Hot Deal! Better Than Free Pantene Products at Target

Pantene Target DealTarget Pantene Gift Card Deal

Starting this week and running through 10/12, Target has a great gift card deal on Pantene Products.  The deal is Buy 3 participating Pantene Products and get a $10 Target Gift Card.

The lowest price they had at my Target was the Pantene Styler Wax priced at $4.99.  You might find lower prices at your Target making it an even better deal.

However, the Very Large Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and Conditioners are priced at $6.49.  These are around 29.2 oz bottles.  So they are the biggies.  They are also included in the deal and there is a new FREE Pantene Conditioner or Styler Product wyb Pantene Shampoo Product, available in the 9/15 SS inserts (valid up to $4.99).

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 8.40.14 PMAnd, if all that wasn’t enough, there is also a 5% Pantene hair Care Target Cartwheel Offer.

More Pantene Coupons:

So, with all that…here is the best deal based on the prices I found at my Target.  Since my Target is usually higher priced, you may do even better at your local stores.


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Thank to Totally Target for the deal tip.


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  • Joanie

    With this deal, can I buy the shampoo and then use the coupon for conditioner? I know the conditioner is 6.49, would the coupon take 4.99 off of the conditioner? I really need to stock up on conditioner

    • Yes you can buy conditioner. The coupon will take off $4.99 only.

  • Megan S

    I just got back from Target in Bel Air, and they would not allow me to use the coupons with the gift card promotion. 🙁 I was really uspet about it.

    • Wait, they refused to let you use coupons on products? So I understand this, they rang up the products, scanned your coupons, then when the gift card was triggered they told you that you couldn’t use coupons?

      • tuti

        hi cindy can we use this bogo coupon at shoprite along w e-coupon and catalina so paying just 0.25$

      • Megan S

        Hey Cindy! I got 3 of the “biggie” shampoos and 3 of the big conditioners…. after they rang the 3 shampoos it triggered the $10 giftcard, she activated it… then she rang the 3 conditioners and it triggered the gift card, she activated the second giftcard, then she scanned my cartwheel and I gave her my 3 coupon for bogo panetene and it wouldn’t take anything off so she got a manager and she had it take off 4.99 for one coupons and told me because of the promotion for the giftcards I could not use any other coupons. I told her nevermind I don’t want any of it, I want my coupons back and left. I was highly disappointed.

        • Megan S

          Is there something in print that proves they should honor this deal that I could print out and take with me so that they honor this?

          • No there is nothing in print because there is no such rule that there would be an except to. They used to have issues with their registers accepting coupons for certain gift card deals but I was pretty sure that they fixed it. It wasn’t that they wouldn’t take the coupons, it was just that the registers were doing this wacky thing and the coupons wouldn’t scan.(that is my very shortened version of the problem). I would call corporate, go to customer service or just go to a different Target store.

            • Sovi

              The same thing happened to me. I bought 6 also, she scanned each, every third one she scanned a gift card. But as soon as I handed her my 3 BOGO coupons, she hesitated a little, lucky for her, a manager was near her at the time. She called her over. So what the manager told me, is a little uncertain, I just think she didn’t know what to say and didn’t want me to use the coupons. She said that it was a promotion and since it was a BOGO coupon if was not like I was buying the certain amount. But what I’m saying is that wouldn’t I be able to use at least one of the coupons if that was the case if what she was saying was correct, it would be like I’m buy three, the needed amount for a gift card. Or she could have at least said that I was only allowed one gift card, cause it would only be like I’m purchasing three. But she said none of that, what made me angry was that she kept mentioning that it was a promotion deal, so what, are we not allowed to use coupons for promotion deals? How is it possible to use (3) Always coupons that are $1/1 for 3 Always product and get a gift card and not be able to use BOGO coupons and get a gift card. Either way a coupon is still a discount and should be valued the same, promotion or not. I walked away with nothing. Their lost, it was the first time I ever walked away with nothing and the first time I ever had a problem that couldn’t be solved. I guess that’s what happens when you go to a Target that you rarely shop at. From now on, I’m sticking with my Target only. I just thought I’d go there and save a trip since it was near my work area.

  • bilinval

    Just came back. Did the deal 3 times. Shampoo $6.49 with 2 stylers $4.99 each. There were lots of stylers to chose from- hairspray, mousse, gel, wax, etc. No problems at the register, but I did do it in separate transactions so I could use my $10 gift cards.
    BOGO plus $1 coupon and cartwheel used each time.

  • TM

    don’t forget the 5% redcard savings too!! 🙂

  • Sarah

    This deal is dead at my target and they would only take one coupon…i feel like target just makes up their couponing rules as they go along. Unfair and very frustrating. Ugh