ShopRite Coupon Deals: Week of 7/14

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ShopRite Coupon Deals: Week of 7/14

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ShopRite Unadvertised Deals

Note that some of these prices are not advertised sale prices and may vary from store to store.  Please check the shelf price at your store.  Also, some of the eCoupons listed may be gone however if you clipped them to your Price Plus Card already, they have not expired and are still available to use.

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  • Tina

    There is a $1.00 Tone rebate on savingstar

  • Rocky


    • jessica

      Rocky, not sure if you saw my post on last week’s matchups… I found Chock Full O’Nuts coupons on eBay!!! 🙂

      • I just bought 20 when I saw your post!!!! Thanks for the heads up!!!

        • johan

          its possible tell me in ebay what person you buy i need these coupon but afraid what person is good for buy these coupon really appreciated the help

          • Rose

            Rocky, I’ve purchased from ebay for quite a few years. 2 things to check for #1-they have been an ebay seller/buyer for a period of time #2-they have a high seller rating 96% are higher for over 500+ transactions. then I choose the person who lives closest to me. I’ve ordered on sat and gotten them on Monday, if you order by today you’d most likely have them no later then wed as long as they live within the state/states that surround yours. also klip2save is great but they are out of stock. their are a few other coupon clippers but I live in south jersey and most are teas-cali, which means if I order sat I’m lucky if I get them by thur or fiday

            • Rose

              sorry I meant johan

      • Rocky

        Him Jessica, yes, thanks for the heads-up. I saw your reply when it came into email, but, didn’t get a chance to come on the site to thank you – much appreciated!

        And, also, another heads-up. They had them on Klip2Save, too, also, but, I just checked before I wrote this, they are out of stock at the moment. If anyone can’t get them on eBay, you can check K2S daily. He frequently is able to restock items pretty regularly. There is no minimum order there, and, shipping is a flat $1.

        Thank goodness for these coupons and sales. We wouldn’t be able to drink coffee, otherwise! This, though, is the best sale/Q price in the last year – woohoo!! Now, where am I going to put them all???

        • Rocky

          Uhh, sorry, *Hi*, not Him….! And, if there is anyone out there who wants to tell me where to put them….don’t! Hahahah….

          • jessica

            I’m so excited, I’m down to 2 cans of coffee, LOL!!! I just hope they get mailed to me by Tuesday or Wednesday!

      • Pamela

        Hi…I’m not seeing a match up for Chock Full O’Nuts. Is it on sale this week at ShopRite?

        • Rocky

          Pamela, yes, it is on sale for $1.88 this week, limit 4 per variety, and, there is a new, regional $1/1 coupon floating around out there.

  • C

    Here’s a $0.5/2 Tuttorosso Tomato coupon:

  • Mark


  • jess

    I have a question about the yoplait $.60/3. It only printed with a single barcode in the bottom right corner, shouldn’t it have the larger barcode in the bottom left??

  • thank you!

  • Renay

    Shoprite 7/21 ?
    Does anyone have a ShopRite paper for the week of 7/21. I want to know if the Chock ful O’Nuts Coffee will be on sale for another week. Pls post

    • Laura D.

      The ad scan for 7/21 will be available Tuesday.

    • anonymous

      Sometimes you can check the sale sign on the shelf tag and it will list the end sale date. I see this at Stop and Shop so I know that things are on sale for more than just the week.

    • Randy Mitchell

      Not on sale 7/21–7/28 in Ct. LOOKS LIKE IT IS MAXWELL HOUSE 2.49

  • siggio

    Does anyone know of any Sheba cat food coupons? Awesome sale.

    • Laura D.

      There are a few listed in the coupon database. You can get there by the drop down menu above using saving tools, hth!

      • Nanci

        The Sheba coupon for buy 6 get 1 is actually a Dole canned juice coupon.

        • kabby

          You are correct…the printable coupon does NOT take you to Sheba but to Dole…weird.

