Two New Snapple Coupons = 6-Pack Just $2.99 at Rite Aid + More Deals!

Snapple Coupon

Snapple Coupon

There is a new Snapple Coupon available to print.  The coupon is for $1.00 off any (1) Snapple 6-Pack of bottles (16 oz) of tea or juice drink (regular or diet).  The coupon says “Redeemable at Walmart” on it however it is a manufacturer’s coupon and can be used anywhere.

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Print: Snapple Coupon

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 7.41.37 AMThis week Rite Aid has Snapple 6-Packs on sale for $4.99 plus you will receive a $1.00 UPR when you buy 1 (limit 2) so only $2.99 after coupon & UPR.

Safeway has Snapple 6-Pack on sale for $4.50 so $3.50 after coupon.

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There is also a new Snapple SnapTea Gallon Coupon available to print.  The coupon is for $1.00 off any (1) SnapTea Gallon (any flavor) and was found under zip code: 77478.  The coupon says “Redeemable at Walmart” on it however it is a manufacturer’s coupon and can be used anywhere.

Print: SnapTea Gallon Coupon (77478)

To find the coupon, click on the link above and type in the zip code. Once the zip code is changed, click on the link above once again and it will take you right to the coupon.

Walmart sells SnapTea Gallons for $2.78 so only $1.78 after coupon!  These are also on sale at ShopRite for $2.49 and are part of the Buy 7 Get a $5 Catalina Deal this week.

Here are your deals through 5/25:


Don’t have these stores in your area? Check the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals on this product at your local stores.

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  • Anonymous

    I found rebate forms (up to 6.99) at Shoprite. Keep an eye out for them. 🙂


    The Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning coupon is LIMIT 1 offer per Transaction.

  • I went to 2 RA looking for the six pack of Snapple do not carry it – what a bummer that was a great price with coupon and I have some UP Rewards to use.

  • All of a sudden they appeared in my RA today, 5.99$ no UP Reward …. did this end on Saturday??

    • Bill

      I’m guessing that is the case. I really wish the deal listings here (and titles, where appropriate) indicated the end date when the deal is posted late in the week. Not the first time that people have been confused by the valid dates.

      • Cindy Livesey

        We put the date and time of the posting on each post. Rite Aid deals end on Saturday. The post was done on 4/24/13 which was Friday. We said that the deal was for “this week” which would mean that the deal ends on Saturday, 4/25. I suppose we could write, ending 4/25 but we didn’t because we felt like we covered everything by showing the date it was posted and stating that it was for that week. Plus, it’s not listed in the regular match ups for the new week which started on 5/25.

        • Bill

          I guess the problem is when someone replies to an older thread and it shows up in the next comments list on the right, so you click on it thinking it’s current and it’s not obvious that it’s an old thread. If the “Here are your deals:” section showed the end date (as I know it does for future deals, and I thought in some cases the end date as well) it would be less confusing.


          • Cindy Livesey

            I understand and I can see how that can be confusing when you are directed to it that way. We’ll see what would be the best way to make it clear. Thanks for the explanation.

          • kabby

            I can see how this can occur as well…I love the “readers comments” section to direct me to the current deals…even though I try to make every effort to check the dates…seeing it listed as this week could lead one to believe it IS this week…Be Well!

        • Sunil

          I think your current posting style is sufficient and perfectly clear. You always post the date of the post and then in the comments specify this week or preview deal. It’s up to people to read the entire post.

          You do so much work for this site that you shouldn’t be asked to cover every single little thing. The people that benefit from the site should have to do a little work as well. Scrolling up to see the date isn’t too much to ask of someone in my opinion.

          • Bill

            Sunil, it is NOT perfectly clear. The posting date is in small print at the top of the thread. And to make matters worse (and I missed this in my original postings), this deal is showing up as the “Deal of the Day” at the top of this page, and it’s not currently valid. THAT is wrong.

            I agree Cindy does a great job here, but there is always room for improvement and even Cindy acknowledged that there was room for confusion here. And it’s obviously her business, so making things clearer avoids people becoming frustrated and going to another site, so it’s beneficial for her to fix stuff. This thread is going to appear to be active because of all of the comments being posted (including yours) and people who miss the very small posting date are NOT going to realize that it’s a dead deal.