Better Than FREE Armour Smoked Sausage at Stop & Shop!


Armour Smoked Sausage Deal

I love instant savings deals at Stop & Shop, especially when no coupons are even needed to score freebies!  Like this deal…Armour Original or Polish Smoked Sausage is priced at $1.50 this week and is part of a Buy 3 Save $5.00 instantly deal (some areas may be gas points so check your ad).  All you need to do is put three packages on the checkout counter along with another item to absorb the $0.50 overage and you’ve got yourself some free meat!  Simple as that 😉 

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 10.40.38 AM

You can also buy 6 participating products and the $5.00 Instant Savings will come off twice.  Check out a deal idea below on how you can score 3 Armour Sausages and 3 Johnsonville Dinner Sausages packages for just $0.33 each!

Here are your deals at Stop & Shop through 6/27:


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Don’t have a Stop & Shop in your area? Check the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals on this product at your local stores.

Thanks Sue!

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  • diane

    sounds like a great deal wish my car wasnt broke…lol

  • Patty

    I saw this earlier in the week and thought what a great deal. Does anyone have any good recipes for smoked sausage? I use to eat it and more often, polish sausage as a kid but my husband not so much. The story he tells is someone made spaghetti with polish sausage when he was growing up and that put him off it forever;-)

    • Michele A (SI)

      It’s really good on the grill. Score the sausage horizontally, and grill until a bit charred – serve with sauerkraut and mustard.

      • Michele A (SI)

        Oops…meant diagonally – about every 2 inches along the length of the sausage.

  • Elaine

    $1/1 Johnsonville Italian Sausage printable is NLA

    • Melinda

      I just updated it with an updated link. Try again. Sorry about that 😉

  • Lisa

    tried this morning buying 3 armour and a cake mix to absorb overage, $5 instant savings did NOT trigger

    • Michele A (SI)

      Lisa, did you use a coupon for the cake mix? According to what I’ve read here, the “filler” item has to be coupon-free in order for the instant savings to attach to it.

  • Michele A (SI)

    Planning on stocking up on the Johnsonville Italian sausage – it’s very tasty, and great for making sausage and peppers.

    Also loving the “buy 7 Yoplait Greek light at $1 each and getting 400 gas points!”

    Question: it says you can do the gas point deal up to 10 times. If I buy 15 of the yogurt in one transaction (so I can use 3 $1/5 coupons), will I get the 800 points? Does anyone know? Or do the transactions have to be done separately? (In which case I would do 7 and 7, but only get to use 2 coupons.)

    That’s the yogurt I eat for breakfast at work just about every day, so no problem buying 15 of them.

    • Anonymous

      I have done multiple gas deals in the same transaction before without problem. If you don’t get the cat saying you got 400 gas points twice, then have cs scan your card and double check for you.

  • Katie

    Are these deals regional because that’s not in my paper =(

    • Rebecca

      yes honey they are..

      • Rebecca

        My deal for this meat is you get gas points.. UGH.. lol

    • Guy

      this must be regional, because the sausage sales are under 5x gas points – Somerset, Ma.

  • Lisa

    yes, i used a coupon for cake mix.. but where does it say you cannot use another coupon item ???

    • Jennifer

      If you go to CS and show your receipt, they will issue you the $5.

    • Michele A (SI)

      It doesn’t say that anywhere – and if you go to Customer Service they should definitely give you the credit. But through trial and error, people here have figured out that there is a computer glitch – the computer “searches” for something to take the money off if the targeted item (in this case, the meat products) cost less than the potential credit. If a coupon was already used on that additional item (in your case, the cake mix) it won’t attach to that either.

      Did customer service give you the $5?

  • Elaine

    Just got back from S&S. I did the first deal and the $5 didnt come off. I had several other items (no coupons) it was over $20 and it didnt trigger the Instant Savings. I went to CS and they quickly realized that you arent even paying the $5 for the sausage but yet its giving you $5 off. There were 3 CS ppl looking at the flyer saying “No Way”. In the end they gave me the $5 but they werent happy!

    • Cindy Livesey

      We did it this morning (Hazlet, NJ) and it worked no problem. Bought 6 and (2) Arizona Iced Tea ($0.50 each) and paid $0.07 which was just tax on the Iced Tea.

