HOT! 3 Better than FREE Food Network 18 pc Storage Sets + Free Shipping at Kohls!

Food Network Storage Containers

Food Network Storage Containers

UPDATE: The original coupon code is no longer working – Use BLACKFRI for 15% off

Get 3 FREE Food Network 18 Pc Storage Container Sets! You will be able to get 20% off using coupon code 20FORU plus you will get $15 Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend! Plus get 10% cash back from! Free Shipping on orders over $50.

Here is the deal:

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  • Bill

    Will they give me 3 rebates if I only submit 1 original receipt? Do you just submit 3 sets of paperwork in one envelope?

    • Laura D.

      The instructions on the bottom of the rebate form allow for 5 rebates per same item, all must be with original receipt and the original UPC labels from product must be included. No photocopies or reproductions. So, sending in all 3 with one receipt should be just fine. Also, you will get a Kohl’s pre paid Visa for as your rebate because it is over $10.00. (also noted in paragraph at bottom of rebate form) HTH!

      • Kristina

        Thank you, guys! Just ordered 3 of these!

  • Cindy Lowe-Fletcher

    The coupons code 20FORU won’t work for me, it says it isn’t in their files!!

  • Tangokiki

    The deal could be better if you go to Acme, snag some of the Kohl’s gift cards and qualify for the $20 back in groceries and then use the gift cards to get your containers!

  • Melissa Glen

    The black and decker appliances are also free at kohls! They are $19.99 each and each has a $10 mail in rebate plus add kohls cash,15% off and cash back making them free

    • 9667

      can u please tell me the products which are free

  • 9667

    thank u guys, I placed an order for 3 set, can I again do it for 2 sets

  • John

    Shop At Home, showing, 60 Cents for each $19.99 purchase I made. So for (3) $19.99 purchases. I am getting $1.80. Something seems wrong. Anyone run into the same problem?

  • Joy

    I have never ordered from Khols before. When or how will I get the $15 Kohls cash? I submit rebates all the time so I know how those work.

    • Karyns

      Usually when you order online they will email you the kohls cash

  • Genevieve

    It is saying I have to use a Kohl’s Card. Did you all have to use that? I don’t have one.

    • Autumn Rain

      Same here. The promo code is only good if you’re using a Kohl’s credit card.

    • Hmm, okay it looks like they changed it to only being for Kohls card holders. It wasn’t like that this morning. We are updating the post now.

  • Marianne

    Will one rebate form work for all three, or do I need to submit three rebate forms? Thanks!

    • misterbill

      One form per order.

  • Samantha

    I only got 1 email confirmation from shopathome saying I made 1 Kohl’s purchase. I guess the other one didn’t go through… Oh well, still a good deal for the storage containers without the $6 back…

    • Louise

      how soon after making your purchase did you receive your email confirmation from shopathome?

  • anna

    I tried to use 20foru and it gave me the same message, can only be used if you use a kohl’s credit card =( you can use code rocksave for 15%. better than nothing!

    • Hmm, it was working this morning. We are going to check it out.

    • Okay it looks like they changed it to be for Kohl’s card holders now. We are updating the post.

  • misterbill

    We bought these last year and they’re pretty nice. Only problem we had was that one of the tabs was broken when we finally took them out of the box a few months later. Kohls offered to refund but it wasn’t worth it since we like the containers.

    Use your Chase Freedom or Discover Card and the BLACKFRI coupon for 15% off at Kohls, then 10% for going thru the Chase/Discover portals and 5% extra for purchasing at Kohls (assumes you have signed up for the quarterly bonus on the respective cards).

  • Mary Beth Albonetti Francis

    to use the 20foru you have to use your kohls card.

  • liz

    how do i use shopathome? i just bought something at target and nothing is showing up, i was going to make a kohls order but not sure how it works, i click on the kohls get cash back and it takes me to kohls website, do i have to enter anything?

  • Tara

    these Kohl’s reat deals seem like a lot of out-of-pocket, escpecially when they raise prices when you get your Kohl’s cash 🙁

  • Neelam Mori

    Can we do this deal at store since its out of stock online?

    • misterbill

      Yes, but you won’t get the extra 10% cash back for buying online.

  • nathan

    place two orders….but got cahback email from shop at home for only one of the order…is there a way to contact them and inquire on this?sorry,i might sound dumb,this is the first time i used