Hot! Huggies Diapers as low as $0.49 at ShopRite!

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Huggies Catalina

The Huggies ShopRite deal just got even better.  The Huggies LIttle Movers Slip On Diapers Catalina deal that is printing at Kroger, is also print at ShopRite.

The catalina info is:

Huggies Little Movers Slip-Ons Diapers
Buy 2 Get a $4 CatalinaThe catalina info is:

This double dips with the Buy $20 Get a $7 Catalina at ShopRite this week.  Huggies are priced at $8.99 ($11.29 pre-price plus) and is confirmed working on shelf prices.

Here is the awesome deal you can do:


Be sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite Deals for the week before you shop.

Thanks Reader Terry for confirming this!



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  • Amanda M

    Sorry but I just want to make sure, is the double dip only for the little movers diapers or for pull ups and regular diapers too? also how many times can we do this deal? I have a 2 year old potty training that still uses diapers and a 9 month old baby so a deal like this would really help us! 🙂

  • laurie

    Do you think the catalinas will roll?

    • Matthew

      They did this morning! 3x

  • jenn

    I want to say its for the little movers only.. I bought the pull ups today and only recieved the $7 cat.. I did the deal 3 times and the $7 came out for all three..

    • Amanda M

      Thanks so much Jenn, I am not a huge fan of the little movers so we will see 🙂

      • Matthew

        NOT a fan of these either amanda m. Used them before. Horrible. I will stick with the regular little movers– nevvvver slip ons again.

        • Jessica

          Totally Agree… they open as you “slip” them on!

    • anna

      does the $3 huggies coupon work for pull-ups?

      • micheleana

        Yes it does.

        • anna

          Awesome thanks!!

  • Anonymous

    So it’s not just the slip ons?

    • Cindy Livesey

      It’s just for Slip ons

  • Anonymous

    Can I use the Catalina towards diapers back to back ex do several transaction since
    It prints out the catalinas more
    Then once?

  • Sharon

    The Catalina is not working on pre price plus prices in Somers Point. They told me I had to buy 3.

    • Cindy Livesey

      Did you actually try it buying 2?

      • Angela

        Bought 2 little snugglers size 2 in marlboro, $7 cat did not print 🙁

  • lisa

    3.00 coupon link is not working.. please help

  • lisa

    3.oo link not working,, please help

  • yvette

    Can we roll this?

  • Beth

    You should be able to roll with no problem, but there are certain cats that will have a per limit transaction (I think the ones with the yellow background and say “SCRD” in red underneath the amount). Sharon, double check the price on the tag – the “sale” price is sometimes different store to store and can affect the way a deal works.

    • Anonymous

      I did. $11.49. It should have worked. I’m going to go to another store.

  • Jess

    Just did it had to buy 3 not 2 in blackwood nj where is it working with only buying 2

    • terry

      Brick NJ

      • Katie

        Thanks for confirming! I will be there!

      • Kahyla

        Did you get the $4 Catalina at brick? Bought the little movers tonigt and only got the $7 cat

  • Jillian

    Can anyone verify if this is any little movers or slip ons only? I hate slip ons!

    • Dan

      It’s slip ons UNfortunately.

  • gennifer

    Now I know why there were none left on the shelf this morning.

  • Beverly

    I did it 4x rolling each time no problems. I bought 2 pack of slipons each time.

  • Anonymous

    I only go the $7 cat.

  • Dawn

    I did it just now in Jackson, NJ with the HUGGIES SLIP ON…..First I purchased 2 and no cats printed out. Then I purchased 3 and still not cats… Went to the customer service desk and they printed me out (2) 7.00 cats..
    Kind of bummed the deals weren’t working. I am going to wait later on in the week before I try this again… Please keep sharing your details so I know what works and what doesn’t… Thanks!

    • Katie

      Wondering if something was wrong with the Catalina machine, did you try more than one register?

  • Trina

    Going today is this deal working in north jersey shoprites?

    • Matthew

      Yes Morris county. 2 different stores

  • Shannon

    Bought 2 Slip Ons and only the $4 cat printed. Then bought 3 Slip Ons and got both the $7 and $4 cats in Washington, NJ on Route 31.

    • Renee

      I’m so mad I didn’t have my Huggies Q with me when I was at this store yesterday!I got my Kandoo products but no diapers 🙁

  • Cherry

    Hi I went to Hoboken Shoprite in Jersey and purchased 2 Huggies little movers diapers and no catalina printed?? 🙁
    Went to customer service they said I used coupons and hence it didn’t print.The lady argued,Ma’am apart from coupon you didn’t even make $20.Please read the offer and come.I knew she would not understand and no point in arguing.:-(

    • Anonymous

      hoboken is strict with coupons and they don’t know much about the rules/regs. Jersey city is more educated and thus easier to work with. Also, you save on sales tax (3.5% vs 7%). Try going there.

  • vicky

    It work for me in Philadelphia 2 slip ons got the 7.00 and 4.00

  • Jerrica

    Did the deal this morning at both shop rite In Hamilton. I rolled the cat. No $4 printed for me tho 🙁

  • Jean

    It work for me and i Get $ 2 off from my smart source express app. I paid $ 9.98 .get $ 7, 4 Catalina better that free 😀

    • lachelle

      what is smart source express?

