FREE Harvest Snap Snapea Crisps at ShopRite!

Harvest Snap Deal
Harvest Snap Deal

Yay! Another awesome deal to score this week at ShopRite!  A new ShopRite eCoupon became available yesterday for Harvest Snap Snapea Crisps. The eCoupon is for Buy One Bag of Harvest Snap Snapea Crisps, Get one FREE (up to $1.99).  There is also a BOGO Free Harvest Snap Snapea Crisps printable coupon still available to print which can be stacked with this eCoupon making 2 bags completely FREE!  We tested this deal this morning and it worked like a charm!

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.52.05 AM

Print: Harvest Snap Snapea Crisps Coupon (07039)

To find the coupon, click on the link above and type in the zip code. Once the zip code is changed, click on the link above once again and it will take you right to the coupon.

Here is your deal at ShopRite:


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  • Anonymous

    where are these located in the store? shoprite from home has some varieties under “salad seasonings”, but one under vegetable chips. are they in the chip aisle?

    • John

      I searched the shoprite from home site with “Calbee Snapea”. It came under the “Vegetable snacks”.

  • Dawn

    These were 3 for $5.00 at my SR. Should I only buy 2? $1.66 x 2= $3.32 – (2) BOGO (ecoupon & man. coup) deducting $3.98 making it a MM?

    • Bob

      Hi. I’m thinking if they are 1.66, it would deduct 1.99 for the ecoup – then for the free one 1.66, since that would be what it rings up as, so deducting only $3.65, a .33 moneymaker lol

      • Dawn

        Thanks Bill.. that’s how it worked!

  • mary

    Anyone know where these may be located in the store? I’ve never seen these before. Thanks in advance!

    • Anonymous

      Mary, they were in the produce area in mine.

    • Michelle T.

      I think I saw these in the Appy dept.

    • Laura D.

      In my store they were on the top shelf near the Pillsbury biscuits.
      Go figure!

      • Anonymous


      • Laura D.

        LOL! Sorry, wrong thread! Busy day!

        • Anonymous

          you were talking about fresh take, huh? 😉

          • Laura D.

            Haha, Yes! Plus, this question wasn’t even on the other thread, lol. I wasn’t planning on so much “coupon action” this afternoon. 🙂

    • Rocky

      In the produce section by the Almond Accents type items.

  • Marybeth

    The ecoupon is no longer available, right? I can’t find it.

    • Marybeth

      And…nevermind. I found it. It didn’t appear when I scrolled through, but when I filtered to “snacks” it appeared!

  • mary

    I’ll try all the suggestions when I go shopping. It’ll be like an Easter Egg hunt. LOL Wish me luck!!

  • mary

    Finally found them in produce – but it took an employee from produce to help me. And it took him quite a while. Finding Easter eggs would have been easier!

    Now after all that, I hope I like them!

  • Joyce Herron

    could not locate the BOGO coup at 07039
    Not there!

    • Jaye

      Printed w/o using zip code. Also printed on facebook page HTH

  • Bill

    Nice — I just happened to notice the ecoupon and came here hoping for a printable!

  • Dawn

    What zip code is used to get the BOGO coupon? Thanks!

    • Bill

      Looks like it was 07039 but someone else said they got it from FB. This post is a week old so it’s possible the coupon is gone.

  • Pam

    OK I had to come back to give my feedback on these chips. First, the coupon is still available since I just printed more.
    I do not like how they taste but I bought these for my picky 18 month old son and he actually enjoys them.
    What I like about these is that the first ingredient in these chips is actually PEAS…unlike the vegetable chips/straws where they’re really potato chips with spinach ‘powder’ =)