Fashionably Frugal: Look For Less – Casual Fall Look

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Fashionably Frugal

Fashionably Frugal can give you a High End Outfit for a fraction of the cost! I LOVE everything about the fall, the boots, jackets, colors, candles, weather..everything! So I was very excited when I found this great fall inspired outfit with a bunch of trends for the fall included in it! Those boots are going to be a staple this fall and when is a peacoat not in?

The High End Outfit costs $2165 (yes, that is over $2,000!!!). I found the same looking outfit for just $62,52 total!

Here are the Look Alike Items I found:

Total = $62.52

Here is the High End Outfit I found for $2165!

All of the items shown are great by themselves! You can make this outfit work with items you have in your closet already! This is just for inspiration! Have Fun!

Let us know if you want what type of outfits you want to see! I will do them for you!


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  • Anonymous

    wow! the shiny part of the high end shirt must be real gold! 😀

  • imdb

    Finally, thank you for not making me feel silly for not wanting to pay $750 for a pair of shoes! I spent the evening getting a pedicure and reading through magazines advertising ridiculous prices for clothing. I know that it’s supposed to be a suggestion on the outfits, but really, who can afford these things. Give me a spot that shows real clothes at real prices! You’ve done it 😀