Better Than FREE Friendship Sour Cream at ShopRite!

Friendship Sour Cream
Friendship Sour Cream

Update:  Just tested the deal and it did not work.  Also, my $0.55/1 IP coupons did not double.  Apparently this deal was meant for Shop from Home orders but it did not state that on the coupon. 

Update:  There wasn’t enough inventory at my ShopRite yesterday for me to test this deal, however we’ve heard from one reader that the $5.00 instant savings didn’t come off her order.  Proceed with caution on this one until we get more details!

Add another AWESOME deal to your ShopRite list for the week.  Yesterday we saw a new ShopRite eCoupon for the following offer:

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.33.05 AM

I was browsing through the list of participating products and noticed Friendship Sour Cream 16 oz is a participating product and I also knew Friendship Sour Cream is on sale this week for 1/2 price – $1.34.  Plus we have a $0.55/1 Friendship Dairy Product printable coupon currently available or a regional $0.70/1 Friendship Cottage Cheese or Sour Cream Product, exp. 11/30/13 (SS 09/22/13 R) insert coupon.  Score up to a $5.00 Money Maker after the instant savings when you buy 5 Friendship Sour Cream 16 oz containers!

Even with NO coupons (I don’t have the regional insert coupon and the printable hasn’t reset for me), we can pick up this sour cream for just $0.34 each after the $5.00 instant savings eCoupon, which is an awesome deal!

Here is your deal at ShopRite through 10/12:


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  • Claire Hackett

    Thanks Cindy! Can you freeze sour cream?

    • Katie O

      I would not recommend it. It will not be the same consistency when defrosted.

    • Christina D.

      Was wondering the same thing; I got mixed answers when I googled it.

    • Dee

      I have successfully frozen sour cream and used it in sauces. The consistency does get a little weird for putting a dollop on your baked potato or taco.

  • Elaine

    Stupid Java!

  • SillyLilly

    Thanks Cindy. This overage will really help reduce the amount when I do the scrubbing bubbles deal. :-).

    • That is what I am going to do. I’ll be trying it this afternoon and report how it went.

      • SillyLilly

        Thanks Cindy. I really appreciate all the work you and your team does to help us save money. 🙂

  • Sk

    I don’t see this e coupon in the digital coupons

    • Guest

      go to www .shoprite .com/srfh-tailgate there will be a link for the coupon there. (just take out the spaces)

    • misterbill

      The coupon was in the normal e-coupon list yesterday. Sort by amount and it should be at the top of the list.

  • Alexis

    FYI I tried this yesterday because I noticed it was a part of the buy 5 get $5 off. I got 2 of the sour creams, 2 of the Heluva Greek dips, and 1 Cabot cheese. I even had the print off of participating products and matched the products codes with each. And the $5 did NOT come off:-( I asked customer service but they said they have no control over the ecoupons and couldn’t take it off. Boo!!!

    • Alexis

      And I just checked my receipt from yesterday and noticed that the $0.55 coupon DND:-(

      • SillyLilly

        so the coupon did not double and $5 Ecoupon did not come off? 🙁

        • Alexis

          Correct. Hopefully it works for someone else, but I had no luck. And the store manager couldn’t get me any answers as to why it didn’t work.

          • SillyLilly

            Thanks Alexis. Cindy mentioned that she will try it out this afternoon. I am waiting to hear if it worked for her. 🙂

        • Marybeth

          My coupon did not double, either. I only bought one.

    • Sunil

      Every time I’ve used a Friendship Sour Cream coupon in the past it DND even though it didn’t say DND anywhere.

    • DianeG

      Yes, most ShopRite stores say they no control over the e-coupons. Somehow, Flemington NJ ShopRite has the ability to view and resolve e-coupon issues. Go Flemington – my favorite ShopRite in New Jersey !!!

  • Ruby

    Really great deal. Thank you! Now, we just need a few good recipes to use up the sour cream…we don’t go through much of it at my home.

