Better Than FREE Progresso Vegetable Soups at ShopRite! {10/16}

Progresso Soup ShopRite Deal

Progresso Soup ShopRite Deal

Beginning Wednesday, October 16 during the 4-day price break at ShopRite, Progresso Vegetable Classic Soups will be on sale for $0.88 each.  We have some $0.50/2 printable coupons currently available as well as a ShopRite eCoupon and SavingStar offer which allows for us to score 8 Progresso Vegetable Classic Soups for FREE + a $0.96 Money Maker!

Don’t eat canned soup?  Consider donating it to a local food bank in need, especially at this time of the year!

Here are all the coupons and offers available for this deal:

Here is your deal beginning 10/16 at ShopRite:

Buy 8 Progresso Vegetable Classic Soups (2 different varieties), $0.88 each
-(4) $0.50 off TWO CANS any flavor Progresso Soups
-(1) $2/8 Progresso Soups ShopRite eCoupon
Pay: $1.04
Get: $2/8 Progresso Soup (SavingStar Deposit)
as low as 8 FREE + $0.96 Money Maker after stacked offers wyb 8

Check back soon for the full ShopRite Preview Ad for next week!

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  • ssbutterfly

    great, thanks!

  • Elaine

    When you use your eCoupon does the Shopping List reflect you used it by removing it? I cant for the life of me remember if i used the Progressive eCoupon…

    • kabby

      It will disappear from your list but not show you that it was redeemed.

    • misterbill

      It only came out on Sunday. Did you use it since then? It’s still available for clipping (just logout from the SR site and view the coupons). It’s not that difficult to find — just sort by brand in the clipping section. It should be on page 8, unless you have a lot more coupons clipped than I do.

    • Rocky

      There were 2 ecoupons issued recently for Progresso, one just after the other expired. The recent one that misterbill mentioned (that one is off 8 cans), and, one that was issued on 9/1, which expired on 10/05. That one was $1/4 soups, recipe starters or broths. Maybe you used that one and haven’t yet clipped the new one?

      • Elaine

        I must have used the one last month and then clipped on Sunday the new one… Not even out of my 30’s and I cant remember anything anymore… ugggh

        • Rocky

          LoL! I don’t think it’s age…I think it’s information overload. We have waaaay many deals and things always going on to remember everything, exactly (but it’s still mostly fun!)!!!

      • misterbill

        Rocky, I was referring to the SavingStar that came out on 10/1. The e-coupon came out on 10/5. I think there are 2, one is for the Recipe Creations (?).

  • Liz Kelly

    We just got the $2 ecoupon this past Sunday. There was previously a $1 off I think 4 cans that was available a few weeks ago. That has since expired.

  • Anna

    Savings star won’t let me clip Progresso coupon:(

    • Rocky

      Then you probably already have it clipped on the SR site (or Cellfire, if it was available there). You have to clip SS first, then the others. Can’t do it the other way around.

      • Jay

        Bummer, I made the mistake of clipping the Shoprite one first

        • Rocky

          Yeah, it is a pain, but, I’ve made it a habit to go onto the SS site first, before I go to clip the new week’s SR ecoupons. Although the bulk of the new SS are added at the beginning of any month, many times, they add two or three new ones during any given week, I seem to notice them around Thursdays. So, just to make sure I didn’t miss any, now, I always check SS first on Sunday, then I go onto the SR site. Once burned, twice shy!

          • misterbill

            This month it was pretty easy, since the new SavingStar’s showed up on the 1st while the e-coupons were only released on the 6th.

  • Pat

    looks like the ad says “limit 4”

    • Rocky

      4 per variety, so, if buying 8 for the deals, you need at least two different flavors.

    • Jaye

      Four per variety. You should be able to buy 8 cans. There a several varieties of Progresso Veggie Soup. 😉

    • Melinda Dilione

      It’s limit 4 per variety. The deal idea instructs you to buy 2 different varieties. Hope that helps!

  • Dawn Holgersen

    This is awesome! My kids’ school does an annual Thanksgiving food drive. This will certainly come in handy!

  • Jackie

    With Shoprite e-coupons, can you use each one 4 times like you can use 4 of the same coupons? Is it good on 4 of the same product or just one product? I am new to the e-coupons so I am very confused. Thank you for any help you can give me!

    • Rocky

      Jackie, SR ecoupons are one time use only, on one product (unless the coupon specifies that you need to buy 2, etc.), and, they don’t double.

  • misterbill

    Did anyone else have a problem with the e-coupon not coming off?? Did not work on either of our cards, and we bought 8 on each. All of the other e-coupons (Hamburger Helper, cereal, Bailey’s, Kraft Fresh Take) worked fine.

    • Laura D.

      It worked for me on two cards. I don’t remember if I had to ask the cashier to hit the total button to push it through,

      • misterbill

        I did self-scan, so it should have come off as soon as the 8th can was scanned. I’ll have to call and get them to send me a gift card. Maybe there was an issue with one of the varieties I purchased. I hope it doesn’t cause problems with the SavingStar as well!

        I’ll probably have to do 2 calls since I can’t imagine they look fondly on people calling to complain about something not working on 2 separate cards.

    • Sunil

      Sorry to hear you had a problem. The ecoupon came off for me and the SavigStar was credited. Hope you resolve the issue.

  • misterbill

    The SavingStar posted for me on both accounts, so all I have to deal with is Shoprite for the e-coupons. I can only imagine that the Vegetarian Vegetable is what was broken, since that is the only variety I bought on both orders.

    • Daniela

      All 8 of my soups were Vegetarian Vegetable w/ Barley and the ecoupon came off with no problem at Shoprite.