Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes Coupon – Save $0.50 – FREE at A&P

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 11.43.38 AMBetty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes Coupon

There is a new Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes Coupon avaialble.  The coupon is for $0.50 off any Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes, Hamburger Helper, Chicken Helper.

Print: Ultimate Betty Crocker Potatoes, Helpers

This week A&P has Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes and/or Helpers on sale for just $1.00 making these free.  For those that like to make food pantry donations, this is a great product for that.

Also, there are the following eCoupons available:

Here are some deals with the new coupons:


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Thanks Laura D.

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  • Jackie

    How many IP coupons can you use in one transaction at A&P? I couldn’t locate A&P’s coupon policy. Thanks.

    • Laura D.

      Most stores only 2 per transaction.

      Some will allow 4. It is a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) situation.

  • Dorie has gotten strict! They only allow 1 print now I’ve noticed that. 🙁

    • Laura D.

      Dorie, they allow two per computer. You may have to come completely out of their site onto LRWC again, then reclick the link. Good Luck, HTH!

  • Dorie

    Wait…but why is it that on their app, I can print two?

    • Evie

      Wait a minute?… They have an app??? Can you print from ipad or phone???

      • jt

        yes, ipod touch too!

  • Jim

    Policy is about 1/2 way down:

  • Jaime

    Are the Ultimate varieties really on sale for $1.00? I went to the store yesterday and the Hamburger Helper Ultimates were tagged as regular price $3.69. (I couldn’t find the Betty Crocker Ultimates potatoes.) Only the regular varieties were listed as $1.00, and they had a lower regular price ($2.49).

    • Laura D.

      Yes they are $1.00. No sales tag. Price checked at $1.00.

      • Jaime

        Thanks, Laura! My A&P just installed price checkers but I had such a headache yesterday I only wanted to get out of there with my milk. I’ll have to go back later this week.

    • Bill

      I couldn’t find these at my A&P, either.

  • Amy

    Not sure if this happens to anyone else, but…..I cannot load the coupons to my shoprite card from ecoupons AND activate on Savingsstar for the same producrt. Example…Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes. I printed the coupon, selected the ecoupon on shoprite to my card and it won’t let me activate it on savingsstar. Anyone Else?

    • Bill

      EVERYONE else. You need to load the Savingstar offer before the SR offer. Someone posted that you can delete your SR card from SS and add the offer, then add the SR card back. I haven’t tried it.

      Lots of discussion in the 9/1 Shoprite thread.

      • roxanne

        Thanks Bill I was wonder why it didn’t work when I tried to add some yesterday. I can confirm that it does work if you delete your SR card, add the offers then put the card back on. Just did it

        • Anonymous

          you know it does work to let you add the offers to savingstar, but you do not yet know if it works to credit offers you try to redeem at shoprite. please update if an offer you added with your shoprite card removed does in fact credit after you purchase at shoprite with the re-added card. tia!

          • Bill

            That is a valid point. It was posted else but I did not ask the person if they got the reward.

            • Anonymous

              Thanks for the info. I’ll try that next time.

          • roxanne

            Yes it does work! I just got back from shop rite and it took off the Betty crocker potatoes and the Old El Paso

            • Anonymous

              that was the shoprite ecoupons. wondering if the savingstar offers will work, which you won’t know for maybe a couple days or more. please update then, tia!

  • Jill

    I could not find the potatoes. The Ultimate HH rung up for 3.69 so I had the cashier void it. This was in Allendale NJ

  • Bill

    I checked a few A&P’s and none of them had this. Shoprite has it for $2.39 but I’m not interested in paying for it. Maybe it will go on sale there for $2 or less before the end of the month.