      • Cindy Livesey

        FYI, Aberdeen was out of stock already for those that shop there.

      • Elaine

        I know there were 2 kinds of the Armour Sausage. I bought the Polish Smoked Sausage. I also purchased a Spring Form Pan $9.99, Soup for the Soup Bar, 2 packs of Oyster Crackers, 1 Roll. The total was $20.35. This was at the Morris Plains, NJ store.

        • Cindy Livesey

          Hmm, interesting. We did buy the original smoked, not the polish but, as you said, there are 2 kinds in the deal. Wonder why that one didn’t work.

        • Denielle

          I was just about to head out to the Morris Plains Stop & Shop to do this deal but now I’m hesitant because of your experience. Did you go through a self-check out or a regular cashier?

          • Elaine

            Denielle I did self checkout. Cindy purchased the Original Smoked and I purchased the Polish Smoked. So my suggestion is to buy the Original Smoked and see how it goes! Let me know, cause I want to try and go back next week, but scared to show my face again at CS…lol

            • Denielle

              I purchased 3 original smoked sausage at the Morris Plains Stop & Shop and it did NOT work either. I even bought 3 ears of corn ($.33 each) and Martins Hot Dog rolls ($3.59) to absorb the overage and to have extra. I did however, go to the CS desk and they gave me $5 cash and mentioned they had to tell the Store Manager about it but didnt give me a hard time at all. But I will not be going back to do this numerous times like I had hoped to do to stock up. I got my 3 free and that will be enough for me! 🙂

              • Elaine

                Thanks Denielle for the update. I dont think i will go back either. 3 is good for me too! Well get them on the next one! LOL

      • lisa

        can you PLEASE post a photo of your products purchased with receipt.. i’m curious why this isnt working in any other store but yours

        • Cindy Livesey

          Actually, I just realized that I did buy Polish Sausage too. They must have been mixed in and I didn’t realize it. I’ll get you guys a picture.

        • Cindy Livesey

    • 3 customer service people were huddled together and not happy- All I said was that I was doing what the ad told me. They finally gave me the 5 cash. Not sure if I want to try again!!

  • lisa

    i too purchased polish smoked cause thats all they had.. it did NOT trigger instant savings but cs gave me 5 bucks no questions asked

    • Elaine

      Well I think that CONFIRMS IT! The Polish Sausage is NOT included! Thanks, I will defidently try it again next week!

    • Anita

      I purchased two Polish and one original. The $5 savings did not come off, went to CS and they gave it to me without even glancing at my receipt or circular (Ridgewood, NJ)

  • lisa

    FYI, i did another transaction of 2 armour and 1 johnsonville, auto 5 came off, used the 1.oo johnsonville coupon. paid only .49 cents.. so im confused how using a coupon would interfere

    • Michele A (SI)

      I think – and I’m only guessing – it’s because you had to pay the .49 (i.e., there was at least $5 worth of merchandise after coupons for the computer to tag for the $5 discount.) I find it confusing too, and who knows if different store’s computers are programmed differently.

    • Rocky

      If you didn’t use coupons on the Armour (I don’t think there are any available?), the instant savings had something to attach to (it…pretends it is a coupon!).

      If you had coupons for all three items and you didn’t buy anything else, there would be no ‘non-coupon’ item for the IS to attach to.

  • Arianna

    New Paltz store doesnt stock the Armour brand sausage. Did the deal with the Johnsonville though, no problems at all!

  • Michele A (SI)

    I have just decided the only way to go is to buy 2 Polish sausage and one Johnsonville, so the after-coupon total will be more than $5. If the $5 instant savings doesn’t work, I will just go to customer service and get the $5.

    Did anyone get the credit when buying the Polish sausage?

    • Rocky

      Michele, Per the comments above, it seems that the Polish sausage is the one that isn’t coded properly for the IS (at this time, at least) and is causing the problems (or, one of the problems).

  • Kaycee

    I’m not so sure it’s the Polish sausage causing the problem. I bought 5 smoked sausage and 1 Polish sausage. I did NOT get the instant savings. I also bought a few other items and didn’t use any coupons. Customer service gave me the money.

  • Lisa

    Cindy, PLEASE post a photo of your armour sausage and receipt.. we’re all curious why this worked in your store and not one of us had any success with this deal.. Thanx

    • Cindy Livesey

      People have gotten it to work so it’s not that no one has had success. I’m just not sure what the cause is right now for some of you. I posted what we bought and this worked.

