New Simply Lemonade Coupon – Save $0.75 – As Low as $0.02 at ShopRite!

Simply Lemonade Coupon

Simply Lemonade Coupon

There is a great new Simply Lemonade Coupon available to print.  The coupon is for $0.75 off any (1) Simply Lemonade 59 oz or 89 oz or Simply Limeade 59 oz any variety.

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Print: Simply Lemonade Coupon

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This week ShopRite has Simply Lemonade 59 oz carafes on sale for $2.99 plus they are part of Spend $25 Get (2) $5.00 Catalina Deal.  Check out some deal ideas below on how to score this lemonade for as low as $0.02 each after coupons & Catalinas at ShopRite!  Yippee!

Here are your deals:


Don’t have these stores in your area? Check the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals on this product at your local stores.

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  • Haseena

    Walmart has these for $2.00, so $1.25 after coupon, not too bad since I used all my Vlasic coupons.

    • roxanne

      oOoOO I’ll have to stop at walmart on the way back from the gym!

      • Haseena

        The price tag might say $2.50, so make sure you price check because it will most likely be $2.00.

        • Roxanne

          Thanks. Used a couple at Walmart this morning. They have a larger flavor variety at SS but Walmart was a little cheaper. I used a couple at each. Still have 4 left

    • Karen

      Does your WalMart double?

      • Anonymous

        walmart’s do not double coupons – why do you ask?

        • Sylvia

          Select Walmarts double in Utah, I saw this info on a blog…. 7 Walmarts in Utah County double coupons value up to $1 on Tuesdays

      • Haseena

        No, they are priced at $2.00 so after the $0.75 coupon it will be $1.25.

  • Anonymous

    Was really excited about this until I saw the actual details of the deal. You might as well add the same $1.49 after coupon entry for Shoprite without Vlassic and other purchases.

    • Michelle T.

      I did this deal today and I’m pretty happy about it. I bought:
      4 Simply Lemonade 2.99 (lemon-raspberry & lemon-blueberry, yum)
      2 Vlasic pickles 1.67
      4 Kettle chips 2.50
      Used 4 .75 Simply=6 off
      2 $1 Vlasic=2 off
      4 $1 Kettle=$4 off
      Totaled $13.30 and got 2 $5 Cats. Not too shabby!

  • Karen

    Never mind! I thought it was $.75/2. My bad 🙂

  • Bill

    Simply Orange is the only company that I ever had a coupon flagged as invalid at Shoprite. I’d never seen that before, and never have since. It simply scanned as “invalid coupon” or something like that. Even more amazing, when I complained to the company, they claimed that the coupon was not valid and that they had never authorized it to be printed. When I asked, they would not address how I managed to find it and print it from, nor did they offer to send me a valid coupon for my trouble. An invalid $1/1 coupon was listed on the CIC site, because I guess at some point someone had counterfeited a coupon for them, but the valid one I printed had the same code and was rejected as well. I exchanged some email with the guy who runs the CIC site and he was just as useless in helping to unravel what happened.

    To this day I only buy their product if it’s a particularly good deal(and that has softened, for the first year or so I refused to buy it at all).

  • Shelly B.

    So then, after reading Bill’s post, has anyone gotten the Simply coupons to work at Shoprite for the deal?

    • Aims

      I used four today and they all went through fine ( no beeping).

      • Bill

        That’s good to hear. I should have made it clear that my problem was a few (2-3, I think) years ago.

    • roxanne

      I used a couple at Stop and shop no problem

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to do this with sabra instead of pickles?