Better Than FREE Axe Body Spray at Rite Aid!

Axe Body Spray Coupon

Axe Body Spray Coupon

There is a great deal going on at Rite Aid this week! Combine a weekly sale and an unadvertised monthly UP Reward to score 2 Axe Body Sprays FREE! The Axe Body Sprays are on sale this week Buy One, Get One 50% off and when you buy 2 you get a $2 UP Reward.  There is also an unadvertised monthly UP Reward, buy 2 get a $3 UP Reward, when you put these two together you have a great deal!

Print: Axe Body Spray Printable

Both deals have a limit of 2 UP Reward offers, so if you have access to more than one computer, you will be able to do this deal twice to score 4 FREE Body Sprays!

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Here is your deal


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  • Sayda Nino


    • jessica

      Yup just came back from SR… Got it for free!

    • misterbill

      Hi, can you please stop typing in ALL CAPS. It looks like you are SHOUTING and it’s hard to read.

      Note if the reason you do this is from some medical issue, please accept my apologies and ignore my request.

      • Lean

        Lol , lol its look like the person who have medical issue it’s you misterbill because you cannot read in capital letters, and if that bothers you then do not read it.

        • misterbill

          You’re a clueless idiot. It’s well known etiquette on the Internet not to type in all capital letters because it is hard to read and makes it look like you’re shouting. I brought up the medical issue because when I’ve mentioned it in the past, I’ve had some people respond that they have a medical issue and only type with one hand. Don’t give me this garbage about not reading it. The person should post properly unless there is a valid reason why they can’t, and you should just mind your own business and not make stupid comments.

  • Viki

    It works 🙂 just tried it, $2 & $3 UP rewards added to my card

    • Sandi

      When the ups load to your card, do they automatically come off during the transaction?

      • misterbill

        Yes, but not necessarily in the optimal order. That’s why most of us set our accounts to have them printed.

        • Sandi

          Thanks misterbill. Mine print too, because I didn’t want to be forced to use them unnecessarily. But I wonder if given the choice, can we opt not to use them if they are loaded on the card. I wish RA would allow the ups to cover sales tax.


    do you have to do 2 seperate transactions? or can you do it in 1? THANKS

    • Linda

      buy 2 to get the $2 and $3 – one transaction. You can do it a second time in a separate transaction. Did this at Rite Aid yesterday and was happy to see some sprays had bonus items attached. I got 2 sprays and 2 FULL SiZE deodorants for free.

      • misterbill

        No need to do 2 separate transactions, it works fine buying 4 at a time. I didn’t find any on clearance, but I did find bonus packages with deodorant or face cleanser (small tube). Got 2 $2 and 2 $3 +Up’s. I had 2 extra coupons so I gave them to the cashier, since she said that her boyfriend likes Axe. She’s so nice to me, it’s the least I could do! BTW, i found a second coupon link on another site (FW) and was actually able to print 4 coupons on one machine.

  • gilly

    I just went to RA had already used my 2 – 2/1 last week at RA but had $8 in UP rewards (from buying 2 of the St. Josephs asparins) used that to get 2 (1 had deodorant attached) paid OOP $1.34 and got back $ 5 In UP rewards !

  • Linda Hughes

    Check your store for clearance, I just got the Rise Axe and it was marked down to $2.89 so both of my sprays rang up $2.89 each, minus the (2) $2/1 coupons, minus a $1 +UP from the Triaminic that I got on sunday, I paid .78 plus tax for both and got $5 +UP. Yay!!! 🙂

    • meli

      what sent or upc # did you find on clearance? thanks m store is always slow at marking things down

      • Linda Hughes

        It was the “Rise” as I stated in my original post, that was marked down. Not sure why the other one rang up $2.89 but maybe it was because it rang up 50% off?

        • Linda Hughes

          I got Rise and Music for the 2 scents. HTH

  • Sandi

    Thanks for the link.