  • Jaye

    Does anyone know how to get the Ocean spray Coupon? I placed my vote and nothing. TIA

    • Anonymous

      the link takes you to voting, but the coupon is not there. open the dropdown menu at the top of the page – open send a sunny at the bottom of the list. the coupon is sent to the email you enter there.

      • Jaye

        Thank you!

  • meli

    thank you

  • mel


  • Rocky

    Off-topic, but, has anyone used the Jimmy Dean .55/1 coupon w/exp 8/18 that says DND? Can you tell me if it did, or, did not actually double? TIA!

    • Rocky

      Another off-topic item, for those of you who are Twinkies fans, they are back on the shelves. Hostess has returned! And, no, I didn’t buy any…there were no coupons! On Sat. they were $2.99, I believe. Don’t know the price this week.

      • Rocky

        Off-topic item #3: Did you know, if you go into your account profile on SR online, they now have a field that asks if you would like to opt-in to receive digital receipts (states ‘coming soon’)? Then, another field that asks if you want to be notified when your next digital receipt is available.

        From the second question, it doesn’t sound like it’s an either/or (digital or paper receipt) that you are choosing – sounds like an ‘in addition to’, so, should be interesting, once it’s available! Could be put to good use, yes?

        Curious to know what everyone thinks about this?

        • Michelle T.

          Rocky, Sears does the digital receipt thing. On the rare occasion I shop there, you get a regular receipt and then another emailed. Interesting to see what Shoprite will do with this.

          • Rocky

            Hi, Michelle! Oh, yes, thanks – that reminded me that I got one of their digital receipts when I shopped at Kmart, and, that was about a year ago! Had totally forgotten about it. I have to say I really liked the idea of it. Am wondering how I can put this to the best use for SR receipts. I totally like the idea of not having to hang onto piles of hard copy receipts for whatever anal reason it is that I do it, LOL!

  • Rocky

    Regarding the Turkey Hill Iced Tea free deal idea, above, please note that the coupon listed is only for various ice cream-type products. Ice Cream, Sherbet, Frozen Yogurt, etc. The coupon packet directly from Turkey Hill, however, does contain specific drink coupons, along with a couple that are for ‘any’ product.

    • Rose

      their are coupons for ice tea of course we didn’t get them in south jersey but you can still order them from several clippers

      • rhina

        same here

  • Lori G

    Is anyone else surprised at the offerings for this year”s summer Can Can sale? I always look forward to this event and have fun coupon matching to maximize the deals. I find the prices this year are awful…worse than the usual sales they run. I have also noticed a marked increase in general pricing at my store in CT. I’m very disappointed 🙁

    • Anonymous

      @ Lori, I know these are like regular prices/same prices from last week/or not that wonderful! I also noticed the prices rising in North NJ. Sad thing is, Shoprite is usually the cheapest. 🙁

    • Rocky

      I know. All the events seem to be getting less…exciting/cost effective (dollar days, etc.). The other thing I was expecting, but, didn’t see, were some super coupons to tie into some of these ‘sales’, but, nothing (except, yes, folks, those infamous shrimp coupons)!

      SR vegetables for $0.59 (other than corn and green beans) doesn’t make me want to run and fill up my cart, for some reason! And, I really had to laugh when I saw the Ronzoni for $0.88. Last year, they were $0.44!! Whoa, Nellie!!!

      • Christine R.

        Hi Rocky!
        Wasn’t Ronzoni $0.44 just a few weeks ago or was it another brand? I remember stocking up on pasta, but I’m not home to see which one it was. Did we really get a drop dead price on Ronzoni a few weeks ago and it’s now MORE EXPENSIVE during the Can-Can sale??? Go figure!

        And thank you for your tip (months ago) to write to Turkey Hill for coupons! I received two big packets of coupons from them in the beginning of July. My family loves the Turkey Hill “Moose Tracks”! Can’t wait to write them again on August 1st! LOL

        • Anonymous

          they sent 2 packets of coupons to the same address?

