Hot! Better Than FREE Oral B Replacement Heads at ShopRite!

Oral B Coupon

Oral B Coupon

Update:  Based on information provided by reader Aim, we are contacting P&G to be 100% certain that we can use this coupon on this product.  However, here was our reason for deciding that the coupon could be used on this product.

  1. The coupon reads $7 off one oral b Rechargeable Toothbrush OR Oral B Replacement Heads 2 or 3 ct only (excludes Costco Professional Care Advantage Dual Handle Pack).  Note it’s Oral B Replacement Heads not Oral B Rechargeable Replacement Heads.
  2. To confirm this even more, the ecoupons are coming of automatically on the battery operated replacement heads. When we knew that was happening we thought that these, in fact, were meant for any Oral B Replacement heads 2 or 3 ct packs.

Wow!  Check out this super hot deal at ShopRite using a manufacturer’s coupon and a ShopRite eCoupon.  ShopRite sells Oral B Replacement Heads 2-count for as low as $6.99 each making it completely FREE with the $7/1 Oral-B Rechargeable Toothbrush or Replacement Heads coupon from the 6/2 P&G insert.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.28.21 AM

We also have a $7/1 Oral-B Rechargeable Toothbrush or Oral-B Replacement Heads (ShopRite eCoupon) we can stack making this a $7.01 Money Maker!  Reader Maria did this deal with no issues at all.  The insert coupon went through with no beeps and the eCoupon came off with no problems.  She used the overage toward the ground beef she was buying  Awesome deal!

Here is your deal at ShopRite:


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Thanks Maria!

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  • Steph S.

    Cool, even if you don’t have the P&G coupon, it’s a freebie! Thanks!

  • Bill

    Nice that the e-coupon was still available! Just was able to add it to our cards.

    • Laura D.


  • kc

    What is the maximum number of ecoupons you can load? I have 81 loaded and can’t load anymore! UGH!

    • kesha

      If worse comes to worse, buy some of the smaller items you likely won’t use and return them so you have some room. Otherwise you will have to wait until they expire.

    • renee

      I had that problem before. When I called the hotline number, she checked my account and said that the max you can load is 84. Since you only have 81 loaded, they may have lowered the number of coupons you can load.

    • Anonymous

      the limit is 88 – you must have 81+7 dairy month coupons (these are not counted in the tally shown when you log in). if you click shopping list when logged in and looking at coupons, it will show all you have loaded, and you can count them

  • Sonya

    How would you make money when shop rite only allows you to use coupons up to the value of the merchandise and wont do an overage?

    • Bill

      Because, once the e-coupon comes off, it does not affect your ability to use a printed coupon as well. So, you would get $7 from the e-coupon, then $7 (or $6.99 if it beeps) for the paper coupon.

  • caren

    I believe the limit is 81! (I think I always tell myself 80, but probably decided to give myself a margin for error)

    And I also don’t trust the count (# of eSR Qs already activated) under My ShopRite– I could swear they sometimes aren’t counting the special ones (ones in a special section, such as the recent Dairy Month eQs).

    Just FYI, there is NO way to UNchoose them (even via customer service), so be careful!

  • Stacey D

    Just picked up the 2pk replacement heads. Was priced at $7.99 so still a great $6.01MM after stacked ..applied to my order. THANKS LRWC 🙂

    • Cindy Livesey

      Happy Dance! We owe this one to Maria! Super Sweet Find! Maria gets our shopper of the week award. Oh…hmmm, intersting…maybe we can do something fun with that. Shopper of the week award. Any ideas?

      • Tina

        Free living rich nag

        • Laura D.

          LOL!!! That’s funny! Don’t worry, I know it’s a typo, but really, really funny! Besides, no one on “Cindy’s side” nags. 😉

          • Cindy Livesey

            Ask my son this summer, he’ll tell you I nag a lot. Like when he runs to Acme for me (this is the store that is close to our house) to pick up a bag of sauerkraut for me and comes home with a MiO Fit that he paid $3.99 for. I’m like What?!?! First I have a free one sitting on the counter that came in the mail (hope you all got that one too) and there is a big sale at ShopRite on them this week, with a catalina deal and a gas card deal and I have coupons. So, yes I nagged and nagged for about a half hour. 😉

            • Laura D.

              LOL! Poor Patrick! What was he thinking??? I hope you didn’t send him straight back to SR CS to do the “Walk of Shame” and get a refund, lol. And, yes I have the free one also. Promise you this, he will think twice next time!
              Hang in there Patrick!

            • Michele A (SI)

              Cindy what drives me nuts is when my son (in his 20’s) goes to the corner convenience store and pays $5 for a box of cereal! I’m no cheapskate – I don’t mind paying extra for something unique that we rarely have, but for normal brands of cereal? I have been so spoiled by this site that paying $1 for a box seems like too much! Last week Shoprite ran out of stock on the 9 oz. Multigrain Cheerios, so I have 2 rainchecks – so my next 8 boxes will be .38 each after coupon.