      • Barbara A

        I did the deal as you posted and it did not work but the cashier at self check out was very helpful and we figured it out. The $5 needed $5 worth of meat or it wouldn’t work so we just added another package of sausage and it worked. So you will pay $1 for 4 packages of sausage. I had tried adding the tea and $3 worth of produce. It didn’t matter if it was Polish or original because I had a combination of both. I also did the deal with the Johnsonville sausage without any problem because there was more than $5 worth of meat. I did not clear the shelf and left to go to another store and there the shelves were empty..

  • Bxcouponer

    Did this deal an hour ago, bought 6 original & told the cashier to hit subtotal did not work until she scanned a full price item. Took $10 off says “Sv5 ground beef” HTH. Did this deal in the North Bronx on bway.

    • Cindy Livesey

      Yes, it won’t work if you just buy 6 as this will put it into a negative. We bought a can of arizona iced tea priced at $0.50 and just had to pay tax.

    • Liz v

      Bronx here too! I do the SS in coop or new Rochelle. Mainly shop rite in new Rochelle since they have consistently better deals.

      • bxcouponer

        Good to know, thx. I normally do Shoprite on Tuckahoe Road, they are really nice, let me do multiple trans & always are well stocked.

      • Mag S

        can you let me know when u go to SS new roc, I’m here and i hate going shopping by myself. I really would love a coupon buddy.

  • Lisa

    can anyone share UPC code of which one is working please.. i brought smoked sausage and polish sausage and neither worked..

    • Rejane

      Lisa, here it is:
      Smoked: 027815597280
      Polish: 027815597297

      Good luck!

      • lisa

        thanx.. will update after i check the next store :o)

  • Anonymous

    please share upc or photo of package

  • Lisa

    very baffling.. i notice your store has the hang tag buy 3 save $5… neither of my stores had the hang tags identifying sale.. going to one more store later to see what happens there..good part is cs gave me 5 bucks back but i wish it would work without hassling cust service

    • bxcouponer

      FYI my store didnt either(north bronx) so I checked the circular & it was there, worked with no problems. Purchased quite a few items.

  • Rejane

    In one transaction, I got 6 sausages (3 Polish and 3 Smoked), 5 Yoplait greek yogurt and 2 bags of Green Giant Chips. I had only 2 coupons of $0.75/each for the Green Giant (they doubled). Got 2 x $5.00 off for the sausage (lists in the receipt as SV5 ground beef) and got 400 gas points. OOP: $6. This was in Monroe Township-NJ.

  • Kesha

    I got 12 in one transaction with 4 teas and it worked like charm! Try scanning the tea first! That’s what I did and is probably what is making a difference. It will never go negative that way.

  • Erin

    I bought 3 with several sodas for overage, it didn’t work, but CS gave me $5 without hassle

  • Jim

    My central NJ SNS store does not have this item. The CS guys describe the store as a “smaller” store therefore they do not carry all items listed in the circular.

    They were willing to allow me to select another similar item and then they would match the price.

    I don’t think that he clearly understood how good the deal was. I then described the deal and I told him that I didn’t want him to get in any trouble for extending the courtesy and making a FREE adjustment for me.

    I thanked him for the consideration, looked at my cell and saw that it was 9:45pm. I had :15 to get to the next deal. So Then I ran over to WALGREENS with my final (4) $2/1 Right Guard Extreme deodorant and scored them at .24.

    • Steph

      Hi Jim which central nj store was this so I don’t go there !

  • I figured I would try this deal tonite I didn’t even have my discount card the manager said not a problem they would use the store card at the register found the sausage also had my coupon to get a free International Delight and got the ice tea…. the look on my husbands face when he saw how much I paid….priceless!!This was at the S&S in Freeport, LI not my regular S&S!

  • Nicole

    For those of you having trouble getting the Armour for free, I think it is because, for some stores, the $5 off will not trigger if you don’t have at least $5 of product that is included in this deal. Therefore, if you don’t want to have to hassle customer service, just make sure you change up your combination for a really good (even though no longer free) deal. I did 2 Armour and 1 Johnsonville and paid $1.49 total. I think that is amazing. The other suggestion is 4 Armour, which, after the instant savings, comes out to a total of $1 (or .25 per pack.) I think that either of those scenarios will be hassle free.

