8 Surprising Household Uses for Efferdent

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Household Uses for Efferdent

Don’t have dentures but have the opportunity to score some FREE Efferdent with a coupon?  Well, put those freebies to good use with this list of  8 Other Uses for Efferdent.

1. Remove Mineral Deposits from Tea Kettles, Coffee post, Thermos.
Fill with water and drop in 2 tablets. Leave overnight. Clean with soap and water.

2. Cleans Beaded Jewelry.
Fill small bowl with warm water and a tablet. Place the jewelry in the bowl until it stops fizzing. Remove and rinse.

3. Clean Vases
Remove stains from vases by filling the vase with water and drop in an Efferdent Tablet. Let sit overnight, rinse.

4. Clean Toilets
Drop 2-3 tablets into the toilet bowl. Let sit for 15 minutes then scrub.

5. Yellow Underarm Stains
Dissolve 2 tablets in a cup of water. After it stops fizzing, pour the water over the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wash as usual.

6. Dental Appliances – Retainers
Use as directed for dentures

7. Clean Hubcaps
Place 1 tablet in a cup of warm water. Soak a cloth and wipe the hubcaps until clean. Rinse hubcaps with warm water

8. Unclog Sink
Place 3 tablets into a clogged sink. Let sit overnight to loosen the clog.


8 Surprising Household Uses for Efferdent