Huggies Diapers Coupon – Save $3 – New Link! – $0.49 at ShopRite!

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Hot Huggies Coupon

There is another great Huggies Coupon available.  The coupon is for $3 off any package of Huggies Diapers, not valid on Trial Size.

Print: Huggies Coupon

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Remember, ShopRite has a pretty awesome deal this week on Huggies diapers.  They are part of the Buy $20 Get a $7 Catalina Deal this week and they are doubling up with a Huggies Catalina offer.

The catalina info is:

Huggies Little Movers Slip-Ons Diapers
Buy 2 Get a $4 CatalinaThe catalina info is:

Huggies are priced at $8.99 ($11.29 pre-price plus) and is confirmed working on shelf prices however, I would be sure to read through the comments on the original posts because people are reporting many different things.

Here is the awesome deal you can do:


Be sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite Deals for the week before you shop.

Thanks Reader Lisa for the coupon link!



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  • mo

    Is there a limit how many times u can do this?

  • mo

    Is it this week?

  • Kathleen

    can you roll the CATs?

    • mary

      Yes, it rolled for me 🙂

  • mamapld

    Our SHoprite ( Slingerlands, NY) will only do this on the sale you will need to buy 3…makes the deal not so hot…

    • Faith

      I bought 2 and a juicy juice. Still a good deal. Juice juice is $2.49.

  • Angela

    Marlboro is not working on pre-price plus. Has anyone tried Freehold on route 9?

  • Jessica

    If your local Shoprite is basing it on the sale price instead of the shelf price, don’t pay for that 3rd pack of diapers…just get a Juicy Juice, that’ll put you right over the $20 you need to spend for the Catalina.

    • Anonymous

      Jessica I had better luck at the ShopRite on Central Ave….they did it off of the shelf price.

    • Ashley

      Will any Juicy Juice work?

  • Jessica

    By the way…is the $4 Cat only printing on the slip on diapers, or are they also printing on the Little Snugglers? I have a newborn so the slip-ons won’t do me any good at this point.

    • matthew

      only slip ons. im in the same boat. AND I don’t care for the slip ons either.

    • mary

      Jessica, didn’t work on anything but slip on for me 🙁

  • Holly

    Doesn’t work on slip ons but it is still a great deal, especially because baby bucks works off of pre-sale price so you have to factor that in. Get 10 packs @ 2.50 each, after $10 baby bucks comes out to $10.50!

    • Rose

      you only get the $4 huggies cat on slip on’s I’ve done this deal several time’s & got both the $7 & $4 only on slip on’s my shoprite here in vld is so great they held 6 pks for me because an employee told me they had them, and when i went in they hadnt even gotten a shopment yet… but forget millville in south jersey they are allowing an employee to not only wipe out the shelves but also bought out 2 pallets for her and closed a lane twice this week, this was the only time’s we seen her can you imagine how many shipments he got all of them,,, really upsets me because they are so strict on how many transactions they allow you to do in 1 day (2) and when we were doing a fund raiser for hurricane victims they flat out said NO pre-ordering or buying cases

  • Anonymous

    ONLY on the slip on’s.. but for the price, i got larger sizes.. babies grow so quickly :o)

  • Mat


  • Dawn K

    Ugh, my store was wiped clean 2x this week!

  • Anonymous

    Is the coupon for $2?

  • CE

    I just did this deal on LI. Bought 2 slip ons (11.29 pre price) and only the $4 cat printed. I’m going to try buying 3 tomorrow and see if the $7 cat prints.

    • Mike

      Which Plainview store? Old country road?

      • CE

        Woodbury Road

  • brenda

    where in long island??? which store

    • CE

      In Plainview. They only seem to carry size 3’s and 4’s though.

      • Anonymous

        both cats printed out in bay shore and 109 location…west babylon(?) i went 2 days ago.

  • Brenda

    thanks so much for writing back

  • tami

    How will we know if our store does sale or non sale for catalina? Jackson???