        • Rocky

          Hi, Christine! I’m not sure about Ronzoni. I know there were good prices, and, coupons recently for Barilla, so, that’s what I was paying attention to. Unfortunately, I didn’t stock up as much as I would have liked, so, was looking forward to the Ronzoni Can-Can prices. But, $0.88 just doesn’t do it! I remember the Ronzoni from last year’s CC being $0.44 with NO limit. Now, 0.88 with limit 4 per variety feels like…an insult (LOL!)!

          And, you’re welcome for the TH tip. I LOVE that company! It’s not just the great coupon packets, but, the personalized service. I don’t know if you recall me saying, one time, that my daughter and I were looking for one of their monthly flavors and couldn’t find it. Well, they tracked it down to which particular store had it in stock near me! It was not a store I shopped at, so, never would have found it and tried it, otherwise!

          All in all, I love the LRWC community for the way we help each other out, most of all!

          Have a good one, everyone!

    • shari

      Hello = Yes I would usually buy about 4 cases of veggies for the next 6 mos – but when it says I’m only saving 5 cents a can – They can Keep it!!!! Lat tear saved over 6000 at SR……Not this Year !!!!

  • Rachel

    If anyone does the Sharpie deal, can you please let us know if the deal works and you get the $4.00 catalina? Thanks in advance! =)

    • Linda Sue

      This deal is not working. I tried it this morning and no cat. I even bought more supplies than noted in the deal.

      • Anonymous

        how much more did you buy? was your total sale price $12 or more?

    • CC

      I did it as listed and did not get the cat either =( Oh well, still a decent deal on things I needed!

    • Anonymous

      maybe it is only working on sale price?

  • Brian

    Can someone confirm that the $1/1 any Silk half gallon (i.e. not the $1/1 silk iced latte) is NLA at Mambo Sprouts?

  • Andrea D

    I got everything I wanted except the Blue Bunny bomb pops. They were 2/$5 or $2.50 ea in my local ad but that’s ok. I realized when I got home I wouldn’t have had freezer space for them anyway. :0

  • Dana

    There is a new $1.00 coupon for Tone body wash or bar soap on Savingstar!

  • Anonymous

    what is the number when a catalina doesnt print?

  • jim

    Sharpie $4 catalina @ clark is not working Any body else try it? Bought 2 and 5 and nothing came out

    • Anonymous

      you bought less than $12 sale price?

  • jim

    Twizzlers $1/2 coupon SS 7/14.

    This coupon is not in my SS this week. I get the Courier News in NJ.

    Do you see this coupon in your SS today and what newspaper did you get?


    • Lady J

      I’m in Central Jersey and get the Courier delivered, and the q’s aren’t so great. I used to buy 4 papers a week, but now I have the subscription and only go to the store for more if it is something great. I haven’t been the store for more this year. I don’t know if the q’s just aren’t as good as they used to be, or I’m having better luck with IPs, or what? Maybe it’s just me. Is anyone really happy with the q’s in the paper they have delivered, and if so, what paper do you have delivered.

      • Lady J

        P.S. The only time I ever seem to get a regional q is if the regional q is not as good as the regular q. Anyone else notice that? BTW, anyone know if you get better q’s if you buy the Courier from the store?

      • Kayla

        I am finding that it is not even worth buying the Sunday paper anymore. The IP’s are much better. If I do buy a paper, I get the Philadelphia Inquirer. I used to get more coupons in the Inquirer than the Courier Post. I am not sure how they compare now. It has been years since I bought a Courier.

  • liznowak

    I got a catalina announcement on Sat for “Buy 2 or more Scrubbing Bubbles Fantastic between 7/15 and 9/8 and receive 1.50 on a future order.

  • Yvonne

    Just came from Shop Rite in S Jersey. Bought 4 cans of campbells soup that is on sale for 1.00. Got back a 2.00 cat! Anyone know what the catalina is and for how long?

    • Cindy Livesey

      Was it Campbell’s 100% Natural Soup? There was this catalina that ended today but I never got confirmation that it was at shoprite.

      Campbell’s 100% Natural Soups: Buy 2 Get a $1 Catalina

  • Lady J

    Anyone know of any other Peter Pan pb coupons? I only had the one issue of All You, but could definitely use to stock up on pb. I have plenty of jelly though.

