, Cindy, cheers!! 🙂

    • Cindy Livesey

      Thanks Laura.

      I was so disappointed with the comments but once we realized we couldn’t get the sidebar comments to update I knew we couldn’t keep it. And, with a long list of other items we need/want to upgrade and add, I thought our time would be better spent moving on to other things at this time. I’m still not giving up on a replacement, but maybe at a future date.

      My kids will all be home this weekend so I am definitely going to just sit back and relax and enjoy them…and Cooper too! 😉

  • Angela

    Going downstairs to do laundry – the chore that never ends – and start “shopping” in the stockpile pantry. Stamp Out Hunger is a great chance to donate, and save gas from driving to a local charity. It’s like free shipping in a way. Even if it’s just a handful of items that will still make a difference when combined with other handful of items.

    Thanks to everyone for making a difference!

  • Jenny

    My husband is a letter carrier and they really do pick up a ton of food for the food pantries. If it is raining today, help out your letter carrier by putting that brown bag, into a plastic bag so it does not rip. Thanks everyone!!

  • KitKat

    Do they accept health and beauty items too? I have a ton that I’ve been meaning to drop off at the local shelter…

    • Laura D.


  • Antionette Blake

    Bag by the mailbox! #stampouthinger

  • Antionette Blake


  • ANA


  • Angela

    ANA – I asked my mailman when he got here if he would take pasta sauce in a glass jar. He said no problem. I put jars in a small but sturdy box.

    So, you could just ask him if it is ok. I am thinking that every mail carrier is going to make their own decision about it. Mine told me that the charities would be unloading the trucks as they got back from deliveries. So, it can’t hurt to have some ready and ask your carrier directly.

    • ANA


  • Christine R.

    I am so upset that I missed the mailman today! I had a box right inside the front door but it looked like it was going to pour so I left it inside. He usually comes around 4:00 and we had company come over at 4:30 so we were hustling to start BBQing before the down pour. I completely forgot to put the box outside! Does anyone know where I can do a drop off in the South Jersey area, in or around Blackwood, Laurel Springs, Glendora, Runnemede or Bellmawr??? TIA!

    • Rocky

      Oh, wow, me, too, Christine! I was going to put my bags out very early this morning, but, it was still raining on and off. Had planned to put them out later, or, watch for the postman, but, forgot. Around 1pm, I said, Oh, no, and ran out to see if it was dry enough, yet, to put them out. I figured he would be running later, what with picking up and loading his truck with all the bags and boxes, but, nooooo, he had already come and gone! So, I drove over to the P.O., but, forgot they close early on Saturdays. Not a soul in sight, not even at the loading dock. Drove to a place in town that I thought did collections and no one there, either! Who knew it would be so hard to donate??? At any rate, I know of a place in the next town over that I will go to on Monday…but, sorry, not in your area. And, oh, yeah, the rest of my day went like that, also…sigh…

    • Laura D.

      Hi Guys!
      You both can call your local PO and ask them where they drop off their donation. It should be right in your town. They might still take it at the PO, they don’t drop off until Monday during the day. Also, ask if they know the hours and phone number of the pantry. Usually many food pantries have unmanned hours, meaning you need to call first before going (to drop off, or pick up food).

      Also, if you still can’t get an answer. Go to AmpleHarvest (dot) org (take out the spaces) pick “Find a Food Pantry” and type in your zip code. This has a national database of food pantries that will accept produce from your garden, but will definitely take food from our stockpiles!

      Sorry you both had so much trouble with the rain yesterday. Hopefully today will be nicer.

      Happy Mother’s Day!!!

      • Rocky

        Excellent points, Laura. Thanks for the detailed info. And, this is something we should all do/know, anyway, since we shouldn’t wait until someone has a pickup to donate, I know! This one just had me frustrated because I’ve been donating to this postal food drive for many years and all I kept saying was, I never miss this, never! Well, first time for everything, but, your info will help set it right! Thanks, again!