How To Take Advantage of Target Mobile Offers Without a Smartphone

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How To Take Advantage of Target Mobile Offers Without a Smartphone

This week’s Extreme Couponing Tip is on how to take advantage of Target Mobile Coupons if you aren’t someone who owns a smartphone.  I know it seems in today’s day and age that everyone owns a “smartphone,” however reality is there are many out there who are proud owners of “dumb” phones 😉  I say more power to you if you haven’t caved to our society’s craze over owning smartphones and these sort of devices which incur high monthly data plan fees.

So, if you’re not an owner of a smartphone but would like to take advantage of the numerous Target Mobile Coupons available each week, you’re in luck!  In case you were unaware, there is indeed a way to take advantage of these mobile coupons without a smartphone.

Reader Kat reminded us recently that “if you can text from your phone, text FRESH (or the other various codes available each week, such as BABY) to 827-438. The text they [Target] sends back has a link that you can then type into your computer’s browser. You can then print the page and the cashier can scan the QR code on the page.  I do not have a smartphone, and someone on this site posted this info before. I have used it a few times.”

Maybe you own an IPod Touch which is similar to an IPhone but without the data fee each month.  In a similar way, if you have access to WiFi (some Target stores have free WiFi) you can pull up the current link for Target Mobile Coupons in a browser on your IPod and take advantage of Target Mobile Coupons this way.

You can sign up for coupon alerts from Target here.  You will be notified (via text) of new coupon offers and you can then do what has been discussed above — use the link they send and either type into a browser on a computer and print or bring the link up on your IPod if you have access to WiFi while shopping.

How many of you currently take advantage of Target Mobile Offers without a smartphone.  What has your experience been like?

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