    • Lisa

      i agree, i see the most successful posts consisted of 6 armour sausage with other items to cover overages.. i only purchased in lots of 3.. i will try buying 6 armour and 2 arizonia teas later.. regardless, cs has been very kind in givin 5 refund since it is in their flyer

  • Anna

    I went to my Stop & Shop in Monroe, NY , bought 3 Johnsonville sweet sausages and 3 Armour Polish Sausages. $10 came off. I did another 2 transactions, in one I had 3 smoked sausages, in other 3 polish. $5 didn’t come of. I completely forgot to buy some sodas with it. I went to customer service and they were nice enough to give me $10. This Tuesday I will have my freezer delivered so I will have to stock up on this. At Shop Rite I got 25 bags of Stemfresh vegetables so this week isn’t bad.

  • ueen

    The easiest way is to buy 7, pay .50 OOP. 7×1.50=10.50less $10 instant savings.

    I just did this deal on both original and polish and they both worked.


    • klara

      I was thinking the same. I am glad it worked. My friend has a bbq so I will be bringing them. Yay!

  • ueen

    @Klara-just make sure you watch that the cashier dont give you credit for reusable bag credit (if u use a reusable bag) because this cancels out the instant savings.

    • Cindy Livesey

      Oh I forgot about that. Maybe that is why everyone is having a problem, they are using a reusable bag. Hmm?!?

      • ueen

        I miss you Cindy 🙂 but now I am back!!!!!! 🙂

        • Cindy Livesey

          I missed you too! You are a busy lady! Glad you are back 😉

    • klara

      Yes, I noticed that is cancels it out. I always do a self check out. Thanks!

  • Lippy

    Sto&Shop in new rochelle isn’t giving the credit any longer for the reusable bags. Just check the registers for signs next time! The $5 didn’t trigger for me, but I only bought 3/$1.50 each sausages and some milk, and went to CS for the credit. I got $5 back, so i ended up paying $2.99 for 3 sausages and organic milk which is what I actually went out to the store for. the free sausage was a huge bonus. i might go back for 3 more because i still need to get buns.

  • janice

    I just did this deal but got for packs instead of 3and only paid $1.00 for four packs 🙂 so the deal does work!!

  • Rejane

    I did this deal today again, this time in Howell-NJ. Bought 6 of the Armour sausage and 2 cans of Arizona ice tea as suggested by Cindy. Didn’t use the reusable bag. OOP: $0.07. AMAZING!!!
    Now I am looking to buy an used freezer because I don’t want to pass another good deal for not having space to keep the products. Last week I had to pass the Luigi’s ice cream deal for lack of space. 🙁

    • ueen

      @rejane- turn that frown upside down…….deals will come back… just keep on checking LRWC. I too missed the dole shakers weeks ago but see it is back again starting tomorrow at SR. 🙂

      and yes, invest on extra freezer. it will pay definitely pay off.

      • Rejane

        Thank you Ueen. The frown was just “a moment” – mainly because I am loosing other deals for not having 3 weeks of newspaper coupons since I was out of the country (I know I could have asked someone to buy it for me… but…). Anyway, I am back checking the other good deals around.

        By the way, on a side note, (and sorry for talking about SR on a SS subject) yesterday I was at SR and a lady, that was in another cashier behind me, saw me/my coupons and when she finished she came to me and asked where I got the coupons from. She did have some knowledge about using coupons but didn’t know about LRWC. As all of us, Cindy’s/LRWC fans, there was me about 5 minutes explaining the lady all the good things this website does for us. She was shocked that we have all the match ups ready and for free. Even more shocked she was when I showed her my receipt (OOP $17.31 for $63.97 worth of products and got 2 $5 catalinas for the “buy $25 get $10 back”).

        Thank you Cindy/LRWC and everyone else for the tips and for sharing your experiences!

  • Brooke

    My Stop and Shop (in CT) has a sign posted that the deal should be buy 4 items not 3 and they are sorry for the inconvenience. Still …. a quarter each isn’t too shabby.

  • Kerri

    I got the 3 meats and got Arizona tea (sale for 50 cents) to cover the remaining balance but still the $5 did not kick in! 3 managers and the cashier were stumped but apologized and still gave me the deal!

