Axe Gift Sets Only $2.99 at Rite Aid!

Axe Gift Set CouponsAxe Gift Set Coupons

This morning we posted the new $3/1 Axe Gift Set Coupon.  I completely overlooked the deal going on this week at Rite Aid.  The deal is Buy an Axe Gift Set for $9.99 and get a $2 UP with a limit of 2.  Plus there is a $2/1 Axe Holiday Gift Set (RA Video Values, Nov) making these just $2.99.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.05.57 AM

Here is your deal:


Thanks Erin!

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  • Shana

    I tried this deal and it didn’t work. The coupons were not recognized as matching the Axe Body Gift Sets at the store. Also, manager wouldn’t allow both Rite Aid and manufacturers coupon combination. Is it me or do you now need a JD to coupon? There are so many exceptions and caveats to using them.

    • misterbill

      You can always stack VV and manufacturer coupons (pretty sure this is in the RA coupon policy posted here – you should call corporate to complain). Coupons always have fine print on them. I find it best to just ignore it because you’ll go crazy if you try to read it all and it rarely is enforced. The problem occurs when the coupons beep and the store personnel starts reading the fine print to get an excuse for why it did not work (when in fact it’s most likely because the store’s register is rejecting them improperly). Did you scan the VV first? If you did and the manufacturer’s coupon beeped, they would use that as an excuse to why you cannot use both. Of course you can tell them to void the order and scan them in the reverse order, and when the MC beeps again, you can point out that was not the problem.

  • GimmieThoseDeals10

    I just did this deal at Rite Aid. I was able to print 2 RA video values coupons and stacked them with the (2) $3/1 coupons. Then received 4 Ups.

    • misterbill

      How did you get 4 +Ups? Did you buy 4 packages?

      • meli

        they have 2 up per purchase limit 2 i did the deal earlier this week with the $2 Q

        • misterbill

          So you mean that you received $4 in +Ups. It sounded like you got 4 +Up coupons. I thought that maybe something was going on and it was giving 2 different +Up’s per purchase.

    • john

      I was able to print 2 video values too. Ive never been able to do that before. I wonder if it is because of the limit 2 in the ad. Anyone else print 2 video values and successfully used them for this deal?

  • vanessa

    What is the RA video values ?

    • Denise Davison

      They are Rite Aid coupons that you can print after watching videos about products on their website, are you a wellness member? If you are, and you have an account you can log in and starting watching from their, if you don’t I would definitely encourage you to go on the website and sign up for one so you don’t miss out on any awesome coupons! HTH!

  • gilly

    Now I’m confused the VV coupon does state across the top that it is a Manufacturer’s coupon even thought it is a RA, had a similar problem the other day at CVS their coupon stated on it that “This is a manufacturer sponsored program” and would not let me use with a manufacturer coupon it was for the Kotex.

    • misterbill

      You can use one RA manufacturers coupon (with barcode starting RC48 or RC49) and one normal manufacturers coupon on the same order. The VV prints as an RC49.

      CVS is a completely different story. I’m not sure what the CVS coupon looked like, but their store coupons do not start with a 5 as normal manufacturers coupons do.