Extreme Couponing Tip: Enter to Host House Parties

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Extreme Couponing Tip: Enter to Host House Parties

Have you ever entered to host one of the house parties we post here on LRWC from time to time?  Hosting a house party is tons of fun and is a great way to score a whole bunch of freebies and coupons for top quality products!

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Reader Allison just let us know that she won the Udi’s House Party we posted not too long ago.  Allison has been entering to win to host a house party for about 2 months until she recently won!  She received the party pack featured above including coupons for FREE items and much more!

Here are some current house parties to enter:

How many of you have hosted a house party?  How was your experience?

If you are new to couponing, you may want to check out the Couponing for Beginners section where you will find a lot of answers to your questions.

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  • Dawn H.

    I hosted a Keurig Vue house party. It was fantastic! They sent me a Keurig Vue V500 brewer (worth $170), 6 boxes of vue packs (worth $72), cups and cookies, all for FREE! Also, they gave me 40% off coupons for my guests. On top of that, anyone that used my code to buy the brewer, I received a $25 gift certificate to Keurig. 2 of my friends bought one, so I got $50 to spend on more vue packs. Right now, I just one the Redd’s white and blue BBQ party for Redd’s apple ale. I’ll have to update when I get my party pack. I am loving House Party!

  • Lisa

    Hosted a kids Monster Halloween House party in 2011. The description sounded much better then what we received and I did expect more stuff based on the hype so I was disappointed. What you got was not much and cheap: a Halloween bag (like the reusable shoprite bags), a flash light (like the ones you get in multi-packs for oriental traders and most didn’t work) and a tattoo for each guest. The host received a Halloween t-shirt (orange XL t-shirt with House Party Monster Halloween Party on it). They mentioned coupons and other surprises and it was a decoder with a number on it that you went to a website to check. The number on the decoder was the same for every guest- it unlocked some online games or something (I can’t remember exactly because I thought it was lame). They did provide the site to invite guest, do follows and post pictures. Plus they offered party tips and recipes. And since I was having the party, I guess it did give me a place to start. But it certainly wasn’t a $170 Keurig!