Rite Aid Shoppers! up to 75% Clearance Items Available!

Rite Aid Clearance

Rite Aid Clearance

A ton of items have gone on clearance at Rite Aid this week for up to 75% off! You should be able to find some awesome deals!

Here is a list of candy that is 75% off at my Rite Aid:

  • Starburst Flavor Morph Single Size 75%
  • Reese’s Pieces Single Size 75%
  • Butterfinger Snackerz Single Size 75%
  • M&M Coconut Single Serve 75%
  • Extra Gum Single Pack Dessert Delights 25-75%
  • Bazooka Party Theater Box 75%
  • Sour Punch Theater Box 75%
  • Ferrero Rocher Noir 12 ct 75%
  • Godiva Dark Chocolate Sea Salt 3.5 oz Bar 75%
  • Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate Almond Bar 4.4 oz 75%
  • Russell Stover Dairy Cream Caramel 5.1 oz 75%
  • Russell Stover Mint Patties Box 4.5 oz 75%
  • Russell Stover Toffee Sticks Box 5.2 oz 75%
  • Skittles Riddles 14 oz 75%

Here are some deals you can get on Clearance items:


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  • Anonymous


  • siggio

    Awesome deal…..hopefully all rite aid’s have this deal.

  • On LI, was just there and they were putting up the stickers!

    • Grace

      I saw Rite Aid brand sunscreen for babies in a spray bottle on clearance for $1.36 today.

    • Myrah

      You’re lucky. I was at the Rite Aid in Selden last Friday and the stickers were already up and the shelves were empty. 🙁