  • Annie

    Birdseye at Hillburn NJ shoprite was 3 for $5.

    • Jennifer

      That’s the sauced variety. The unsauced were on sale for 99 cents.

      • Rocky

        That’s funny! It was the total opposite at my store. I needed frozen spinach, saw the case with sauced, said no, need the plain. Went to the other case, picked up the plain and realized the plain was 3/$5! Thought I was confusing them because, surely, the sauced would be more…but, no, checked the self scanner and the sauced was cheaper, plain was more!

        • Jennifer

          My store (Mullica Hill), was the same as yours, Rocky. The plain veggies were more! I prefer the plain though, so I just paid a little more…still a decent deal with the CAT!

          • Rocky

            Yep, and, I was thinking, maybe the sauced ones actually contain less veggies, which probably cost them more than the ingredients for the sauce! Go figure!

            • Anonymous

              hmm, a check of sfh shows plain 10 oz birds eye spinach at $0.99, and 9 oz creamed spinach at $1.67. so strange that different stores could flip the prices.

              • Sue

                That’s strange. In my flyer North Jersey it shows the $0.99 sale price for the unsauced 10oz.
                I missed going out yesterday. Did the Catalina end yesterday?

                • Anonymous

                  yes, it ended.
                  Birds Eye Products, 19 oz or less
                  6/17 – 7/14

                • Rocky

                  Yes, this is strange! I just checked my flyer and mine does show the unsauced at $0.99! I’m wondering if whoever did the display had them mixed up! No, but, then, they would have scanned correctly, so, it was how their computer had them set up…

                  At any rate, I won’t get back there until mid-late week, but, at least now I know to check back for them, and, if they ring up wrong, I have the flyer to back me up! Unfortunately, with the cat deal over, won’t have that to enjoy…Thanks, everyone!

                  • Terry

                    Rocky…this is off topic….are you the Rocky on OLS?

                    • Rocky

                      Hi, Terry, no, sorry, I am not. I don’t know what OLS is!

                  • Rocky

                    Just a quick update – my store now had the correct price (at the display, and, in the register) for the unsauced, plain chopped spinach – $0.99. Am only sorry I missed out on the cat. Win a few, and so on…!

  • Lady J

    If you were lucky enough to grab some Finish for $1.34 a box, or not, you could still get this for free. There’s a MIR.

    As per the peelie on the box I bought:

    Buy 1 20 ct or 12 ct pk of FINISH Detergent Powerball Tabs or Gel Pacs

    Send Original store ID’d receipt dated btwn 7/1/13 and 12/31/13 with date and purchase price circled, UPC code copied from detergent carton, your full name, full address and e-mail address on a 3″x5″ card. (Does not state peelie is needed for the rebate)

    Mail to: Finish Detergent Try me Free PO Box 2595 Grand Rapids MN 55745-2595

    Receive a check for the purchase price up to $4.50 by mail.

    Offer good in U.S., excludes CT and RI. Must be postmarked by 12/31/13. Allow 6 – 8 weeks delivery. Keep a copy for your records. One offer per person OR household address. Requests from PO boxes, clubs, organizations won’t be honored or returned. And the rest of the standard MIR rules.

  • dew

    i hit shop rite this morning ( fun w the kids!) and spent only $32.80 out of pocket.$54 savings on bottom woo hoo!!

    The Ronzoni Garden Delights WERE part of the sale at my Shop Rite so i will be printing up the coupon for that.

    The Tutturosso coupon that you can print is a DND coupon just to let you know!

  • Kv

    Thanks! Not sure there’s much to go out for this week for me personally… Saving money the old fashioned way? ;p

  • Lianne

    I haven’t couponed much this year but the can-can always makes me want to get back into it.

    I’m super glad I checked this before I left for SR yesterday, I was able to pull off the birds eye catalina. Also got a cat for buying 5 cans of the Campbell’s home style soup.

    Thanks again.