  • jen

    I purchased two slip ons in Marlboro earlier today. $4 cat printed but not $7. I went to customer service and added a juicy juice PPC $2.49. Used a .50 cent coupon which doubled to take $1 off. They then printed me the $7.

  • Jenn

    I had to buy three packs to get both cats at the Wharton shop rite. I went to the customer service desk and the lady told me it was based on the post pre-plus price. Still a good deal at $2.32 with the $2 off coupons.

  • Jenn

    I’m sorry it’s $3.32 a pack with the $2 off coupons and $2.32 with the $3 off coupons.

  • trina

    It worked! But they only had 2 slipons left I have to go to another shoprite to use other coupons!

  • michelle

    Bought 2 pull ups, used 2 $3 coupons, got the $7 catalina, so $2.49 each! :)Long Island, NY.

    • Danielle c.

      That’s what I did. Really don’t like the slip ons. Rather just do it this way.

    • LB

      Where in Long Island? 🙂

      • Ada

        Got both cats with 2 huggies today at shoprite of commack, no rolling allowed store policy

        • LB

          That is where I went today… the cashier let me roll them. She actually told me I should!

  • Olivia

    I like the slip on diapers so naturally I have 16 bags of them…rolled both Catalina’s $7 and $4 with no problem..the cashier couldn’t believe it was!! Thank you Cindy!!!!

  • Olivia

    It was so cheap lol

  • MrsO

    I have a general question- Does anyone know of any north Jersey Shop Rite’s that triple coupons? Other than Lincoln Park where I was wrongfully accused of copying a coupon.

    • Rocky

      Unfortunately, there aren’t any others in North Jersey. Or, Northwest Jersey, etc., etc. Sad, but true… In NW NJ, last time I remember a triple coupon event, it was PM and that was, hmmm, almost a couple of years ago, now, I think.

    • Rocky

      Unfortunately, there aren’t any others in North Jersey. Or, Northwest Jersey, etc., etc. Sad, but true… In NW NJ, last time I remember a triple coupon event, it was PM and that was, hmmm, almost a couple of years ago, now, I think.

    • Rose

      south jersey doesnt have any stores that triple coupons at all!! not even worth the drive its over 2 hours away sadly. We all wish we had one within 45 min would be awesome. but to make that kind of drive wouldnt even be worth the gas. considering we have no ideal what & if the products are in stock….

      • Evonne

        Never mind triples I’d be so happy if any south jersey shoprites would fully double coupons

  • RachelD

    The deal worked at the Manahawkin ShopRite. I bought the Huggies slip ons and recieved both the $7 & $4 CATs. Plus the coupon printer kept giving me more $2 off coupons!

    Did anyone get this deal to work more than 3x?

  • Tara

    Has anyone tried rolling the $7 cat? I did it once with 2 Little Movers slip-ons and got the $7, $4 and a $2 Little Movers coupon :-). The $4 cat prints before the order is totaled, and the $7 prints after payment, so I only rolled the $4 when I did it the second time. Both printed again (along with another $2 coupon!).

  • Momof1

    I went to Jackson NJ shoprite this morning and first purchased two packs. The $4 cat printed but not the $7. I went to customer service and they printed me the $7. I then went back into line and purchased three packs and the $4 AND the $7 printed. I did the deal again with three packs and rolled both cats and got another $4 and $7. All together I walked out with 8 packs of diapers and paid a total of $15 OOP so $1.87 a pack. Great deal!

  • Christi

    Got the $7,but not the $4… Peekskill, NY

  • LB

    How do you print the coupon more than once? I did the $3 one, and when I tried to print it again, it said one time use. The same for the $2, but I wasn’t even able to print it once.

  • Alissa

    Worked for me in West Long Branch, NJ. Got the $7 and $4 catalina 🙂

  • Kristine

    Worked in the Bayville Shoprite this morning!

    • Barbara A

      And it worked in the Bayville store tonight, too. Will have to exchange for a different size next week.

  • micheleana

    It worked in the Shoprite of Union, Kearny, Lincoln Park and Millburn today rolling from my initial purchase yesterday in Lincoln Park. Each time the cat machine gave me another Huggies slip on coupon, Yah!

  • bracha

    worked in Brooklyn, NY!! However, sale price is 10.99, but still a great deal AFTER coupons and cat.
    I accidentally bought regular movers at first, which only produces the $7 cat. When I purchased the Slip Ons, I got both cats.

  • vai

    I am in Delaware I just came back from ShopRite and it did not print me $7 i did go to customer service they said its on a Sale price I don’t know what to do should I return or should I call ShopRite corporate office please some one help me. Thank u

  • Manal

    Worked buying two at Passaic shoprite but they only had two left lol, shouldn’t have waited til Wednesday to try. Will be trying at little falls shoprite Ina few minutes

  • toniann

    The $3 coupon is no longer working?

  • Manal

    Also confirmed workin at little falls Shoprite but for some reason the register didn’t allow me to use the 7 dollars said minimum purchase wasn’t reached… Weird

  • CAssie

    I got both cats today in CT. Only had size 5 left, so obviously others have realized the deal :-). Shelves were stocked with all other types if huggies.

  • lachelle

    I bought 2 lil movers in blackwood, nj on my first trans and the $7 cat didnt come out so i had to return the 2 and the buy 3 to get the $4 cat and the $7 cat… There also is a $2 mfg coup cat that come out when you buy the lil movers