  • Anonymous

    I was told by the store manager that all the stores received a letter from corporate to take the Armour off the instant savings list. They will be putting up signs near the product saying sorry for the inconvience

  • Michele A (SI)

    Just wanted to tell you that the Johnsonville Italian sausage $1/1 coupon link on your Bricks master list IS working. Just printed 2.

  • Sharon

    I tried this deal numerous times and in all kinds of different ways. From what I can figure, you need to have $5 worth of MEAT purchases to take the $5 off. If I add another meat product (hot dogs, steak, ground beef, whatever) the $5 comes off without a problem. If you don’t have another meat product, then you’ll need to go to customer service to get the $5 back. Hope that helps some~

  • stephanie

    Silly question: Can I freeze the Armour sausage? Bought 3 polish and 3 of the other kind with no problems. Want to go back for more! 🙂

    • ueen

      Yes you can.

  • Anna

    That’s what I plan to do. I will have my new freezer delivered this Wednesday so I will stock up on these.

  • klara

    Just came back from Stop and Shop in Raritan and I must report that transaction with 3 polish sausages and 1 arizona tea did not work. I got $5 back at customer servise. But transaction with 2 polish sausages and 1 italian sausage worked.

    • chris

      where did you find them in Raritan – and was there any left

  • Ueen

    Someone posted the comment below on June 23, 2013 at 6:49 am
    I was told by the store manager that all the stores received a letter from corporate to take the Armour off the instant savings list. They will be putting up signs near the product saying sorry for the inconvience.

    Here is an update for us all:
    I tried the deal yesterday 06/24/2013 7:00pm and it is still working. 7 sausages (polish/smoked) for .50


  • Rocky

    Thanks, Ueen, I was wondering if it was still working! I will be passing S&S later today, and, though I will have family with me, they are just going to have to wait in the car while I run in for this deal!!! But, don’t worry, I will keep the windows cracked…LOL!!!

    • ueen


    • Just did this deal on LI no problems!

  • JEAN

    I had already done this deal 2 times this week without success. but I think the best way is the one I made today. because I’m sure buying 3 items, $ 5 cannot going can off
    then I did the following purchase;
    4 armor smoked sausage
    3 armor polish smoked sausage
    total, $ 10.50
    and the (2) $ 5 can off, then only pay 50 cents for 7 packages sausage is not bad.

  • Gen

    Anyone have any good smoked sausage recipes? I’m gonna need some. LOL!

    • Anna

      Gen, I am from Poland and we often used to make something called Lecho. It
      has Hungarian origin. Here is what you will need:
      -Polish sausage or if you prefer smoked sausage cut into small chunks (I like to brown it first)
      -red and green peppers
      -zucchinis cut into small chunks
      -skinned tomato cut into chunks
      -sweet paprika, salt, pepper

      In a big pot heat oil. Once hot, add onions, saute for 5-ish minutes till soft and slightly browned.Then add sausage. Mix and saute for 5 minutes.
      Add peppers, tomatoes and zucchini. Mix and cover then let cook on medium for a good 30 minutes, till the peppers and zucchnis are really soft.
      Then add paprika and salt and pepper. Let cook for another 20 minutes or so.

  • James

    Some people say specific deals are regional, what does that mean?
    My question is prob silly but I’m confused!
    Please help

    • Laura D.

      No questions are ever silly James, it’s how we all learn extreme couponing, all of us have been there at one point. “Regional” means the ‘deal’ (or many times the ‘coupon’) will be in some areas and not others. This is common especially with unadvertised deals. However, it is part of the coupon game, but many deals come along more than one time. So if you miss one, you can get it the next time!

      • James

        I appreciate you answering my question! Thanks a bunch

  • myztiX

    I think CT nipped it in the butt.

    It’s 5X Gas Rewards here.

    Still going for the yoplait gas deal. Plan to get 21 yogurts and utilize 4 coupons from sunday’s paper.

  • enma

    i buy 10 armour and (2) 5 can off , so freee ,

  • Aggi

    My Stop and Shop never had any Armour Sausage on the shelf!!!!

  • IK

    SAME HERE! what did you do about it? did you ask for rainchecks? did they explain why they never had any? we must be using the same store…

    • Aggi

      I never asked for a raincheck…I am in CT!