$30 American Express Statement Credit for ShopRite Shoppers!

American Express Statement Credit

American Express Statement Credit

I’m sure many of you have read in the comments for the ShopRite Deals for this week about an awesome deal you can score at ShopRite for American Express cardholders.  American Express Cardholders will receive a $30 statement credit when you spend $150 or more in a single purchase from ShopRite from Home OR in store between August 18 and October 12, 2013.

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I know many of you, like me, are probably thinking that it is a rare and/or nonexistent occasion for you to spend $150 in one purchase at ShopRite.  Well reader Harry let us know that this deal worked when he purchased a $150 ShopRite gift card in store.  Harry bought the $150 gift card along with a few other groceries in his purchase ($7 in groceries, $1.50 after coupons) and he has already received his statement credit of $30.  This is an awesome way to make $30!  It’s like getting $150 to spend on groceries at ShopRite for only $120!

American Express/ShopRite $30 Statement Credit

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Thanks Harry!

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  • Jme

    Does anyone know, if I have two american express cards under the same account, would I get two $30.00 credits if I make the $150 purchase on each card? Thank you

    • IK

      this is the fine print – so the answer is yes “You may register more than one Card for this offer, but only those Cards you register individually will be eligible for the $30 statement credit. “

    • Sandy

      Yes. I’ve done it with 2 cards on my name and 1 under my husband’s.

    • misterbill

      Assuming both cards have different numbers (which cards issued by AMEX have), it is fine. Some other card issuers (like FIA) do not issue separate card numbers for each user.

  • Alice G.

    Thank you would never know about these possibilities without this great site & the generous ones who Share The Deals 🙂

  • Michele A (SI)

    I hope my Shoprite will allow me to use a credit card to purchase a gift card. I know with some promotions, they limit the dollar amount of gift cards you can purchase with a credit card.

  • kev

    does anyone know if I buy $150 in gas cards would it work as well or I have to buy shoprite gift cards?

    • ueen

      There is no specific requirement what you have to buy as long as it is $150.00 or more so based on that, I would say it’s ok.

    • misterbill

      You can buy anything. I read on another board that someone got it with just gift cards and no groceries.

  • dee

    I was told you can only buy gift cards with cash

    • misterbill

      Depends on your store. Some stores don’t take credit cards for gift card purchases.

      • mary

        my store does not take credit cards for gift cards

        • misterbill

          Then I guess you’re out of luck unless you can spend $150 in groceries in a single trip :-(.

  • kc

    Is anyone thinking about buying a visa or mastercard gift card? I know there is a fee, but still worth it!

  • LalaWe

    Hi – I just learned of this program. If I register my card today will they give me credit for a purchase I made already which was in end of august ?

    • markyd

      no card has to be registered in advance

  • Abby

    I tried this by purchasing a combination of food items and gift cards, with the total charged to my American Express card being over $150. It did not work for me (purchased over a week ago, no $30 credit).

    • IK

      I believe the credit is supposed to appear within 8 weeks?

    • Barbara A.

      I did it on the 4th. The credit is still not showing but when I called American Express they said that it will and if it doesn’t to call back. Really its American Express, they will make good on the deal… I am not worried about this.

    • misterbill

      You should get email shortly after you make the purchase telling you that you did the offer. The credit usually shows up 2 days later, even though they say 8 weeks.

    • Sandy

      I did this 3 times with separate cards and it worked without a hitch. I did receive confirmation emails same day as purchases.

      On a side note – My new deal for Amex is $10 credit back at Lowes when u spend $50 so check your accounts!

  • Sunil

    Is the Shoprite from Home a promo or a requirement for this? What I’m saying is do you have to use Shop at Home for this to work or will in work in store?

    Thanks in advance.

    • IK

      it doesn’t have to be SRFH

  • misterbill

    I had forgotten about this and it was expiring today, so I just bought $150 in Shoprite gift cards on each of the 3 cards I registered. I didn’t really need other stores, and there is no 5% back on groceries promo on any of my credit cards this quarter. I got the emails immediately after making the purchase.

    BTW there’s a new $25 back on purchases of $75 at Staples. Login to your AMEX account and look for offers towards the bottom of hte page. I bought Shell gift cards on one of the cards I registered for that.

  • Jill

    This deal did NOT work for me! When I just called AmExp about it I was told that since I was not invited by the company for this promotion it would not work even though I registered my card and received an email saying I was now eligible. Frustrating!

    • misterbill

      So you’re saying you registered the card and got the email saying it was registered but did not get email thanking you for using your card when you made the purchase? Or you got the 2nd email but just never got the credit? When did you make your purchase? You might call them again and try to get someone else who is more reasonable.

    • IK

      Jill – call them again. I had an unbelivable conversation with one of the rep – the reason I called was because I did not get a confirmation email upon registering my card. He told me that he knows nothing about this, and after I sent him the link he insisted I had to call SHOPRITE as this must be run by Shoprite!!! yeah, AMEX statement credit is run by Shoprite, right!!! I just could not believe what I was hearing. So I called again! and the lady I spoke to was able to confirm that my card is indeed registered! I am still contemplating letting Amex know about the wonderful customer service I received from ‘Nathan’!

    • ueen

      Jill – We registered two cards. One card we got a confirmation that we registered and an email after making the purchase at SR. The other card we got a confirmation of the registration and no email confirmation after the purchase was made. However, we get $30 credit for both cards after 3 days.

      Do not get frustrated, it will come.