Pine-Sol Coupon – Save $0.75 – Deals at Dollar General, Weis, ShopRite & more!

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Pine-Sol Coupon

There is a new Pine-Sol Coupon available.  The coupon is for $0.75 off any Pine-Sol Multi Cleaner Product.

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Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 8.45.34 AMShopRite & Weis have the 24-28 oz bottle of Pine-Sol for just $1.99 making it only $0.49 a bottle.

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  • Laura D.

    I have a great tip for Pine Sol!

    My Mom learned from my Grandma’s doctor that using a capful of Pine Sol in her laundry load would completely remove lingering odors from, well, no easy way to say it, urine. And, when she had to go into a Nursing Home, it removed those odors completely too. It was B.A.D.(Before Adult Diapers).This was a life changer for all of us! My sister and I would take turns “breaking her out” of the Nursing Home, when she had good days (they supplied the wheelchair and assistance with getting her into and out of the car, and taught us how to do it!)and we would take her out to the mall, to eat, the park and zoo. Anywhere we could think of. We knew it really worked because people no longer took a step back because of the unpleasant odors. We also learned we were the only family to take out a patient for the day, or even just an hour! It brings us continued good memories! She smiled for days!

    This also works well if you have a sick pet. Just be sure to sanitize your washer by doing an empty full load with hot water and bleach afterwards.

    • Anonymous

      interesting. have always used white vinegar in the wash to remove odors from potty training accidents and other kid messes.

  • Connie V

    My question is how do they come up with the 49 cent price? Last I knew, you couldn’t double an ecoupon. As for the white vinegar, it also is a great fabric softener. If you put it in laundry for odors, you also get soft clothes. You will never get mold either as it works as a washing machine cleaner. I love it to clean windows and mirrors too and it is so cheap!

    • Sandy


      This is a printable coupon, not an e-coupon.