Still Open! Pinecone Research Accepting Applications

Pinecone Research Accepting Applications

Still Open! – Pinecone Research has just opened up limited spots.  They usually try to fill certain demographics first which can fill up quickly.  This survey company is very difficult to get into and in my opinion, they are one of the most reputable survey companies out there.  They pay a flat fee of $3.00 per survey and they pay very quickly.  It’s a great opportunity to make a few extra bucks, especially with the holiday season in full force.

You can head over here to see if you qualify

If you don’t qualify for this or you missed it, be sure to check some of the other Survey Companies you can see if you qualify for.

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  • adam

    FYI, Pinecone has stopped paying $3 per survey.
    They are now giving rewards points instead, redeemable for merchandise.
    The merchandise value does not result in $3/survey, especially for readers of this blog who know how to shop 🙂

  • Anonymous

    If you look you can still redem for cash of 300 points = $3. There is a cash out option on the list.

    • Martina

      Oh thank you. I didn’t see the option for cash

    • denisew

      I was just accepted to PineCone and couldn’t find the cash option. I was alittle disappointed in their selection. Can you tell me the best way to cash out when I do?

      • Kris

        This wouldn’t happen to be Denise btw would it, who’s friends with Kelly and myself?? if so, didn’t know you used this site, but it’s great right! – Kris

    • JulieC

      What is the average amount of points per survey then?

  • Eileen

    The surveys take about an hour each and you only earn rewards like every other survey

    • Kris

      No they don’t in my experience. I’ve done about 30 surveys for them in the past year and have yet to spend more than 20 minutes a piece – usually while watching tv. That extra $3 a few times each month pays for coupons…

  • Linda

    I took their intro questionaire and refused to give them my work number and e-mail, I’m guessing this disqualifies me since they are paranoid that i might work for a market research firm.

  • tmlmg

    Thanks for the info about the cash option.
    I have been a member for years and was disappointed
    with the new rewards. Hopefully the cash goes into
    my paypal, if not — I am leaving.

  • Lin

    No paypal–i let the rewards build up and received a check for $21.00 yesterday–that was for 7 surveys–the cash option is there but they dont make it easy to find