My Shopping Trip – ShopRite – Better than FREE

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Extreme Couponing Shopping Trip

I headed to ShopRite to test out the new $5 off 5 ShopRite eCoupon.  Since that was going to give me overage, I needed to have extra stuff in my cart to cover it.  As I was making my list I couldn’t resist all the Free items available this week at ShopRite.  But, I was so bummed that some of them were not available for me including the Better Than FREE Excedrin and the Better Than FREE Kashi Hummus.

Regardless, I still did great have spent just $2.25 out of pocket which was, in part, because of a previous catalina I used.  Factoring that catalina back in, it was still a profit of $2.75 after receiving another catalina (Scotties) and the $5 Saving Star Deposit I will be getting for the Scotties.

Always love shopping deals at ShopRite!

Here is what I did:



Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 8.58.18 PM

Cindy Livesey is the force behind Living Rich With Coupons which provides it’s readers with all the resources they need to shop smart so they can get life’s necessities for a lot less.  Her family  has saved over $11,000 a year in groceries.  And you can too!


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  • JudyMoody

    Looks great!! Can’t wait to try some of these out for myself, thanks 🙂

  • melissa

    cant wait to try this out

  • Liz Kelly

    I’m curious about the Shoprite ecoupon for the grape tomatoes. I only see one in my account for the Golden Grape ones. Is this the same ecoupon or was there another one that I missed out on? I would love for this to work on the red ones as well.

    • Dissidence

      Shoprite’s website says golden, but the coupon is valid for either.

  • mrsclaire

    great job!

  • Sandy

    Nice job! I did the Scotties deal 3X last week and didn’t realize that the $5 Cat is still working. Wasn’t able to see specifics on Cat as it’s not listed under SR info. Can you plse give details again? TIA

    • It’s listed at the bottom of the ShopRite Match ups. This is the second and last week for it.

    • COLIN

      WORD OF WARNING! Shelf price for the Scotties deal is not working this week at my Shop-Rite as of today (11/13) whereas I had no problem last week. FYI!

      • As you can see, it worked for me. This trip was done on Sunday.

        • Colin

          I’m Thinking that maybe you lucked out because it was the Sunday before a Monday holiday and they just never switched over from the prior promotion. Other than you, I was wondering if anyone has reported that they received the Catalina with no problems from Tuesday onwards?
          Don’t get me wrong, Cindy, you provide an invaluable service and I would not have known to do the promotion last week without you, but just wanted to report that like another poster, I had to fight to get the Catalina this time — on another card, of course, to take advantage of the S/R e-coupon for the Scotties!

          • kabbysteve

            I did the scotties today…bought 12 in total…got the $5 catalina

  • Neely Birdsall-Buscemi

    Great job! Will have to try getting the regular grape tomatoes instead of the golden ones!

    • Karen

      After reading Cindy’s post, I’ll do the same. SR is so strict I kept looking for the golden grape tomatoes!

  • Mel

    Cindy quick question can you reuse the ecoupons?

    • kabbysteve

      No, unfortunately the ecoupons are a one time use and do not double.

      • Mel

        thanks kabby

  • tina

    Tyson ecoupons are gone

    • tina

      Nevermind….now they are showing up…that was weird…

  • tina

    Hmm…I looked up the Tyson on shoprite at home and they are not on sale for $3 at more store too bad…after I loaded the coupons 🙁

  • gail

    when you say that some deals were not available for you, do you mean that your store did not have stock of the 200ct excedrin or the kashi hummus crisps?

  • Liz Kelly

    Has anyone tried doing the deal with 5 Friendship sour cream for $.99 each yet? My shoprite says limit 4 so I wasn’t sure if this would work that the $.99 price or not.

    • kabbysteve

      Regular or Light version of Friendship sour cream is included…pick up 4 of one version and the 5th one be the other version…good luck!

  • Lark

    Just a helpful hint for if you don’t have an ecoupon that should be available to all customers: if I log out of the website & look at the e-coupons with no log-in, some additional coupons will be present. If you click to add the coupon (like I did with Tyson bowls, only one of the Tyson coupons was showing up in my log in), it will prompt log-in & when you do it actually adds the coupon when it wasn’t even available to you before! Can’t guarantee it will work because I just did it this week for the first time with what I described but definitely worth a try,

    • jessica

      Where did u find the tyson bowls in ur SR? I walked up & down the frozen food aisle at least 5x and no luck 🙁 the mini sandwiches I spotted quickly.