Gone! New $5/1 Scotch Tape Dispenser Coupon – FREE at Walgreens {Black Friday}

Scotch Tape Dispenser CouponScotch Tape Dispenser Coupon

Update: Coupon is No Longer Available. Be sure to download the LRWC Toolbar to never miss a deal.

There is a super HOT Scotch Tape Dispenser Coupon available.  The coupon is for $5 off any Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser, excludes Scotch NFL Helmet Tape Dispenser.  I’m guessing these coupons will go quickly so be sure to print it right away!

Print: Scotch Tape Dispenser Coupon gone

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 12.31.53 PMThe Scotch Tape Dispenser Coupons will be on an awesome sale at Walgreens starting 11/28 (Black Friday).  They will be only $4.99 making them completely FREE.  What a great stocking stuffer!  These usually sell for around $7.99 – $14.99 so truly a great deal!

Here is your deal at Walgreens starting 11/28:

Buy 1 Scotch Tape Dispenser $4.99
-(1)$5/1 Scotch Tape Dispenser Coupon
FREE after coupon

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  • Shakira M

    Just printed 2, hopefully no one in my area knows of the deal lol

    • Tina Fitz

      it says you can only redeem one per day? just a heads up

      • Shakira M

        Thanks, ill be happy if I could find one to use it on.

    • Vanessa Leone

      what zip code

  • Sandy

    These are nice to use at BJ’s as they often have a store coupon so stackable and cheap!

    • misterbill

      Well, it would be really good if they have a multi-pack (with separate UPC’s) for a reasonable price, then you can use multiple coupons.

      • Sandy

        Last time I bought this tape BJ’S had 6 pack of tape plus a black basic dispenser for 9.99 and I think the 10 pack was 13.99. I had a $5 BJ’S coupon along with a $3 mfg so it was a nice deal for office. Fingers crossed 🙂

  • Melinda Hochberg

    coupon says it’s only redeemable at retail outlets – what does that mean?

    • misterbill

      Places where you buy stuff. I’m guessing it’s to exclude websites, although that would be strange to try to use them there. I find that reading fine print is asking for trouble.

  • misterbill

    The manager will likely have to adjust the price of the item or coupon to get the coupon to take.

  • Martina

    I don’t see the coupon, what zp I should use?

    • twill

      I don’t see it either

  • Vanessa Leone

    where is coupon

  • catkittykitty

    gone? can’t find it using the link 🙁

  • Sandy

    My BJ;s in NJ had the Red Shoe dispenser for $5.99. So only .99 if you printed the coupon

    • Sandy

      I should add that it also came with 3 rolls of tape

  • JY

    Just tried to get it at Walgreens this morning and it did not work. They said because the coupon was worth more than the price of the product.

    • Danielle

      They’re wrong. You tell them to adjust the coupon down and make sure to get the manager if the cashier doesn’t know how to do it. Walgreens as always barely ever has anything in stock so I had to go to 3 Walgreens until I finally found one that even had this (and yes I asked at the first 2 to look in the back and nothing – they weren’t even out of it – didn’t even have a display) and they only had 2 kinds so I got 4 of the high heel shoe.

      • JY

        I went to three different stores and they all made me feel like an idiot so I emailed corporate and reported all three of them stores and today my phone has been ringing off the hook. But I had already taken the Walgreens ad to Walmart to price match and they let me use the coupon with no questions asked. They told me to feel free to come back to the store and ask for a manager. I still have another coupon so I may do that today (the $4.99 pricing is good for a few more days).

        • misterbill

          I picked up 4 of them (2 shoes, 2 martini glasses) at the only store I checked. I told the cashier to change the price to $5 so the coupons would work, but she just scanned the coupons and they worked. Until the last one, because it was for more than the remaining amount and I wasn’t buying anything else. So I had her try it at $4.96 and it still beeped. Then I suggested trying $4.95. For some reason, that worked. I ended up paying a penny for all 4 (in CT, coupons reduce tax).