FREE Simply Potatoes at ShopRite!

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 10.20.35 AMSimply Potatoes Coupon

You can score FREE Simply Potatoes at ShopRite this week.  They are on sale for just $2.50.  Plus there is a $0.75/1 Simply Potatoes Coupon available from the new Wounded Warriors Printable Coupons.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 10.23.19 AMAnd there is a new $1/1 Simply Potatoes ShopRite eCoupon available which, if you could ever get them loaded to our cards, would make them free.

Here is your deal:


You can view the full list of new ShopRite eCoupons and be sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite deals for the week before you shop.

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  • Roxanne

    These coupons (wounded warriors) seem to have reset too because it let me run several more earlier this morning and I had already ran them once last month

  • misterbill

    I wonder if these won’t be cheaper before the e-coupon expires. $2.50 seems a bit high for the sale price.

    • Lowest I saw them was for $2 at Stop & Shop and part of the gas deal I believe. Might even be this week. Ugh my head is spinning today. Can’t remember. New month of coupons, new catalinas starting, time change messing with my site, facebook and shoprite sites. I need more then just a cup of coffee this morning 😉

      • ueen

        Just think of the many of us who you helped and you will have the strength.

  • mary

    Just note that the sale potatoes are for 20 – 24 oz sizes but the ecoupon is only for the 24 oz size.

    • carrie

      more than that – the ecoupon is for traditional, which is a specific variety – it may not work on any other flavor

  • Martha

    I LOVE the Smart Source coupon website!! It’s GREAT that you can filter to the product name – ie “Simply Potatoes” or “Welchs” and the exact coupon I’m looking for… Sooo many times I search for a coupon and cannot find it! BRAVO to Smart Source from a couponer!!

    • Wendy

      Hi Martha
      Thanks for the info
      I also use Coupon Cadet
      You can find coupons by category, brand name etc etc with links and the zip code

  • Mary

    I could not find the right size anywhere. They had 32 oz near the refrigerated chicken, but no regular size…..

    • Roxanne

      I found the smaller ones in the refridgerated section that was near the burritos and before the cold cuts.

      • Mary

        Thanks, I browsed all the areas, but will look again when I go later this week….

    • carrie

      my store has a refrigerated “promo” section. it is a free-standing reach-in bin – sort of like a large divided bathtub. they put yogurt, butter, cheese, whatever that’s on sale in it, and it varies week to week. this is the only place that i found the 24 oz simply potatoes in this store. the 32 oz had a regular spot near things like bob evans side dishes.

    • Eileen Burke

      The Shelton CT store carries this size in the dairy section near the prepackaged cold cuts and butter.

  • Maria

    It’s not free!!! Shoprite doesn’t double $0.75 coupons, only up to 50 cents! But $0.50 is not a bad price!!

    • Roxanne

      My shop rite doubles $.75 coupons so free for me and many others

    • kabby

      My shoprite doubles coupons up to .99 cents

    • Barbara A.

      Many of us go to Shoprites that double coupons up to $0.99 so yes, my Shoprites would double a $0.75 and make it $1.50. (Ocean County, NJ.)

    • Mary

      My shoprite doubles up to 1.00 coupons. This varies by region, so it is free for some of us!

    • barbara

      this only applies to our Region Maria.. Most shoprites give full doubles.. unless you live in SE PA and South jersey..

  • Lesley

    I just purchased the 24oz traditional mashed potatoes and the ecoupon came off fine. My internet printed coupons rarely scan nowadays, so it had to be pushed through. Anyone else have these troubles? Are my Shoprite scanners not up-to-date or something? My boyfriend mentioned the ink from my printer, is that a problem possibly? Thanks for any insight.

    • Mary

      What kind of printer do you have? If you have an ink jet sometimes they do get blurred. My favorite investment for couponing was a a wireless laser printer. I still have issues with some q’s but not most.

      • Lesley

        I have an HP wireless printer (it scan and copies, too). The coupons print out perfectly fine, in color, too. Some scan, some don’t.

  • sobeida

    I cant find this coupon

    • imahuva

      i just checked – it is there!
      Search the window next to the word BRAND (on top)

      • Sobeida

        Thank you imahuva

  • james


    good deal on Clorox Bleach 64oz – $0.38 at Shoprite
    on sale for $1.88
    shoprite Ecoupon – Save $1.00 on Clorox Bleach
    When you buy ONE 55oz or larger
    $0.25 coupon that doubles
    print it from

  • JLYNN1085

    I don’t have this eCoupon… Sad day in the neighborhood.

  • Jess

    My ShopRite is not restocking this size. I start to get more idea that my ShopRite is not restocking anything that we can get it for free or MM or Super Low Price. The Simple Potato, St. Joseph Cough & Cold, etc for this week…..

    • Kari

      I called to see when the truck comes in for my store and they said Tuesdays and Thursdays – maybe call and see for yours!

    • rose

      My shoprite had them in a completely seperate place than the 32 oz packages. I originally thought they were out of stock but i was walking by the area in my store where the bacon is and i found the 24 oz package

  • Guest

    Was the ecoupon pulled from After this deal was initially posted, I checked and saw it but didn’t load it to my card b/c I wasn’t sure if I wanted it or not. I just went to the site to load the coupon b/c I decided to get it and it’s no longer there. I checked the coupons alphabetically and nada. Maybe they pulled it once they noticed people getting the product for free?

  • jamie

    Anyone else having issues with the ecoupon loadind to their price plus card for the simply potatoes

  • Danielle

    Has this ecoupon disappeared? I don’t see it at all anymore on the Shoprite site and I looked when logged in as well as not logged in and checked the item alphabetically to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I saw it on Sunday when this was posted but I just went to add it to my card and poof! it’s gone. Are you guys still seeing it?

    • Sandy

      I added it my SR card on Sunday and it’s still there under my Shopping List. If you didn’t add it already to your card it may no longer be avail. The good coupons or the ones that you definately know you are going to use add on Sundays to your card before they disappear !

      • Danielle

        Do you see the ecoupon for Simply potatos when you are NOT logged into your account and just viewing the site as a guest opposed to having already saved it on your shopping list?

  • Sherry Z


    I did just happen to see this in the insert and you are correct….. the coupon is found at WWPBELIEVE.ORG (no dot between wwp and believe had confused me)

    Thank you )

  • Eileen Burke

    This is on sale next week too for those that may not have it in stock this week.