    • Lady J

      I took a break from couponing right after Thanksgiving so that I could enjoy the holidays and I was busy directing a play. In January, I meant to get back into it, but between a kitchen remodel and some business trips, it was June before I started back. It is definitely hard to start in again. Just take it slow, you’ll find something exciting, and it will all come back. my approach has definitely changed though. I went almost 2 years straight without a break. now I find that I am more laid back, and more willing to let deals pass me by (I was right by Acme today and did not run in for .88 ice cream). I could have, but I decided to let it go.

  • kathy

    Has anyone had a problem using the cellfire coupons? A few times the cellfires didn’t work and C/S told me cellfire coups are same as manuf coups

  • Mike M.

    An FYI – Davidson Safest Choice eggs are on sale this week for $2.50, so $1.00 after $0.75/1 coupon [fully doubled at SR in Manchester NJ].

    • diane

      where did you find the davidson safest eggs coupon??

      • kabby

        Diane..go up to “coupons” tab located near top of this site..then click “coupon database”…then type “davidson”…you will see 2 separate coupons you will be able to print…each should let you print 2 each for a total of 4 coupons…if memory serves me correct, the coupon may print at the bottom of page…Good luck!

  • mary

    Free Always Pantiliners?
    I noticed that SR has an ecoupon for $1 off of Always (and the small prints says that this included pantiliners). Last week the pantiliners were 99 cents so as best I can tell, you can get one free package.

    Am I correct on this? Seems too good to be true.

    • Katie Coupon

      In my experience, when the value of the eCoupon is more than the product (even if only by 1 cent), the eCoupon does not come off. I had this happen a month or 2 ago with the Oral-B replacement heads. Ecoupon was $7 and one set was $6.99 (coupon didn’t come off) and then I tried it with the $7.29 heads and the eCoupon DID come off. HTH!

    • mary

      Didn’t work but it took 2 CS people to figure out why. Evidently it is for a new Always product that my SR store doesn’t carry. My store only has one kind of Always pantiliners and there is now evidently a new kind that is also put out by Always.

    • vicky

      mary, I purchased last week the pantiliners and the e-coupon didn’t work for me also the pg coupon beep but the cashier override it and I still got it free. I purchased the same product at target it was also 99c and the coupon didn’t beep at the register.

  • jannine

    Haribo Gummi Candy were on sale in Lyndhurst nj store for .88 a bag so they were .28 with the coupon then you add on ibotta and you make klip2save had ice cream coupons for Turkey Hill and Friendly’s

  • Maria


  • Ollie

    Does anyone else’s store seem to have a huge problem with stacking SS/Redplum coupons with online coupons? As long as they don’t say “Limit ONE per purchase”, I figured that they’d be okay to stack. However, every..single…time I head to my ShopRite of Hatfield , PA – the whole plan comes undone because they won’t stack online coupons – insisting that you can only use one coupon per item. But then sometimes others scan together seamlessly ! I don’t get it.

    • Anonymous

      by “online coupons”, are you referring to ecoupons loaded to your card from the shoprite website?

  • Sue

    A little off topic but I think this will impact a lot of us. This is what I received from eBay today. I know that a lot of us get coupons through eBay and I think this is going to impact it alot.
    As per eBay policy changes:
    You may sell up to $100 or 25 valid, unexpired, original coupons per month. (See additional information below for more guidelines.)

    Multi-quantity listings: You can’t sell more than 25 coupons in a single listing. The allowed 25 coupons per month include multi-quantity listings.
    Make sure you clearly state in your description how many coupons you’re selling. If we can’t tell how many coupons are offered, the listing violates our policy.

    Make sure you review the terms printed on the coupon before you sell it. The terms on some coupons state that selling them is restricted or not allowed.

    Also, you can’t claim that the price of the coupon is based on the value of the labor involved in clipping the coupons instead of the coupons themselves. Under eBay rules, the coupons themselves are the items being sold.

    Coupon buyers should note that retailers might refuse to accept coupons that have been obtained in a way that violates the terms on the coupon.

