New $1/1 Mallomars Coupon – Only $1.49 at ShopRite + More Deals!

Mallomar Coupon

Mallomar Coupon

There is a new Mallomar Coupon available to print.  The coupon is for $1.00 off any (1) package of Mallomars Cookies (8 oz or larger).  You need to fill out a form with your information and then complete one of three different steps in order to print your coupon – “Write about a special time, upload an image or link to a video,” in order to print your coupon.  

Print: Mallomar Coupon

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This week ShopRite has Mallomar Cookies 8 oz on sale for $2.49 so only $1.49 after coupon!

Check out some other deals below with this new coupon.

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Last season we posted this yummy Mallomar Graham Cracker Cupcake Recipe!  Sooo good! 🙂

Here are your deals:


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  • jil

    Wondering if Shop Rite will do an ecoupon like last year to go along with this…that would be nice!

    • rt

      they already did, a couple weeks ago. $1 off with $1.99 sale price.

    • Melinda Dilione

      The eCoupon expired on 9/14.

  • ueen

    They did, the ecoupon expired on 9/14/13.

  • maria m

    wegmans had them for $1.99 last Saturday. not sure how long that price will be for though. $.99/pack would be awersome!

  • Rosemarie Cuesta Mason

    I cannot get the coupon!!! When I fill in my info to enter the contest. There is one box to the right that is not labeled but required to be filled out and apparently only takes number characters so I entered my phone number but nothing happens when I hit enter. anyone else having this issue?

    • Melinda Dilione

      As stated in the post, you need to “Write about a special time, upload an image or link to a video,” in order to print your coupon. The box you’re referring to where you enter your phone number is the box you’re supposed to write a 100-character story about your experience with Mallomars. If you don’t type 100 characters you won’t be able to print the coupon. If you don’t want to write the story you can upload a picture or link to a video. Just follow the instructions they provide. It’s a lot of work for a coupon, we know, but some people are willing to put in the effort for a Mallomar coupon 😉

      • ueen

        oh yeah, I was willing to do the ordeal for a mallomars coupon. Well, I kinda cheated, I didn’t really type 100 words, I just typed one sentence that goes like this “I do not mind doing all the hassle for a $1 mallomars coupon :)” then I cut and pasted it many times in the same document then cut and pasted it into the mallomars site. love cut and paste. 🙂

    • Mike M.

      Try changing to a different browser. It worked for me in Chrome, but not IE. All the boxes were labeled in Chrome.

    • Michele A (SI)

      Rosemarie I had that problem on one of my PCs. What worked was to click on tools (the little “gear” symbol in the upper right of your screen, if you don’t see the actual word “tools,”, then “F-12 developer tools” then change to IE8 compatibility mode.) Play with the different versions of Internet Explorer compatibility and refresh until all the boxes are visible. (In my case, both the boxes for the phone number and for the zip code were empty until I corrected the browser compatibility.) It’s much easier than it sounds. And when you go to a new website, all your settings will automatically revert to what they were before.

      • Rosemarie Cuesta Mason

        it worked!!! thanks so much!!