Free Sundown Calcium Vitamins at Rite Aid!

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Sundown Coupon

Use the $1/1 Sundown Coupon that is available to get a great deal at Rite Aid! Rite Aid has the Sundown Naturals Calcium plus Vitamin D Softgels for $8.99 each and they are Buy One Get One Free! There is also a Sundown Monthly UP Reward deal for Buy 1 Get a $4 UP Reward Monthly Deal (limit 3)

Here is the deal: 


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  • amyv2473

    I bought the Sundown Acidophilus 60 ct. vitamins. They were tagged as a $5 upr when you buy one. I didn’t receive any. I emailed corporate last night to see if they could do anything, and haven’t gotten a response yet.

  • Just came back from RA was able to get 2 bottles and the +8 up Rewards, I actually had 20$ +UP Rewards from the Osteo Bi-flex I bought yesterday so I was able to get 3 ceramic pots , and another 3 small ceramic pots with the 20$ so I got them for free….

  • hanna H

    I got last 2 of bottles and got $4.00 X 2 of Up Rewards. There was no sign for $4.00

    • My RA sometimes hides the UP Rewards, when I flipped up the sale sticker for these there was another sticker underneath that said the UP Rewards. My RA does have a price scanner but it does not tell you if there are any rewards with the item, many times I take my chances!

      • Bill

        It’s not a mater of hiding the +Up Rewards, it’s just that they are monthly, and the B1G1F was weekly, so they stick the weekly sale on top. At least your store had the Rewards posted. None of the stores I visited had them. I did 2 bottles of some Super B product last night, they were $10.79 less 2 $1 coupons (yes, RA registers will take 2 coupons on a B1G1F item) and got 2 $5 +Up’s. I read elsewhere that Sundown vitamins are B1G1F again starting on the 19th, so if you didn’t finish the deal, you have another chance.

        And yes, it would be nice if the price scanner showed the +Up, but it doesn’t work that way at CVS, either.

  • Anna

    I haven’t seen any tags for the Sundown Acidophilus 60 ct. vitamins. I hope corporate is able to answer your questions. Did you double check the promotion dates? They could have old tags. I’d love to know if it’s part of it!

    • Amy

      Yes, I double-checked the dates and I verified the product was correct before I purchased it. First, the store said the tag was there by mistake. However, the offer dates and everything else was correct. One guy said he would mail me a one-time courtesy up reward of $5..I was still expecting $10 because it’s not fair that it worked for others but not for me just because it was coded incorrectly or whatever, so I emailed them again about an up reward for the free item, since it was BOGO, and technically I’m paying for it, only $0. Then another guy emailed me and said the up rewards will be mailed and I’ll receive them in 2 weeks. He didn’t say I was right or wrong, just that I’ll receive the ups in the mail. I heard that the Acidolphilus vitamins worked for others, the ones with the $4 ups attached.

  • Mel

    is the deal only on the calcium my store was all out

  • Anna

    The deals on Sundown are:
    Sundown Naturals Calcium 600 mg plus D3 120 ct
    Get a $5 UPR (limit 3)

    Sundown Naturals Calcium 1200 Mg plus D3 1000 IU 60 ct
    Get a $4 UPR (limit 3)

    Sundown Naturals Vitamin D 400 IU 100 ct
    Get a $2 UPR (limit 3)

    Hope that helps 🙂 They are all BOGO this week and the UPR are good through 6/1/13

  • Bill

    The Probiotic Acidophilus XTRA 60 count for $7.49 also generate $4 +Up. Got 2 tonight. Are all of the $4 +Up’s the same or are they unique to each product? My +Up printed as being for some gummies.

  • Anna

    Good question Bill. If I can find out- I’ll write back. If it’s a $4 up- it might be connecting to the Marvel Gummies which is also made by Sundown. I know some UPs do connect. When the dollar value is different you are ok, but when it is the same, it gets really tricky. I have to say it was easier when Rite Aid did rebates because they had a rebate book, these UPs I find on the shelf and even just last week I found 2 connected that were in several aisles apart – Hydroxycut & Muscletech – the $12 UP were connected! So it sounds like the Sundown $4 Supplements are connected to the Marvel Gummies.

    • Bill

      Yes, I’m guessing that all of the $4 +Up’s are the same. Since the limit is 3 on these, you might be able to mix and match two different +Up value items to get the 3rd of each, and just pay a little extra since you won’t get the full value of the B1G1F.