FREE Banquet Breakfast Sandwiches 2-count at ShopRite!

Banquet Coupon

Banquet Coupon

This Banquet Coupon has reset for the month of July!  The coupon is for $0.50 off any (1) 2-count of Banquet Breakfast Sandwiches (2.7-3.4 oz). 

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Print: Banquet Breakfast Sandwich Coupon

I spotted these at ShopRite last night, priced at just $1.00 for the 2-pack so FREE after doubled coupon!

No ShopRite in your area?  Walmart sells these 2-packs of Banquet Breakfast Sandwiches for just $1.00 so only $0.50 after coupon or $0.25 per sandwich.  You’ve got yourself breakfast on the go!

Here are your deals:


Don’t have these stores in your area? Check the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals on this product at your local stores.

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  • Julie

    Hmmm. I’ve never noticed these before. Is it near the waffles in the frozen dept?

    • Melinda

      Yes, they weren’t far from the waffles in the frozen department in my store. Hope that helps 🙂

  • sandy

    Mine were by the El Monterrey burritos and pizza section

  • Anonymous

    does walmart print on the coupon?

    • Dawn

      Anon. Mine printed without any mention of walmart on it. I was almost relunctant to print when i saw the Walmart on it, but was happy when i printed it, there was no mention of Walmart.

  • Dawn

    Any reason why these wouldn’t double? I just bought 4 and only took off $0.50.

    • Anonymous

      are they new barcode only? anything about doubling in the fine print?

  • Shaunie

    I found them at my local shoprite, but they were in the box and it was sealed. The box was priced at 4.99 as a “family pack”. Should the boxes have been opened and sold as individual packages?

    • Shaunie

      What’s also adding to my confusion is that there was no price tag below the item. I used the price checker to find out that it was 4.99

      • Candy

        Shaunie – Same at my SR – no price label. Do you shop Branchburg ??

        • Shaunie

          Nope. Norwalk, CT

    • Anonymous

      these appear to be a new item, not available in all stores yet. your store may only sell a multipack – the ones inside may not have their own barcodes. how many was in the pack?

      • Shaunie

        Not 100% sure but I think there might have been 6 packages in the box

  • Anonymous

    Got individual packages at my Bayville Shop Rite. However,the coupon did not double.

  • Purchased individual ones at my Bayville Shop Rite. They are very small. My coupon did not double.

  • Rebecca

    Purchased yesterday in West Long Branch. They were located with the breakfast sausage. Coupon did not double.