Denise’s Shopping Trip – Acme – Paid $4.86!

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Extreme Coupon Shopping Trip

I know that quite a few people had some questions about that awesome Everyday Essentials coupon that we received in last weekend’s Red Plum.  I figured that the best way to answer all of your questions, was to make a quick trip to Acme myself! The Everyday Essentials coupon is for Buy One Everyday Essential Item, Get One Free, I was really curious to test this out on items that were part of the Buy 6, Save $3 Instantly deal and also on items that were already on sale Buy One, Get One Free! Oh, and the holiday napkins, well I might be a little early, but I just can’t resist getting in the spirit, and $0.50 for a package of napkins sounds good to me!

Just a note about the cotton squares, in the weekly add, it says that Everyday Essentials Cotton Squares are on sale buy one, get one free, however, it does show a picture of the Equaline, I would assume that this is their brand of cotton products, and I did not have any trouble using the coupon on the cotton squares!

So here’s what I did:


Don’t forget to check out the Acme Coupon Matchups before you shop!

Note from Cindy:  As most of you know, Melinda is out on maternity leave and Denise has joined the LRWC team in Melinda’s absence.  She is doing an awesome job and has been a HUGE help.  We are very happy to have her!

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  • Erin

    Silly question is the everyday essential products
    Only sold at Acme? Was at shoprite today but forgot
    to check if they carry these products = / .
    Thanks Cindy for all you do ! I loved couponing
    however you helped me take it to another level .

    • I believe that this is a brand that is sold only through Acme and it’s affiliate stores. I know it’s not at ShopRite.

    • Dee

      Everyday essentials is also found at Shoppers Foods

    • Kathy S.

      Shaw’s up our way sells that brand too !! I have been having a Ball with those coupons – can’t wait to see tomorrow’s new ad !

    • Lark

      We just moved from suburban PA. Two grocery stores there carried Everyday Essential but one is a small chain (Landis – I think about 5 stores) & the other is a solo grocery store called Hennings. Actually both were higher end grocery stores but with some killer sales. Hennings often had deals that were instant savings of maybe $10 maybe $5 off of a $15 or $20 purchase of products often including Everyday Essential & Stonefield Ice Cream (I assumed there was some connection between the two companies). The EE coupon kind of makes me want to take a trip out to Hennings although it’s a 4+ hour trip there & back for me now. In fact, I see on their website they are having that same deal on EE…. $10 off a $20 purchase…. see

  • Joanie

    Thanks! Can’t wait to do a deal like this!

  • Michele

    Awesome! So glad to know this I have 8 more coupons so ill be going back for 16 free boxed dinners to donate!!

    • Denise

      thats awesome! such a great idea around the holidays when so many people are in need!

      • Denise Davison

        Thats AWESOME!

      • Lady J

        Yes, I’m going to an employee only event at my husband’s work. They don’t charge admission, but request that we bring a food donation for a shelter. My husband is counting on me to do a great job here.

        • Lady J

          oops, should read more like employee + families only