Hot! New $1/1 Energizer Coupon – Up to $24 Money Maker on Energizer Batteries at ShopRite!

Energizer Rebate

Energizer Coupon

There is a brand new Energizer Coupon available to print this morning.  The coupon is for $1 off Energizer Brand Batteries or  Energizer Brand Flashlight

Print: Energizer Coupon

This is a pretty awesome coupon because of the Super Hot Energizer Bunny Birthday Bucks Rebate.  The Rebate is for up to $10 back on each specially marked Energizer Battery Pack.  When you enter your codes you can choose the following options:

  • As an $8 check made payable to you
  • As an $8 transfer into your PayPal account
  • As a $10 WALMART® gift card (depending on where you purchased the product) Purchases (whether one of the eligible products or both) from the following retailers will NOT qualify for a WALMART® gift card: Fred Meyer, HEB, Lowe’s, Meijer, Office Depot, and Walgreens.

ShopRite has Energizer AA or AAA batteries on sale this week for $2.88.  If your store doesn’t have stock on these specially marked packs (see the image above for what they look like), you can always price match at Walmart.  If you choose the Walmart Gift Card as a rebate option then you can score a $6.24 Money Maker after coupons & rebate when you buy 2 but you can do this rebate 4 times for a total money maker of $24.96 (if you have enough coupons).  Woohoo!

Be sure to head over to the original Energizer Rebate Post where there is a big discussion already going on.

Here is your deal:


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  • Mary

    Even better for those of us in regions doubling $1 q!!!!

    • jealous! 😉

    • SillyLilly

      how do you know if a shop rite store double $1 coupons?

  • K.W.

    How many times can we do the deal? I already have enough codes to do four.

    • Dawn Nicole

      You can only do this 4 times.

      • Cheri

        I’m sorry I know this has been answered but when you say we can do the deal 4 times you mean buy 8 packages and enter 8 codes – Correct ?

        • Dawn Nicole

          Hi Cheri.. from what i’ve read, you can buy 8 packages and enter 8 codes. But you have to enter 2 at a time, totaling 4 separate times you can submit for the deal. Hope that makes sense and i didn’t just confuse you 🙂

          • Cheri

            Thank you Dawn Nicole – I got it now . 🙂

            • Dawn Nicole

              Your welcome Cheri!

          • Roxanne

            Oh thanks from me too, I was curious about this too

            • Dawn Nicole

              Your welcome Roxanne. Happy to help!

  • Betty Likes Reading

    IM SUCH AN IDIOT! I bought 8 packs and only 5 had stickers so now I gotta go back and return 3 and got ones with stickers! SMH!

  • misterbill

    Not that I would do it, but it’s easy to have multiple Paypal email addresses attached to the same account.

  • Linda

    I just did the deal without coupons since there were none in my NY inserts. Now that I have the coupons, is it possible to bring the receipt back with the coupons? Would Shoprite refund the coupon price? I guess I can always return them and buy them back. But what a pain to do that.

    • Meli

      Yes I do it all the time.

    • Sandy

      My SR will only accept “forgotten” coupons if you bring them back same day of your purchase. If yours won’t accept the coupons then a simple return and rebuy by tomorrow will be necessary. Or you can buy more batteries and get another GC or two! Call cs desk and find out their policy.

  • Nicole

    Are you able to get the rebate through that site or do you have to mail them all in?

    • Sandy

      Rebate is only done online

  • kchau

    Do you have to wait until your b-day to redeem the money or it doesn’t matter? Thanks

    • Sunil

      You can do it anytime. They’re offering it because it’s their birthday.

  • Harry

    SR in Garwood is either all sold out or codes have been removed or only old stock of batteries are being displayed as of today. None of them have the yellow sticker with codes on them. So avoid SR in Garwood if you want to do this deal.

    • frink

      Hi neighbor, yes I checked yesterday. I can also confirm the SR in Watchung and Sommerville don’t have them either. I will check Clark tomorrow…

      • Candy

        It’s a ride but SR in Branchburg on rt. 22 has well over 100

        • frink

          Thank you Candy!! I work out there so it’s pretty much on my way home…

      • Harry

        I found a lot of them in the Hillside SR. They have a few in Watchung as well if you search all the way back to the hanging rack.

        • frink

          Harry re: Watchung – the big rack right in front of Customer Service?

      • Dawn Nicole

        None in Clark either

        • frink

          Thanks for confirming Dawn, saved me a trip.

  • Michelle T.

    SR in North Brunswick had a standing display in the card aisle with the tags on them today.

  • dowman

    I received my Walmart gift card in the mail today. Oddly, the refund for $8 through paypal has not come through yet.

    • amy

      do you recall what day you submitted? so we can get an idea of the turnaround for the gift card? tia!

      • dowman

        It was probably 10/30/13

  • Louise

    I should have went with a walmart giftcard 🙁 I’m not opening the batteries until I get my paypal rebate

  • Evie

    Just received my walmart gc with today’s mail!! Yay! Just in time for Black Friday!

  • anna

    received credit in my paypal today! yay!