Better Than FREE TRESemme, Simple, Dove, Suave Products at Rite Aid

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 12.59.58 PMRite Aid Unilever UP Reward Deal

This week Rite Aid has a Buy $15 of Select Unilever Products and get a $5 +UP Reward with a limit of 2 offers.  Plus, there are a bunch of new Rite Aid Video Value Coupons available for the month of October including Unilever Coupons that are included in the offer.

Remember, you can only use 2 “like” Unilever Coupons per transaction (be sure to read the coupon for restrictions) so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

Here are 2 deal ideas you can do with the new Video Value Coupons:


Be sure to check out the rest of the Rite Aid Deals for the week before you shop.

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  • prifafer

    Gd afternoon! I live in Elizabeth and need to know and ask to someone that live in the same area which is the best sunday paper to buy and get most of the coupons to get the most on all of the deals? Need an answer really fast because I just went out to my nearest bodega and they did not get any of todays sunday newspapers at all. I know that there are different sundays paper but want to spend on the ones that comes with the majority of the coupons. Thanks need answer asap please.

  • Evie

    Quick question: I have never used RA VV coupons before, so I went to the website, watched the videos and printed the coupons. However, I noticed that they are manufacture’s coupons and state that they cannot be combined with other offers. How do I the above transactions? Thanks!

    • cynkay

      Evie – It says Rite Aid Manufacturer’s coupon on it. Please anyone correct me if I am wrong, but even though it says manufacturer’s coupon, because it has the rite aid logo, it is considered a rite aid coupon. I plan on doing this purchase too and would like clarification before i go into the store.
      Thank you

      • Samantha

        I was going to ask this quesiton too. The video value ones I get say “cannot be combined with another offer” On the Rite Aid website it says “No more than one “48” Rite Aid Valuable coupon, one “49” Rite Aid Manufacturer coupon, and one “5” Manufacturer coupon can be used on a single item.”
        Have you tried this in store? Did it work to combine them?

        • misterbill

          You can always use a RA coupon with a normal manufacturers coupon.

      • Evie

        cynkay, I tried the first deal yesterday and I worked without any issues. Used my video and insert coupons, paid $3 + tax, received my $5 rewards, and left happy! HTH!

  • kath

    Rite Aid has the Tresemme coupon as one of their Load2Card coupons. I am going to use them and save the paper coupons for Shoprite.

    • aimee

      That’s what I did too. It saves me an extra $2 for newspaper.

      • Cheri

        Hi ! I went to do transaction 2 today at RiteAid and got so confused that I left without getting anything. Could you tell me what Tresemme to get- the coupon didn’t match the shampoo on sale unless I should be using the base product coupon and getting styling products. Also I loaded the digital coupons so I would I just need 1 Tresemme ,1 clear and 1 sauve of the paper coupons ? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

        • aimee

          Hi Cheri, if you want to do transaction #2, you should only get the Tressemme base shampoo/conditioner or styler priced at $3.50 and use the base product coupon . And yes, since you downloaded the load2card coupons, you only need to use 1 Tresemme base ,1 Clear and 1 Suave of the paper coupons. There are 2 different Tressemme load2card coupons, one for base and the other is for the premium products, so make sure you clipped the base coupon.

          • Cheri

            Thanks so much aimee. I didn’t realize the regular shampoo was a base product. I headed back later today ! Thanks again . 🙂

            • aimee

              You’re welcome.

    • misterbill

      Except that the deals call for 2 coupons, so you’d need 1 in addition to the L2C. Anyone got a variation on this which will work with only single item purchases and all L2C coupons?

      • Laura D.

        I don’t have a deal idea but, when putting together deals I always find it helpful to list the shelf price followed by the sale price minus coupons equaling the total out of pocket for each product. Then use the smallest OOP items to see how less I can spend to make the deal work out.
        (Shelf price) Sale Price – Manufacturer coupon – store coupon = OOP
        I know RA doesn’t do shelf price in the +UP calculation, but thought I’d include it because other stores do. HTH!

      • aimee

        I bought 1 Simple,1 Clear,1 Tressemme base and 1 Suave. Used L2C q’s and the only paper coupons I used were the RA VV for Tressemme, Clear and Simple . OOP was $3.50 and got $5.

        • misterbill

          Was there a L2C for Tressemme or just the VV? I don’t see the L2C.

  • Sharon

    Can you use a load2card coupon and a paper coupon on the same item?

    • misterbill

      Not a manufacturer’s coupon. Yes a RA coupon (like VV).