  • Brenda

    HELP………..I know the sale to get the $7 is over on Saturday BUT when is the $4 Catalina deal until

    • CE

      According to the post above, the $4 cat is over 6/16.

      • Kristen

        I can did not get the 4 dollar cat?! did anyone else have this problem?

        • Liz Nowak

          No problem and I bought size 4 which someone had said they had a problem getting cats with that size.

  • Rachee

    Can’t you buy the slip ons and exchange for the diapers at a later date? If they are the same price, it should be an even exchange! I bought the diapers yesterday and they didn’t have the size I needed. I’m going to exchange when the size comes in!

    • rose

      yes you can exchange them, which i plan on doing w/4 pks mainly because they are to small all they had was size 3 and my granddaughter needs the size 4/5, so they told me bring them back and get whichever kind you want. so next week I will exchange for the pull up’s. its so much easier changing her and she is just starting to use the potty

  • Linda Sue

    I just did the deal. It worked like a charm!

    • Anonymous

      Me too just dd four times at Hamilton. The guy checking me out was like wow!

      • maria

        Marketplace or Rt.33? Did you get the slip ons?

        • Wendy

          Sorry didn’t see your reply til now. Went to Hamilton square Thursday night ( which now offers shoprite at home :). ). They were out of slips on so did the deal with the snug and dry and got the 7 dollar car when I bought 2 Did the deal twice and rolled the carts

          Went Friday morning to Hamilton on 130 marketplaces and did the deal three times there only buying two slip ons

          Still had two more 3 dollar coupons so after before I went to pick up my son at preschool I stopped off at east windsor and they only had one more slip on left so only did the deal once on the s nut and dry.

          That’s it hopefully with this amazing deal I am done buying diapers as my daughter is almost 2


    just got 7 dollars back no 4

    • Faith

      did you make sure to get the Slip-ons? The plain Little Movers does not work for the $4 catalina. I made this mistake the first time.

  • Angela

    There were no slip-ons at Marlboro. I was considering buying and exchanging later. You couldn’t pay me to use them. They are pretty bad, but they were sold out anyway. I did the normal diapers and added juicy juice juice boxes since Marlboro is sale price(actually need them for my son’s bday party). There’s a link for a $.50 off 1 in the coupon database which helps- did the deal 3 times and rolled the $7 cat.

  • cindy

    I tried it, and it did not work at all. I was old it was on the sale price. I a in Wilmington, DE

    • julia

      what does it mean to roll the catalinas?

      • Laura D.

        When you roll catalinas, you take the catalinas from your first transaction and do the same exact transaction again, use the cats from transaction 1 to pay for transaction 2 and receive more catalinas.

        This method reduces your overall out of pocket cash spent on your grocery trip. Hope That Helps!

  • Tiffani

    I so wish that I had more computers, or you can print more! The first link was only a $2.00 link for me; not a $3.00 one. I was looking to roll these & getting ten packs for $20.80! :/

    • rose

      you have to share it to get the $3 its still available but use a diff email since you’ve already printed from that site

  • Chrissa

    Great deal! Worked off the shelf price in west Chester Pa! If you have the smart source express app there is a 2$ off huggies coupon that will stack on top of your paper coupons… Making it a MM!! Yay! I LOVE free diapers! I just stock them up till I need them!

  • julia

    Laura, thank you so much for your help!

  • sq

    i did the deal got both cats but was told limit one per customer per promotional period. What?

  • Melissa

    I did this deal with the little movers slip ons. I bought two diapers. I got the $4 cat but didn’t get the $7 cat. I bought a juicy juice bottle for $2.50 like other people had said to do. The $7 cat didn’t print out. Is there a number I can call?

    • kesha

      For the $7 Cat you should be able to go right to shoprite in store customer service, especially if you fulfilled the after price plus discount requirement. Show them the ad and your reciept and they will print you a cat or give you store credit.

  • Melissa j

    Is this still going on this week at Shoprite???