New High Value Fisher Price Coupons + Deals!

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Fisher Price Coupons

There are some great Fisher Price Coupons available.  The coupons are for up to $10 off when you share.  If you choose not to share, then you can still have $5 off coupons. You will receive an email with the link to the coupons.

Here are the coupons you can print:

$10/1 – Fisher Price Baby Toys

  • Fisher Price Singin’ Storytime Puppy
  • Fisher Price Crawl Around Car
  • Fisher Price Stride-to-Ride Puppy
  • Fisher Price Puppy & Pals Learning Table
  • Fisher Price Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe

$10.00/1 – Fisher-Price Select Little People Products:

  • Little People Fun Sounds Farm
  • Little People Happy Sounds Home
  • Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable
  • Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

$10.00/1 – Fisher-Price Select Imagnext Products:

  • Imagnext Rescue City Center
  • Imagnext DC Super Friends Batcave
  • Imagnext Castle Wizard Tower
  • Imagnext Mega Apatosaurus

There are some Target Coupons you can stack with these including:

Here are some deals:



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  • Ruby

    Has anyone tried the BOGO at ToysRUs with these coupons? I am seeing some really nice deals there too. Please share. Thanks.

    • Denise

      I did the deal at Toys R Us yesterday… I got 1 Little People Happy Sounds Home and 1 Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe

      1 Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe – $37.99
      1 Little People Happy Sounds Home – $17.50 (after discount)
      Used (1) $10/1 Little People Toys
      and (1) $10/1 Laugh & Learn Toy
      Paid $35.49 for both toys or $17.75 each

      Def thought that it was a good deal, and will probably be going back for something else as well

      • Ruby

        Thanks Denise! I was hoping it would work with the coupons. I can’t wait to go shopping later today. I hope I don’t get problems. When they had their sale for Potato Heads, the cashier didn’t allow my coupons. Hope that is not the case. Otherwise, do you know if Target Price matches BOGO sales?

  • nicole

    You must use Manufacturing coupon first. Second use Target coupon. The Target coupon wouldn’t apply unless that was the order.

  • Jenny

    I just purchased 4 items at Toys R Us, no issues at all!

    1 Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe – $37.99

    Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable (Half off so $17.50)

    Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace $47.99

    1 Singin’ Story Time Puppy (Half off so $19.99)

    Used 4 $10 off coupons for a grand total of around $80 for all 4 items! Great deal, thanks for posting the coupons!!

  • Ana

    Would you be able to use one of the 20% off one item from babies r su or toys r us

  • Emily Orton Bowman

    There are also some Fisher Price Target Mobile coupons. Just text KIDSGIFTS to 827438

  • Kelly Smith Scruggs

    What does it mean to share you get $10, if not only $5. How do I share?

  • Me

    I just used these coupons to purchase $290 of items for $40. Each $10 and $5 coupon can be printed twice per computer. I had 3 computers to print from. Walmart let me buy any item and they let you use the overage for other items. For example, I bought a $3 imaginex item with a $10 coupon and the applied the extra $7 to a larger fisher price item.

    • anabel

      Where do u live? The Walmart where I live gave me problems they said selected toys

      • twinmama

        I live in Bellevue, Washington and I am going to try this tomorrow. I am really hoping they don’t give me trouble. I am going to cut the coupons out so the cashier won’t see the list of select items on the printer paper. The coupon itself doesn’t have any listed restrictions. What happened when you went to Walmart Anabel?

        • nicole

          The cupon used to just say 10 off select toys.. and you could use them on any toy. Now it says under the 10 off the select toy names and that each item has to be a minimum of 25. I don’t like that!

          • twinmama

            They changed the coupon yesterday =( I am so happy that I printed my coupons two days ago! I had 16 coupons and was able to get tons of toys for only $8.18

            • That is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I love seeing the pictures 🙂

            • maggie

              Hey im wondering if it’s possible if you can send me the fisher price stride to ride coupon,im trying to buy it for my little girl

        • Susan

          That is Coupon Fraud!

  • Kellie Ater

    they work at toys r us

  • Kate

    Can I still get these? How?

    • Norma22404

      no longer available to print.