Yoplait Yogurt as low as $0.16 at Stop & Shop


Yoplait Catalina

This week, Stop & Shop has Yoplait Yogurt cups on sale for $0.50 each.  Plus there is a catalina deal on Yoplait products working at Stop & Shop.  The deal is as follows:

8/12 – 9/8
Buy $10 or more Get a $2 Catalina

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 8.12.39 PM

We had the deal idea as buy 20 Yoplait to get the $2 catalina however a few of you have reported buying only 12 and receiving the $2 catalina.  So, I headed to Stop & Shop to test it out.

The deal is, in fact, working off the regular price of $0.99.  So, really you only need to buy 11 which is good for someone like me in New Jersey since we can not use these yogurt coupons in our state.  But, if you can use the coupon, you should buy 12 for a better deal.

Here are your deal ideas with and without coupons:


Be sure to check out the rest of the Stop & Shop Deals before you shop.

Thanks to readers CT resident & Nathalie for the heads up on this great deal!

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  • Brenda

    Does it matter the flavor or if they are fat free?

    • Laura D.

      I purchased a combination of Whips, Original and Light. I did three transactions. It worked all 3 times. The $2 cat prints out at the very end after a Yoplait coupon. HTH!

  • Joanne

    I bought 12 in CT and didn’t work, no catalina printed.

    • Steven

      I’m in CT as well and I did not receive it.

    • Hether

      Just purchased 12 at the Norwich, CT store. I used (2) .40 off 6 coupons, which they double, but I did not receive the $2 catalina. .37 each is still a great price, but perhaps they changed the policy to be $10 AFTER the sale price to get the catalina.

  • Laura D.

    I caught this in the comment section on my way out the door to Lowes tonight. Did it 3 times at S&S on the way back home. Worked like a charm! Thank you!!!

  • Dawn

    I just bought 11 in NJ and didn’t receive the CAT.

    • Mike M.

      Hi Dawn,

      At which S&S did you try the deal?

      • Anonymous

        The S&S in Watchung, NJ

      • Anonymous

        Hi mike, I went to the Watchung store.

      • Dawn

        Mike, I went to the Watchung NJ store. sorry if my response comes over a few times. Didn’t see it the first time i replied.

        • Mike M.

          Thank you Dawn.

    • daisy

      I purchased 12 in MA and didn’t receive the CAT neither.

  • Leen

    Bought 12 at Shelton CT stop and shop and got the $2 cat 🙂

  • Jaime

    Did this work for anyone in NJ?

    • Cindy F.

      Yes, I did the deal at SS on Veronica Ave in Somerset, NJ and CAT did print. Bought 12 of them since on a previous post someone purchased 11 in NJ and it did not work. I only purchased the regular (original) Yoplait, not light. Bought 5 cherry, 3 peach, 3 key lime, 1 strawberry banana.

    • Chelle

      Not for me. Bought 12 at the Whiting, NJ store, and no catalina.

  • EMH

    I tried this in Yonkers NY store. As advised here, I checked catalina machine was working at my register but didn’t notice it was printing blanks! Service person didn’t know what I was talking about, so no catalina.

    • Bxcouponer

      did the same deal in the bx & it did not print.

  • Jennifer

    You have to spend $10 to get the cat. If your yogurts are $0.99, then you need to buy 11 to reach $10. If yours are priced lower ($0.75 at my store) then you need to buy more. If yours are $0.75 like mine, you’d need to buy 14.

  • Ana

    Tried it in grabby,ct. Bought 12 light yogurts and got nothing. So bummed…

  • CT resident

    and to top this deal off, savingstar.com gave me the .40 for the regular yogurt and the $1.00 for the greek yogurt.
    I have not bought any greek yogurt so it must have included the regular. 🙂