My Shopping Trip – ShopRite & Rite Aid – $4.14 Money Maker!


Extreme Couponing Shopping Trip

Yesterday I tried to make a second trip to Pathmark for the super HOT General Mills Deal but they were all out of the cereal I had coupons for.  Such a bummer…but I certainly can’t complain since I already did 2 transactions the other day.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

But, I headed to ShopRite and Rite Aid to score yet another money maker of a trip.  Booyah!

Just a note, the Friendship Sour Cream deal with the Buy 5 Get $5 instantly Tailgate eCoupon is a no go.  I tried it and it didn’t work so I just returned them.  Also, the coupons were not doubling.  Sort of a pain but, again, I can’t complain with all these awesome deals.  Part of couponing is the hit or miss deals.  Sometimes things work great and sometimes…well, not so much.  But, in the end, it’s all worth it.

Here is what I did yesterday at ShopRite and Rite Aid:


Transaction 1:

  • (5) Fantastik – $2.00
  • (1) Barilla Pasta Sauce – $1.49 (trying to use up my leftover coupons)
  • (4) Glutino Pretzel Rings – $2.19
  • (1) Fruit2O 6 Pack – $1.99
  • (1) Friendly’s Novelty – $1.99
  • 3lb of Onions – $1.49
  • (1) Alfresco Chicken Sausage – $2.99 (with in ad coupon)
  • (2)Pillsbury Heat n Go – $1.00 each

Coupons Used:

Paid: $1.19
Received: $4.00 Catalina (SC Johnson)

Transaction 2:

  • (5) Fantastik – $2.00

Coupons Used:

  • -(4) $0.75/1 Fantastik Coupon (9/22 SS)
  • -(1) $0.50/1 Fantastik Coupon
  • -(1)$2.00 off Catalina from previous transaction
  • -(1)$1.00 off Catalina from previous transaction
  • + $0.46 Tax

Paid: $0.46
Received: $4.00 Catalina, $5.00 Savingstar Deposit

::Rite Aid

  • (5) Palmolive Dish Soap- $0.88

Coupons Used:

  • -(5) $0.50/1 Palmolive Coupon (9/22 SS)
  • -(1) $1/3 Palmolive Rite Aid VV September (NLA)
  • +$0.31 Tax

Paid: $1.21
Received: $1.00 +UP

Total Paid OOP: $2.86
Total Received: (2) $4.00 Catalina (ShopRite), (1) $1.00 +UP (Rite Aid), should be receiving a $5.00 SavingStar Deposit (SC Johnson)
Final: $4.14 Money Maker when you add back in the catalinas I used to pay, which by the way, I had already received for spending $0 out of pocket!


Cindy Livesey is the force behind Living Rich With Coupons which provides it’s readers with all the resources they need to shop smart so they can get life’s necessities for a lot less.  Allowing you to spend more on life’s luxuries.  Her family of 5 has saved over $11,000 a year in groceries.  And you can too.


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  • Elaine

    Great Job! Was wondering where the Glutino Pretzels would be located? Is it with the chips, or is their an isle dedicated to Gluten products? Dont think i have ever bought anything Gluten free. TIA!

    • It was in the Gluten Free aisle and they taste pretty good too! I think it’s the sesame seeds that make it taste better. If you like sesame seeds that is…I do!

  • naz

    does anyone know where the heat n go pancakes are ? Cannot find them

    • Elaine

      I have only found them in a couple of stores, they are right in the pancake, french toast area.. They are in a big blue box, and have the bags inside.

      • kabby

        These are little flat blue bags…about 6×6 inch bag…found in the freezer next to other frozen pancakes.

    • Linda

      I finally found them at my ShopRite. They were on the very bottom shelf in the freezer near the breakfast sausage- not too far from the other pancakes.

    • misterbill

      They’re in different places in different stores. If you can’t find them, ask the frozen foods guy and have the coupon handy to show what it looks like.

  • Rachel

    How does savingstar work when you are using ecoupons?

    • misterbill

      The same way it works when you’re not using e-coupons. Except that you can’t add a SavingStar offer if you already have an e-coupon clipped for it.

  • mrsclaire

    i went to shoprite this morning and all of my coupons doubled, except for the one for the sour cream (go figures)…also, I bought 3 barilla pasta sauces, but did not receive the catalina…is there something I can do about this? thanks! 😉

    • Liz Kelly

      The catalina for the Barilla pasta sauces expired on Sunday.

      • mrsclaire

        haha oh well, I still got free pasta sauce! at least I know why the cat didn’t print! thanks!

  • siggio

    Fabulous job. So jealous of those in ad store coupons!!!!

  • Apa

    Where do I find the free onion coupon

  • Jennifer

    The Friendship Sour Cream deal worked for me!

    • It did? Did you buy it through Shop at Home or did you buy it in the store? Also, did you use any coupons?

      • Danielle

        This deal worked for me too on Wednesday. I bought 3 sour creams (used (3) .55/1 q’s), FL Naturals OJ & Heluva extra sharp cheddar and the $5.00 came off instantly with no promo code needed.