Vo5 Salon Series Coupon – Save $1.25 – Free at ShopRite!

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 8.35.05 AMVo5 Salon Series Coupon

There is a new Vo5 Salon Series Coupon available this morning.  The coupon is for $1.25 off any Vo5 Salon Series Professional Hair Care Product or Hot Oil Treatment.  Use zip code: 07738 if necessary.

Print: Vo5 Salon Series Coupon (07738)

To find the coupon, click on the link above and type in the zip code. Once the zip code is changed, click on the link above once again and it will take you right to the coupon.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 8.44.15 AMShopRite has select Vo5 Salon Series products on sale for just $1.77.  Plus there is a new $1/1 VO5® Salon Series™ Professional Hair Care Product, Perfect Hold Styling Product or Hot Oil ShopRite eCoupon available making this free.

Here is your deals at ShopRite & Weis:


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  • Cortney

    Did anyone try to do the V05 rebate for money back and get coupons instead? They’re just the same as this new printable coupon… I’d rather have my rebate! 🙂

  • Sophie

    Cortney, where is the V05 rebate at?

  • Linda

    What zip is this under? It is nowhere under my zip. Thanks.

    • kabby

      i see it under 07039

      • Linda

        Kabby, Found it. Thanks so much!

  • Linda

    Also, when I called customer service about a missing ecoupon, I was told only the manufacturing coupon will now come off when you use paper and e coupons. Has anyone else found this?

    • Bill

      This is not correct, despite their repeated claims that it is. The e-coupon comes off first if done correctly (tell the cashier to hit sub-total, or use self-scan where it comes off immediately). I would suggest not using the manufacturers coupon if you don’t get the e-coupon and feel like you’re going to have to call, and just go to CS afterwards and tell them that you forgot to use it and get them to pay you for it there. I’ve never had a problem getting them to give me the money for the coupon, and then the phone people won’t be able to give you their BS excuse.

      BTW, yesterday I had what appeared to be the fruit snacks 50c e-coupon come off for my cake mix purchase instead of the Betty Crocker baking 75c e-coupon. I then used a 75c coupon which doubled. I suspect they won’t take my complaint well if I call. Hopefully I will get the correct SavingStar for it.

  • Bill

    I see there’s an ad on the page from the size of the print file that was created. Can someone please confirm that it prints on the top of the page? I like to use half pages to avoid wasting paper and ink in cases like this.

    PS it’s actually BETTER than free at SR with the e-coupon.

    Also, I did the TMF rebate and got the full amount back, even the pre-Price Plus amount.

    • Aims

      The coupon prints on the bottom of the page so you need the whole paper for the coupon.

      • Bill

        Thanks for the info — I hate it when they do that!