CVS Coupon Deals – Week of 9/8

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CVS Coupon Match Ups {Preview}


CVS Monthly Deals

These are the monthly Extra Care Bucks deals going on this month at CVS. The limits shown (if any) are done per month, not per week. You can see your progress of the offers by checking the bottom of your receipt.

New Monthly Deals Coming Soon!


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  • Allie

    I think the softsoap coupons may be NLA? I shared and there were no softsoap qs that I could see, is there something specific I am supposed to do?

  • Liz OB

    $3/1 Bic Mark-It Facebook coupon is NLA. 🙁

  • Deena

    Got to tell you, Cindy, that using Disqus for your comments seems like a step backwards… Liked the old format better, easier to follow! Disqus is used a lot out on the blogosphere, but it is so unattractive.

    • I understand. I resisted it for so long but I honestly don’t have a choice. The site has so many comments that they old way was just killing my servers. We needed to find something to replace it and after more then a year of searching and testing, this was the best alternative. It does have more features and we can still pretty it up a little as we are just fixing it up now.

      • Jen

        Cindy, Where is the recent comment section that is on the right side of the page? I loved this feature and whenever I saw a topic getting a lot of attention, I knew it must be a HOT deal! Can you please bring that back or is it not possible because of this new comment format? Thanks again for all your hard work!

        • It’s coming back. They are just doing some adjustments in order for it to work again with the new comment system. I am hoping that it will be up within the next 24 hours. {fingers crossed}

  • Bob

    Why is the PayPal Reloadable Prepaid Debit MasterCard not checked with a green mark? Is it buy a $50 prepaid card to use anywhere and get $10 ECB’s? It sounds like a great deal or am I missing something?

  • Golly

    On the Nestle deal I believe the ad says get $4 ECB WYB $15 (not $10). I wish it was $10! 🙂

  • misterbill

    Is there any way to buy the Purex and have all 3 reported to Savingstar at shelf price? Would be a nice way to do the Buy $20 get $5 deal. Or will the 2nd and 3rd bottles get reported as free?

  • Diana

    I can’t find the Hug your baby Ibotta bonus in my account. Where do i look?

    • hp

      I believe if you didn’t “claim” the offer a few days ago, it is no longer available. There are a couple comments about this on the separate post about this deal. I missed out on it too.

  • hp

    Huggies Slip On Jumbo Pack size 3 rang up $6.24 this morning! With CVS q, manufacturer’s q & Ibotta deposit thats a moneymaker of 0.76!
    If you were able to do the Ibotta baby bonus deal it would be even sweeter. I missed out on that. Also, I didn’t share the manu q, so mine was $2 instead of $2.50 but still a MM!

  • gilly

    Was looking forward to getting some coupons for the Starbucks k cups noticed one was marked Regional, wondering if anyone on LI,NY got the other coupon – didn’t get either!

  • Rocky

    Upfront, there is a $4.95 activation fee. Yes, that still leaves $5.05 ‘overage’, but there are some details on usage inside the flap (by the way, it doesn’t look like a flap, looks like a solid casing until you yank on it!). I don’t recall all the details, so, if in the store, check it out. You might (or, might not!) find it too limiting, fee-wise. If you use the card right away, the fees might not apply and it will be a $5.05 MM, but, as mentioned, I don’t recall all the details, sorry.

  • Damaris

    I received an extra care “$2 off any Antacid or Digestive Health purchase” coupon last week, exp 9/16, that I am going to try to use on the CVS Probiotic.

    • Michelle

      Wondering if it worked since I received the same coupon!

      • Damaris

        Hi, yes it worked! $2 money maker 🙂

        • Michelle

          I was able to use my $2.00 off $8.00 vitamin purchase coupon. Thought mine was the digestive health one but it wasn’t.

  • Michelle

    In the total at the end where it states final cost for: Don’t forget about the 3 multipacks of candy!!!! (Best part in my opinion) LOL!

  • Lori

    Great question!

  • Emilie

    i just got a red coupon machine coupon for $2 off any $10 purchase of sally hansen cosmetics. Will make the nail polish 19 cents i think!

  • Michelle

    I was able to get the Bengay as a money maker. On sale for $4.49…ecb for 2.00. I had a coupon for $2.00 off 1. Then cashier said I could use the CVS coupon 1.00 off any $4.00 pain reliever. She read the box and it stated pain reliever cream. 51 cent money maker!

  • donny

    am i missing something from the sally hansen.. how did it come out to 1.19 per…?

    • I wondered that same thing. Looks to me like they’re $2.99 after ECB.

  • Jane

    I want to do the Maybelline deal. The product I want is $9.99 will that trigger the extra bucks reward?

    • Yes $9.99 will trigger the ECB! 🙂

    • jt

      $9.80 will do the trick too 😉

  • Sharon

    There is a $4.95 activation fee and a monthly “plan fee” of $4.95. You have to spend whatever amount you have on the card within a month, otherwise, the plan fee will apply at beginning of each month. If you buy $100, with the $20 ECB, it will be a $10.10 MM. (The cashier had to manually push out the $20 ECB for me.) CVS charges the activation fee, but they don’t really activate it. When you activate the card online, PayPal deposit $1 into the card, so your card balance will start at $96.05. If you spend it all within a month, you won’t be charged the plan fee again. HTH