    That will make coupons on eBay practically obsolete. I know I will be affected to the point of not couponing as much.
    Just thought everyone should have a heads up. Also if there are other alternative clipping services that you guys use maybe Cindy can set up a post about alternative ways to get coupons.
    These policy changes go in effect September 1st.

    • Jenn

      Maybe this policy will stop all those who steal them from newspapers to sell on Ebay. Every time there is supposed to be certain good coupons in the coupon booklets, I can be sure they won’t be in mine but they always show up on Ebay.

  • kabby

    Just returned from a trip to my Shoprite…new coupon policy is they will not override a PRINTED coupon that beeps….the Hefty $1/2 plates beeped…ugh!!! So I had them take the plates off my purchase.

    • Sunil

      Wow… that new policy sucks. So many times valid, properly used printed coupons beep for whatever reason. Yesterday, I used 2 $1/1 Ocean Spray Cran-Lemonade coupons and both beeped. They did override it for me though.
      If they hadn’t, I would’ve done the same as you and had them taken off my order. I suspect many others would do the same.

    • Mike M.


      Where is your SR located? Do you have another one nearby with a different owner? [with more coupon-friendly policies]

      • kabby

        The worst part of this is I have no idea which printed coupons may beep…this was Hillsdale, NJ…same owners of the other Shoprite I like…just may have to cross the border and shop in Rockland County, NY…I hate the bloody beeps!!

    • Tracer

      My SR’s have been this way since the beginning of the year. I got a laser printer and havent had any issues.

  • Yvonne

    Can’t seem to print Common Kindness coupons. Anyone else having trouble?

    • Maria S

      Hi Yvonne,
      I have had a problem with common kindness and any coupons that need JAVA. I have deleted and downloaded JAVA a dz times. Tried Mozilla and IE browser and NOTHING. Anyone have suggestions? I know I am losing out on deals. UGH!!

      • Anonymous

        I used to have the same problem but since I downloaded Google Chrome I havent had any issue.

  • Patricia

    I just did the Sharpie and paper mate deal whit the staff left at my ShopRite but the cat didn’t print 🙁
    I purchased $12.76 base on sale price and because the ShopRite e-coupons brought my amount down to $11.51 including tax I went to CS they allowed me to buy another packet of pens for $49 and then gave me 4 $1 coupons!!!

    I guess definitely the amount has to be $12 after discounts and coupons!!

    • Anonymous

      could you please be more specific about what products you bought? thank you.

      • Patricia

        4 ink joy $1.49=$5.96
        1 Expo dry $1.99
        2 PM write bross pen $0.49=$0.98
        3 PM pack of pens $0.49=$1.47
        2 Sharpie 2ct $0.69=$$1.38
        2 Highlighter $0.49=$0.98

        TOTAL $12.76

  • Michelle T.

    Funny thing just happened with the Kotex deal. I bought 2 of the Lightdays Natural Balance 64 ct for 2.99 each. After the second one scanned, two ecoupons came off: $1.50 Kotex Lightdays and $2.00 Kotex Maxi (I am wondering if one of them is a Smart Source Xpress coupon). I also used the $2/2 insert coupon. So I paid .48 for both and got a $2 Cat. Nice surprise!

    • kabby

      Ok..can anyone the smartsource xpress app now available for iphone users? Previously it was only available to ipads.
      If I can use it on my iphone..I missed that bit of news. Thanks for any news.

      • Michelle T.

        Hi Kabby, I have it on iPad and have an android phone. Just checked and it looks like it’s not available for android, yet anyway. But the description in the App Store says that it brings coupons to your iPhone! So I’d try to download it! I always go thru and clip any coupon I might use and forget all about it. Then when one comes off, it’s a nice bonus 🙂

    • Anonymous

      did your receipt say “MC IS Kotex lightdays 1.50-“? some packs of pads and liners were on clearance sale and were half price, and still worked for the catalina. although, if you bought 2 of the same pack, it should have been discounted from both.

