Florida Walmart Stores Begin Price Matching Publix & Other Store BOGO Sales

Walmart Price Matching BOGO Sales
Walmart Price Matching BOGO Sales

Attention Florida Shoppers, we’ve got awesome news for you.  Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, has just announced that they will now be price matching Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGO) sales at Publix, Winn Dixie and other local grocery stores.  Walmart continues to fight to grab more grocery business nationwide, therefore they have made this move in going after one of Publix’s–and many other stores’–top selling points:  BOGO sales.

Walmart spokeswoman Molly Philhours spoke to LRWC about the recent change.  She was happy to answer our couponing questions related the new policy.

  • Molly confirmed that Walmart shoppers do NOT need to have a Publix ad or any other store ad with them for Walmart to price match the BOGO sale.  Simply tell your cashier the items you are buying are BOGO at another store and they will price adjust your items.
  • Walmart will honor the sale as a true BOGO sale, unlike stores such as Publix and Winn Dixie.  When purchasing two items that are being price matched to BOGO Free at Walmart, one item will ring up at full price and the other item with ring up FREE, meaning you have to buy two items to get the BOGO sale.  At stores such as Publix & Winn Dixie, BOGO sale items ring up at 50% off so you can only buy one if you prefer, however this is not how it will work at Walmart
  • Molly confirmed Walmart WILL allow a coupon on the free item.  So if you buy two products, have them price matched to BOGO Free, you can still use TWO coupons!  Yay!

Another awesome factor to this change is that Walmart will price match the BOGO sales with their everyday low prices still in place.  So if the price at Publix for the BOGO item is higher, you’ll get Walmart’s lower price plus the BOGO sale.

So Florida shoppers, what are your thoughts on this new change?

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  • njgal

    Will they be doing this BOGO in other states anyone know?

  • nanc

    THIS is what Walmart said to me Under our Florida BOGO Ad Match policy, if you purchase two items and get two items free, you may use coupons only for the purchased items; not the free items. Thanks for asking. This happen to me yesterday got 2 bogo, 4 items and could only use 2 coupons

  • Elizabeth Hernandez

    I have had an issue with managers telling me at Several Walmart stores that they do not take coupon on free item because I am not purchasing the free item. Is there any way I can let them know that they should take the coupon on free item?

  • WideAwake

    I think BOGO deals is just a scam. We’re basically buying both items at half off. That’s what BOGO really is. Instead of advertising each item as let’s say 50 cents each, instead they say 2 for $1 or Buy One Get One for $1.00! Sure, whatever. We’re made to think that we’re getting something fore FREE. Yippeee! Yeah, right!

  • CouponDood

    Let me know when the following happens:

    Costco accepts (and doubles) coupons.
    Walmart & Target double coupons