Better than FREE Reynolds Baking Cups at Walmart!

Reynolds Coupon

Reynolds Coupon

Use the $1/1 Reynolds Coupon that’s available to get a great deal at Walmart! They have the Reynolds Paper Baking Cups priced at $0.92 each. After using the $1/1 coupon from the 6/23 SS they will be FREE + a $0.08 Money Maker! Stock Up on these now!

Here is your deal:


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  • Traci

    This could not have been posted at a better time. For the summer my daughter and I will be starting a cupcake blog and baking one cupcake a week and posting the pics and recipes on our blog. Can’t get any better than free baking cups 🙂

  • Meenakshi

    Are you sure, its on sale.. Becoz I am at Walmart, and didn’t find any sale stickers plus they are all ranging from $1.07 to $2.24. Nothing for sale… I came here in search for it and now its a waste.

    • Cindy Livesey

      It’s not actually a sale but the regular price. Regular price it’s will vary from store to store. It would be only $0.07 a pack for you if you found them for $1.07 at your store. I wouldn’t call that a wasted trip at all 😉

      • Anonymous

        Hi Cindy,
        Sorry, if you misunderstood my referring above waste. It was not in the context to any of your postings… Infact, I thank you for all the hard work you do and your posts with wonderful match ups and deals that saves us time and money….
        It was that had to search for the whole Walmart store here and der for these stuffs. First in the baking isle, then also was suggested by staff to look for at celebrations isle…the staff never knew and couldn’t be of any help. Then I went looking for it in the whole store.. At every isle possibly I thought could find it. At last I found it in the cleaning isle, and then looking for these pastels but didn’t and then the plain foils one but at different price… Hence wasted great amount of time…so it’s nowhere I n reference to your context….

      • Meenakshi

        Hi Cindy,
        Firstly sorry, if you misunderstood me in reference to the word waste. It was nowhere to your context. In fact I am thankful to you for all the hardwork that you do to gather up all the information on sales and match ups and deals that not only save us time and money but gives us a reason to engage in smart shopping…:)

        When I went to Walmart with the intention of buying these baking cups and was looking for staff to guide me,on their suggestion I first looked in baking isle , then when I didn’t found these reynold brand, I asked another staff and she told me to look in celebrations isle, at the other opposite end of this huge Walmart. Not finding even there, I then took the trip of whole store in search for it in possibly every isle, I could think of..then finally I found it in the cleaning isle. Where these pastels were not there at all to be seen but only the plain foil varieties and with different price. When I asked one more staff about the pastel ones showing them the picture on my cell, she reacted like alien in the store, and couldn’t even answer basic questions…hence lot of time got wasted in it. That’s why I called waste of time with the shopping experience of mine today because till the end didn’t find the pastels variety there at the store.

        Hope misunderstanding is cleared.