    • Maria

      I love putting sour cream in my pasta sauces. heat the sauce on the stove and put in a dollop of sour cream, pour onto pasta. it add a creamy consistency to the sauce. plus the barilla sauce is free and the pasta is cheap. easy meals!

  • Michelle

    Has anyone tried calling Shoprite corporate to ask why the coupon wouldn’t come off?

  • cros1128

    Can it be that it’s only when you use the ShopRite shop from home service?

  • Dana Reeve Stinsman

    I called shoprite corporate today because my $5 coupon did not come off. They are looking into it and supposed to call me back. Don’t know if that will happen since I am still waiting for a response from an email sent out last Monday about my coupons not coming off.

    • Alexis

      I just called corporate too. I told her the products I bought, knowing they are all off that list. So I’m waiting to hear back from them too!

    • Dana Reeve Stinsman

      Just got a call back from shoprite. I was told that this offer is for shop from home. They are going to honor the deal for me and will be sending out a $5 gift card. I don’t think they have it explained very well on the coupon. Happy that they are honoring it though.

      • Well, hmmm, where does it say that on the coupon. Boo! I just tried it myself and it did not work either. And, the coupons did not double.

        • Dana Reeve Stinsman

          I would call corporate because you are right and it does not say anything on the coupon. They should honor it. They did for me with a $5 giftcard. I would hope they edit the coupon so people aren’t mislead.

  • Amy

    Didn’t work for me either 🙁

    • SillyLilly

      Did you use $0.55/1 or $0.7/1 coupon and did the $0.7/1 coupon double for you?

  • mary

    Are we allowed to buy 5 of these sour creams at the sale price? Often, SR only allows 4 purchases at the sale price. Anything above that is at the regular price.

    • Melinda Dilione

      If there is a limit you can buy 2 different varieties – the regular and light version are both on sale for $1.34 and both varieties are listed as a participating product.

    • Sharon

      I bought 5 of the regular and they all rang up at the sale price 🙂

  • Diane

    is there a limit to how many ecoupons you put on your shoprite card. It keeps saying that they can not put it on my card at this time and to try again later!!!

    • misterbill

      88 total.

  • misterbill

    Has the $5/5 coupon worked for anyone on any product? I was thinking of doing 5 small packages of Finlanadia cheese but the deli line was too long yesterday (and I did not see the American cheese in the case).

  • Sharon

    I just tried the deal in store and it did not work. I asked at Customer Service and was told that the deal is for Shop Rite from Home orders, do it wouldn’t apply to in store purchases 🙁 And I did call corporate to confirm just in case they were misinformed at the store, but it is for SRFH orders only.

    • SillyLilly

      Thank you sharon.

    • Sunil

      Thank you for the info. So the $.55 coupon did double for you?

    • mary

      Nothing on the website indicates that this is for Shop Rite from Home orders. I read everything I could on SR’s website and could not find anything. I’d ask them to show you proof of their statement. It should be documented on the website.

      • Rocky

        It does list it as ‘srfh’.

        • Mary

          I did not see that, I wonder why they did not make it more obvious.

    • Sharon

      No, the coupons didn’t automatically double. I had the cashier ask the supervisor why not and they didn’t understand, so they put it through manually for me.

  • Gloria

    I did this today with 5 sour creams, and it did not work for me either! I went to customer service and the told me its only for shop from home. I came home and checked my email and no where it says that it is for shop from home. I printed the email, list of participating items, and circled it on my receipt. Called them and they want me to bring in the evidence. Hope they honor it. I go to the Warminster, pa SR. They triple coupons everyday!

  • Jackie

    I used my .55 coupon and it didn’t double :/

  • Donna

    I bought the five sour creams and the $5.00 did not come off my order either. I am going to call ShopRite customer service tomorrow because it doesn’t say ANYWHERE that it is only valid on home orders.

    • rb

      fyi, “Danielle” posted in the 10/13 shoprite thread that the $5 ecoupon did come off her order, which was not just sour cream, and posted a copy of her receipt.

  • Granny Irene CW

    i can’t get the coupon to print..