Better than Free Conair Brush at Rite Aid!

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 4.16.01 PMConair Coupon

Use the $2/1 Conair Coupon from the Rite Aid Video Values for May (NLA to print) to get a great deal at Rite Aid if you were able to print the coupon! They have the Conair Brushes priced at $5.19. If you are a Gold Card member and you can get 20% off you can get the brush for $4.15 each. After using the $2/1 coupon and getting a $3 +UP you can get it for better than free! Awesome deal!

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  • Anonymous

    it would also be free with silver(10%)

  • vicky

    I have ups rewards that expired tomorrow this deal is good to get more ups

  • Nicole

    My rite aid had a bin on an endcap filled with them on clearance for $3.49

    • ingrid baker

      I don’t think Rite Aid allows the use of coupons on clearance items.

      • Michelle T.

        Yes they do! Never realized you could use a coupon on a clearance item anywhere before I started couponing. Rite Aid says in their coupon policy that the value of the coupons cannot exceed the price of the items. But it is another added savings!

        • ingrid

          They really don’t. I used to work at Rite Aid. Depends on a store who has strict policy and goes by the book, or you can have a store that’s laid back. But as employees we knew it was not allowed however I did it anyway because they do get reimbursed regardless.

          • Michelle T.

            Huh, good to know!

  • Anna

    Rite Aid’s coupon policy (I just read the policy on their website again for clarification) doesn’t specifically mention clearance items though it does state, “In the event that any item’s selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Rite Aid will accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is allowed.”

    I have never had any issue using coupons on clearance items and while I wouldn’t argue with a cashier who denied my usage, I would take it up with corporate and do the survey on a receipt if a cashier refused, as well as ask the manager when I could. I realize this is a lot of work, but as was mentioned, the store is reimbursed the coupon amount whether it is retail price, on sale or clearance. It becomes a matter of consistency to consumers. In general though, I think coupons are not an issue on clearance items. However, if a conair brush is on clearance, the +UP may or may not print. I do know Rite Aid was taking the stance CVS had about clearance and ECBs, however, I have found a diamond in the rough here and there – I just know when I try it I am taking a risk with the +UP.

    • ingrid

      There is a video training we go through and it’s there and then there is an internal training coupon policy paper that states it too. However, as a heavy coupon user myself I knew in my mind that the coupon policy that the public sees does not have that it cannot be used on clearance so to avoid the ‘drama’ I used to just let it go through (when possible), because I knew they would get reimbursed regardless. I left Rite Aid in November 2012, so maybe they would have corrected that issue by now, I’m not sure. I mean it was dumb – Walgreens, Walmart, Target and CVS all allow us to use coupons on clearance items

      • Michelle T.

        Ingrid, thank you for the clarification. It’s great when someone in this wonderful couponing community that Cindy has built shares their knowledge and insider’s tips. It makes us all smarter couponers 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I Purchased a $2.99 brush but the UP didn’t print. is there specific brush?