      • Anonymous

        possible solution to the mystery… were the packs you bought pantiliners rather than pads? those are the 64 cts i see. and as for the prices differing, was one scented and one unscented?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it says “MC IS Kotex Lightdays -1.50” and right below “TC TC Kotex Maxi -2.00”, and I thought they were the same, but the one that did not have the discount says UNS and the discounted does not.

      • Michelle T.

        Yes, I think I ended up with one scented and one unscented.

  • Anonymous

    has anyone had the sharpie catalina print at the register? if so, what did you buy?

  • Melissa

    After not getting my Sharpie Catalina tonight, I went to CS and asked how the deal is supposed to work… they actually told me it is based on sale price BEFORE PP DISCOUNT. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. I was ready to fight with, I mean ‘educate’ them, but they were right on board and printed my $4 Cat no questions asked (didn’t even check my receipt). I wish all CS reps were like that!

    • Anonymous

      what had you purchased?

      • Melissa

        3 Sharpie Colors 8ct (had a bonus 8ct attached!) (3.49) 1.99
        2 Sharpie Black 2ct (.99) .69
        Total (12.45) 7.35

        I didn’t even know about the eCoupons until later. Thinking of doing the deal again, although there are no more bonus packages of the colors left. That was a nice surprise – 8 original colors and 8 free additional colors.

    • Anonymous

      what store and where???

      • Melissa

        Flanders ShopRite in North Jersey

  • Matthew

    Running out of toilet paper! Where are all the deals on T.P. at shop rite??!

  • Christine

    I just got this email from Shoprite today.

    “The Yourbucks savings program will end on 7/25/13. We hope you found the program valuable and we thank you for your participation. For your convenience, additional savings and promotions are available on our website at”

    Does that mean that the Catalina network is also ending?

    • Cindy Livesey

      Unfortunately I think so. I’m just finding out about it myself. Here is the link to the page

    • Cindy Livesey

      I’ve left messages to both Catalina Marketing and ShopRite Custom Relations. Once I gather all the info I will post up all the details.

    • Erika

      I got the same email:( It seems that a lots of changes and new rules are coming for us couponers.

    • Anonymous

      isn’t it great how the company gave us “advanced” notice? 😉

    • Michelle T.

      I got that email from both Shoprite and A & P. 🙁

      • Cindy Livesey

        I’m starting to think that it’s the special mobile messages that they send. I think that might be what they are canceling. Hopefully I’ll find out more tomorrow

        • Anonymous

          could be. it started out like they would send us personalized deals, but then more and more it was just announcements of catalina deals we’d already heard about that were for everyone. so maybe they now feel it’s an unnecessary extension.

          • Cindy Livesey

            That is what I’m hoping.

            • Cindy Livesey

              Just heard back from ShopRite Marketing and you will all be relieved to know that Catalina Deals will still continue. The more personalized “your bucks” offers are the ones that will be going and quite honestly, there were hardly any of them sent. So, a big PHEW!

              • Cindy Livesey

                Here is the email I received:

                Hello Cindy —

                Thanks for your email message and inquiry about Yourbucks.

                The Yourbucks program will officially conclude at the end of July. As you note, we offered this program to customers through our partnership with Catalina. Only Yourbucks is being discontinued — other Catalina programs are not affected.

                At ShopRite, we strive to bring our customers great deals and values every day in our ads, in our stores and online. We will continue to enhance our savings offers and promotions on and through our email campaigns.

                Hope this helps address your concerns, Cindy. We appreciate your continued support.

                • Anonymous

                  may be no coincidence that the timing of this is not long after many of us started to receive “for you” ecoupons from shoprite – the new version of personalized deals

  • Renay

    Hi, what it the deal on the Hamburger Helper? I noticed some people clearing the shelves. TIA

  • kc

    Has anyone bought the Land O Lakes Saute Express? Did you find it in the dairy aisle?

    • Anonymous

      yes, it is basically flavored butter

    • Kayla

      I found it next to the margarine and butter in my store. Unfortunately, it was not on sale at my store. When I looked at shop from home, it looks like only certain flavors are on sale and my store did not have them.