Better Than Free 4C Cap-it Flavor Infused Sports Caps at ShopRite!

4c4C Cap-it Coupon

You can score better than FREE 4C Cap-it at ShopRite this week.  The 4C Cap-it 6 pack is on sale for just $1.69.  Plus there is a $1/1 4C Cap-it Coupon available and there is a new $1/1 4C Foods Cap-it SR eCoupon that became available this morning.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 9.34.04 AMHere is your deal:


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  • Tara

    That e coupon is not listed on Shop Rite coupons for me, I looked through twice.

    • misterbill

      Sort by brand and it’s at the front of the list. It’s listed under 4C.

    • ueen

      I didn’t see it either at first because my screen was defaulted to the “hispania” list after loading the pine sol e coupon. Logout and go to the list of all coupons, it is on page 9. HTH

  • misterbill

    Thanks! Gotta love how Shoprite sorts 4C at the front of the list, and Smart Source puts it at the end!

  • ueen

    I am loving the ecoupon/coupon stacking at Shoprite lately. I would love to see a regular posting showing all “Ecoupon/Coupon Stacking: Shoprite” in one posting. Hmnnn, just please allow me to dream Cindy. :).

    • disqus_EScvN8XxKr

      that would be great ………….im loving it too thinking about getting another shop rite card lol

      • misterbill

        Definitely worth getting an extra card. I had one for myself and one for my wife, and realized last week that my son had another one from when he was at school in Delaware (but he’s home now) so I used his today. He was not happy to have me calling him to add e-coupons to his account when I was at SR :-). However, the store in CT still had the VO5 and Wish Bone on sale, and I wasn’t expecting that. Ended up getting those 2, plus this one and the Pine Sol on his card today.

  • misterbill

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that these are still on sale this week since I missed getting on one of our cards last week (the store I went to on Saturday did not carry it). The e-coupon came off fine.

    It seems like Shoprite from Home does not get the Price Plus prices updated until sometime Sunday, because it was still showing non-PP sale price when I checked at 10am. Odd.

    • From my experience, each store updated the new price plus prices at different times. Some stores on Saturday night and some don’t update until Sunday night. It’s kind of a pain on Sunday because I have to check several stores.

      • misterbill

        Well, it was updated by the time I got home at 4 or so. But it was a pain because I thought that the stuff was not on sale again this week. Same thing happened last week with the Vo5 Salon and Wish Bone dry for a different store that I was shopping at that day (in CT).