              • Cindy Livesey

                I hear ya! 🙂

        • Dorie


      • Maria

        YAY I’ll accept my Shoppper of the week award 😉

    • Anonymous

      sfh shows 2:

      Oral-B Crossaction Power Replacement Heads 2 ct $6.99

      Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads – CrossAction Power Soft 2 ct $7.99

  • Tina

    Oops bag

  • lauren

    tried this today and for some reason the ecoupon didnt come off and the cashier kept saying it was probably because i used the manufacturer coupon already. i told her it didnt matter and that you could use a MC and a shoprite ecoupon and after three cashiers they kept telling me i couldnt do it. so i said nevermind…ill go back and try again haha but is it in the coupon policy that you can use them both ? because i want to print it out and have it with me when i go again -_-

    • Melissa

      SR corporate will tell you that ecoupons are manufacturer’s coupons and can not be combined with paper MQs. If you ask the cashier to hit the Total key before scanning paper coupons, you should see the ecoupon come off, then they can scan the paper coupons. Just make sure you have enough in your order to cover the overage.

      • Bill

        If your store has self-scan, the e-coupon seems to come off as soon as the item is scanned. Otherwise, If I can’t use SS, I ask the cashier to do a sub-total after the item in question has been scanned so I can see the coupon come off while I’m paying attention.

        • Anonymous

          it would be nice if they would update the self-scans so you can scan new-barcode-only coupons. it gets to be such a hassle when you need to have the cashier who is overseeing several registers enter those coupons at their terminal. sometimes they even suspend the transaction and move you to their terminal to complete it.

          • Bill

            My stores don’t let you scan your own coupons, so it doesn’t matter to me. I think that the registers do scan the new barcodes, but I’m not positive. Some of the cashiers just scan them at their station.

    • Laura D.

      Cashier needed to hit total button to push through eCoupons for Oral B and Head & Shoulders, HTH!

  • Mark

    Might give this a try.

  • robi

    thank you, my ecoupon came off and then I used my paper coupon!!!!

  • Nicole

    Didn’t work for me. E-coupon didnt deduct 🙁 but other ones I had loaded did.

  • John K

    The ecoupon did not work for me. I just returned the item.

  • Sonya

    Someone snagged them all up. 🙁

    • Haseena

      I am sure someone did that at my store as well. I never get too excited for these MM until I actually get to the store and find the item on the shelf, its still disappointing when its not there, but I just plan my trip not including that deal.

  • Mike M.

    The deal worked smoothly at the SR in Manchester NJ. Thanks Maria and Cindy!

    • diane

      hey mike do they still have some left??

      • Mike M.


        There was one left at 0745 this morning, and you could ask if they have more in stock. Whenever I’ve asked an employee or at CS about an item OOS on the shelf they’ve always been very helpful/willing to check.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone done this deal today at SR in Greenwich (P’burg) NJ, 6/19 and had it work? It was 6.99 after Price Plus for me and wasn’t paying attention to see if the EC came off right after the item but I DID ask them to hit total before the paper coupons and it didn’t appear. Could it have come off right after the item and NOT appear after the total button? In other words, maybe it DID deduct and I didn’t notice and since it allready deducted, didn’t come up at the end? anyway, since I didn’t see it at the end, I gave it back but will try again if anyone has had it work today. Kicking myself for not paying close enough attention….

    • tiana

      I purchased the $7.99 in p’burg and everything went thru w/out a supervisor. ecoupon came off as well.

      • Anonymous

        hi Tiana,
        what color was the package/bristles? I want to make sure I get the correct one this time.

  • karin

    I bought the ones that have a yellow/orange color for 6.99 not the ones pictured above(those were 7.99) however my 7.00 ecoupon did not come off. have call into customer service. I did have the 7.oo coupon so it was free, just wanted the 7.00 ecoupon also. Will let you know the results.

    • Bill

      Phone CS will tell you it was because you used the printed coupon (even though we all know that is not the case) and won’t give you the e-coupon amount. You should have skipped giving the cashier the printed coupon and gone to CS to get it refunded. Then when you called SR to complain, they would not be able to see that you used the coupon.

    • Laura D.

      Hi Karin, I bought the $7.99 package because it was the only one on the shelf. However, I did have to ask the cashier to hit the total button on the register in order for the eCoupon to be triggered. Did they hit the total button in your transaction?

      • karin

        i did catch it at checkout. they did have to manually adjust the 7.oo coupon to 6.99 when it beeped. I will see what 800 number says then return for the 7.99 version and see if that one works. Fingers crossed no return visits. at least it is free, just wanted the 7.00 to use today. (all done at oakland shoprite, not west milford)

  • Michelle T.

    Worked perfectly at North Brunswick. The yellow and green ones (Oral B Complete Action) were 7.49, the $7 ecoupon came off and the $7 paper coupon came off. The cashier didn’t even need the supervisor’s key 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I will have to try it again. I normally pay attention to things as they ring up but I didn’t have my ‘bagger’ with me, compounded by having an extremely efficient cashier (a trait which I normally would appreciate). Funny the cashier points to the lady behind me and says that lady is talking to you. I turn around and shes saying something about when are you going to come and plant that herb garden and I’m like huh? I was wearing a tshirt I had gotten free on Earth Day last year with the name of a company, which I never wear out. Apparently she thought I worked for them and was giving me a piece of her mind about some living garden that had died. I was totally confused but then realized it was because of the shirt. I’m trying to explain to her I don’t work for whatever company and she is still steamed, meanwhile my efficient cashier has rung up, bagged my stuff and is waiting on me. What a fiasco;-)
    sort of funny tho.

