Hot Kraft Instant Savings Deal at Stop & Shop!

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Kraft Instant Savings Deal

This week Stop & Shop has a Buy 5 Save $5 Instantly on your meat, poultry or seafood purchase.  Technically you don’t need to buy $5 worth of meat, poultry or seafood to get the $5 instant savings.  You can buy the Armour Polish Sausage for just $1 and still receive the instant savings.

Plus, there might even be some better deals you guys can post about in the comments 😉

Here is the deal using the Armour Polish Sausage and the A1 Marinade Mix:


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  • Linda Hughes

    Love these deals!! Thanks for posting! I actually got 12 of the Armour polish sausage when they had the instant savings deals on those a while back and I cut one up and add to my dog’s dry every day…she is a happy camper!!

    • Sasha

      Do you mean this sausages are good only for dogs? Lol

      • Linda Hughes

        HAHAHA…who knows…

    • Rejane

      If I had a dog it would be a solution for me to use the ones I have – but I have a cat and he doesn’t eat any human food. I got probably about 36 of them, gave some to close friends, had some pepper and sausage and yet a lot is in the freezer. Gotta look for some recipes online… lol

      • Klara

        I just put them on grill and served in fresh Italian bread and must say that my friends thought that it was the best thing ever.

      • Anonymous

        I got 42 of them and had/have the same problem. I created a pinterest board for me to pin smoked sausage recipes when I see them. So far I have made the smoked sausage & shallot tart and the White bean and smoked sausage soup. Just grilling them is so boring, plus they are not the best tasting smoked sausages (taste more like hot dogs to me). You can follow my board if you want.

    • Klara

      Do you boil it first or just give to him cold? Thanks, Klara

      • Linda Hughes

        Klara I give it to the dog cold, they are fully cooked already. I use one whole one, I slice it down the middle and then slice it small and mix in with the dry food.

    • ann

      where are the stop & shop that has these deals?

  • ueen

    Well put Cindy. Very clever. 🙂

    In this week’s Stop and Shop match up, Addy of CT posted that he got it for free when he got 5. Out of curiosity, I headed to SS in NJ. I bought 5 (no meat, no other products) and the $5 came off automatically after the last product was scanned. I used the self check out.

    If anyone finds what I did unethical, please do not castigate me nor follow what I did. 🙂


    • Cindy Livesey

      LOL, you are too funny!

      • ueen


  • michelle

    i’m in MA and got the 5 A1’s for free. it just comes off of the total. they say meat, but mean total lol

    • sasha

      really? so good to know! No sausages for dogs!!!

  • Jen

    I just did the deal but of course I messed it up somehow. I purchased 5 -A1 marinade and a pack of sausage on sale for $3. The $3 came off for the price of the meat but I still ended up paying $5. I still got a pack of meat and marinade for $5 so not returning but darn I was hoping for the full $5. Oh well!!!

  • Jean

    I make this deal 2 times in 2 diferent stores ,
    But just in One store The deal work for me,
    I buy 10 A1 and 4 barilla and 4 sunkist ten soda
    I used
    (4) 55/1 barilla whole grain
    (4) 75/1 sunkist soda
    and (2)$ 5 came off , i just Pay 1.28 with tax in Pennington nj

    • maria

      u can do these deals more than once in the same transaction or do u need separate transactions?

  • christina


  • Charka48

    Just a heads up for everyone who took advantage of the A1 deal.

    My Stop & Shop had them, and I purchased 10. The $5 instant savings came off twice, making them free, but when I got out to the car, I noticed that seven of the ten packets I purchased were expired. I’m not sure if this was just at my store, or not, but I’d hate for anyone to have taken advantage of this great deal; only to be stuck with expired marinade. Maybe the stores were trying to get rid of stock on these, who knows.

    I did go back in the store, and customer service let me exchange out the expired packets. Luckily, I found some that weren’t expired, but it took some digging.

    Just FYI, for everyone. Please check the dates.