New $0.75/1 Bailey’s Creamer Coupons – as low as $0.09 at ShopRite, Weis & more!


Baileys Coupons

Yippey, there is a new Baileys Coupon available.  The coupon is for $0.75 off any Bailey’s Coffee Creamer.  The coupon does not have a Walmart Logo and does not state Walmart on the coupon.

Print: Bailey’s Coupon

ShopRite has the 16 oz bottles of Bailey’s Coffee Creamer priced at $2.39 this week, plus there is an $0.80/1 Bailey’s ShopRite eCoupon available making them just $0.09 each.

Weis has them only sale for just $1.66 making them only $0.16 each if your store fully doubles.

Here is your deal:


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  • Sharon

    The coupon prints with “Redeemable at Walmart” on it, and my Shop Rite refuses to accept them 🙁

    • IK

      i just printed it – there’s no ‘redeemable at walmart’ on it…

    • Viki

      It says on the screen, but I just printed it out too, and it doesn’t say “redeemable at walmart”

    • Neely Birdsall-Buscemi

      Doesn’t say it on the printed coupon.

  • joelle

    there’s no shoprite ecoupon!

  • Pat

    I don’t see a Shoprite e coupon

  • Viki

    Where can I find eCoupon?

    • misterbill

      Go back in time :-(.

      • IK

        just out of curiosity – WHEN was it available? i check every sunday at reasonable time (between 8 and 9 am) – never saw it…

        • misterbill

          I think it was last week. If you search on Baileys you should be able to find the thread.

        • Neely

          I was never available to me either, IK. Not all e-coupons generate for everyone unfortunately.

  • misterbill

    Unless you really need this now, I’d wait for it to go on sale cheaper at Shoprite. Coffee creamer should be $1.66 for it to be a good deal, and that would make it better than free with the e-coupon and this printed coupon. The e-coupon is valid until 11/23.

  • njgal

    my shoprite doesnt allow ecoupons to be combined with paper coupons n e one else experience this?

    • misterbill

      How do they stop it? Do you have them hit sub-total before scanning coupons? Do you have self-scan available? If you do that, the e-coupon comes off as soon as the item is scanned.

    • Neely

      How does your store accomplish this? Does your cashier check for e-coupons before scanning manuf. ones?

  • caren

    I SWEAR I activated the Bailey’s eSR, but now can’t find it! I’m sure because my daughter-in-law has been wanting some Baileys, so I was excited to see it — I definitely would have activated it immediately. I’ve even checked all my (grown) kids’ accounts, and there are no Baileys anywhere! (Since I’m more or less Head of Couponing, they’ve given me access and when I go online on Sunday to do my own, I also go activate whatever each of their households uses — it works out because they’ll never get to it, and they come to me to find what the best deals are anyway, so I tell them what digitial (eSR) they’ve got!)

    I even checked in the Hispanic sections and in the new stuff sections. Nuthin’! Does anyone know exactly where this was located?!?

    • kabby

      Did you check your “shopping List” on Shoprite dot com site….located near the top right of the ecoupon page…make sure to sign in…..if you clipped it , i will be there…might not show in the coupon section if it is gone because only so many offers were available.

  • Danielle DIY

    Unfortunately none of your Shoprite e-coupons from this week’s matchup or this post are available for me to load on my card. Is this a regional thing?

    • misterbill

      Not regional. SR often runs out of certain e-coupons, especially when they are popular for a deal. This e-coupon was released last week (I believe) so it’s not unreasonable for it to be NLA. Probably the same for the other e-coupons you’re looking for.