  • Cynthia

    This deal did NOT work at my ShopRite. The e-coupon never came off and they had to check my online acct. The head cashier took the e-coupon off after he looked up my online coupons.. However, they refused to take the manufacturer coupon and looked at me like I had 2 heads for trying to use a 2nd coupon on an item I got for free.

    I tried explaining that in the past I was able to use both coupons but that got me nowhere. In the end I got the item free, and had them remove other items from my order which I got to cover the overage. No many maker here!

    It was embarrassing, they acted as if I was trying to rob them. What a disappointment.

  • M

    The yellow Oral-B $6.99 did not work
    The orange Oral-B $7.99 did work
    Passaic Shop Rite NJ

  • Haseena

    Worked for me at the Commack store on LI. They were priced at $7.99 and at least 10 left this afternoon.

  • Nl

    Ecoupon didn’t work for me but still free so I’m happy!

  • Tracy

    This deal worked for me in CT yesterday; the replacement heads were $7.99 and both the eCoupon and MFQ came off.

  • Aims

    Hi Cindy , I sent an email regarding this coupon but I’m not sure if you received it or not. I own both rechargeable and battery operated Oral B toothbrushes so I know their designated replacement heads. Since not everyone owns a rechargeable Oral B toothbrush, someone may confuse the rechargeable brush head with the battery operated one. The $7 coupon is for the RECHARGEABLE, and it usually sells from $15 up to $24 (2 to 3 ct) . I checked Shoprite at home and a 3 ct is priced at $21.99. I think this may be why it’s a high value coupon because it is for a more expensive brush head. The best price I paid for a 3ct rechargeable brush head was a little over $10 at CVS, after coupon and ECB.

    If you look at the coupon again, it says “excludes Costco Professional Care Advantage Dual handle pack” which costs around $100. This tells you that the coupon is for rechargeable toothbrushes and these toothbrushes cost at least $40.

    The brush head posted above priced at $7.99 is for BATTERY operated toothbrush. There is a $3 coupon from P&G for Oral B battery operated toothbrush and the picture posted above is for that toothbrush. I hope this will give you more information about this coupon.

    • Haseena

      Oh no, does this mean that all of us here misused this coupon?:( no wonder the coupon had that warning sign in red for the cashier to make sure the correct item is being purchased and I thought that was there because the coupon was high value. Thanks for the info Aims, if you are correct, I hope readers who haven’t yet done this deal will think twice before using this coupon for this particular deal.

    • Cindy Livesey

      Thank you for your information. We looked closely at the coupon to be sure before we posted it and this is how the coupon reads.

      $7 off one oral b Rechargeable Toothbrush OR Oral B Replacement Heads 2 or 3 ct only (excludes Costco Professional Care Advantage Dual Handle Pack). At first I thought like you did, that the replacement heads were for rechargeable but it states OR Oral B Replacement Heads not Oral B Rechargeable Replacement Heads.

      I agree that the coupon is for Rechargeable Toothbrushes but they do not specify Oral B Replacement heads for rechargeable. They just simply say “Oral B Replacement Heads 2 or 3 ct only” Then, to confirm that, the ecoupons are coming of automatically on the battery operated replacement heads. When I knew that was happening I thought, well, we must be right and these are in fact for any Oral B Replacement heads 2 or 3 ct packs.

      The only thing I can say is that from all the facts I mentioned, it appears that we can use these coupons on the products above.

    • Cindy Livesey

      Just an update. I am contacting P&G to find out 100%. In the meantime I am going to adjust the post until we find out for sure.

  • Nicole

    Tried this again today but instead of buying the $6.99 heads, I got the $7.99. Worked perfectly! Have had this issue in the past. It seems that if the coupon value is more than item cost, then the e-coupon doesn’t come off.

  • Michele A (SI)

    Also bought the $7.99 package and both coupons came off. This is really great, as a few weeks ago the toothbrush itself was free with a promo code on Amazon!

  • Patty

    Is anyone besides me still trying to do this deal? I tried it last week at one SR and it didn’t work, shelf tag said 7.99 but it rang up 6.99 with no $7 ecoupon deducted so I cancelled the deal. Tried again this week at a diff SR, again shelf price said 7.99 but this time it rang up at 5.99 but no ecoupon deducted. I had them hit total both times and it didn’t work either time with other things for the overage.
    If it worked for you, please let me know the UPCs of those that worked? thx
    my mfr coupon expires 6/30.

    • Mark

      This week it is on sale and below $7, so the e-coupon won’t come off.

  • Michele A (SI)

    Patty, the one that worked for me was 6905583836. The package was orange at the top and blue at the bottom. It rang up $7.99.

  • Sandy

    I bought 69055 85269 Oral B Complete “Action” for $7.49 and it worked also…