New $4/1 CVS Visine Coupon = Better Than FREE Starting 11/24!

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CVS Visine Coupon

There is a new $4/1 Visine with Hydroblend Moisturizers, 0.5FLoz CVS Coupon available to print this morning.

Print $4/1 Visine with Hydroblend Moisturizers, 0.5FLoz CVS Coupon

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Starting on Sunday 11/24, CVS will have the 0.5oz Visine on sale for $5.49 and you get $1.49 ECB when you buy one.  With the new $4/1 CVS Coupon and a $3/1 manufacturer’s coupon that is available, this turns into a moneymaker after coupons and ECB! YAY!

Here is your deal:


Make sure to check out all the awesome deals starting on Sunday at CVS.  Also, the full add is now available online for next week.  You can view the CVS Black Friday Week Deals here.

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  • J

    It’s a mfg coupon, can’t be stacked.

    • Sobeida

      It’s not manufacturer, its a CVS manufacturer coupon, the word CVS changes the entire game.

      • mary

        I already talked to my store and they won’t take both coupons. So its up to each store’s discretion. My store will not take 2 manufacturer coupons for 1 item even if 1 coupon has the CVS logo.
        I have many coupons with the Walmart logo and they are not Walmart coupons, they are manufacturers coupons.
        I am taking a pass on this deal.

        • Megan

          This isn’t a manufacturer coupon. In the top it clearly states “CVS/pharmacy” where you would typically see “manufacturer’s coupon.” Sometimes a manufacturer’s coupon will have a logo underneath the picture, but this isn’t that type, it’s a CVS coupon so according to their policy it’s able to be stacked.

          • mommy2lana

            Just got back and the register took both coupons with no issues.

  • Autumn Rain

    My store will take both coupons but will most likely adjust 1 of the coupons down because they don’t allow overage.

  • Patricia

    🙁 I can’t print the q’s in fact anything that is smart source related it !! I just purchase this mac pro!! thought it was going to be a better solution, but is not working for my printing coupons purposes!!! anyone has an idea what to do!! TIA.

    • Denise Davison

      Have you updated your Java?

      • patricia

        thanks I tried that and it takes forever and then nothing. 🙁 thanks anyway.

        • Wilma B

          use Firefox when you need to print anything using Java.. I use a MacBook Pro and read that the updated Safari does not work well with Java.. Never have a problem using Firefox though

          • Denise Davison

            I would definitely agree that I would try using Safari, from time to time I have problems with firefox, guess it depends on the mood my computer is in, lol 🙂

            • Angel Bingham

              Safari doesn’t ‘do’ Java. I have a Mac. Gotta go with Firefox for java coupon sites (smart source and red plum)

              • Denise Davison

                thats so weird, because I have a macbook pro and many times i find that I am able to print coupons that require Java easier on Safari! I’m starting to think that these computers just have minds of their own!

  • J

    Store coupons don’t have a remit address since they send them to corp. This coupon does have one and is coded w a “0” prefix (cvs are 4) therefore making it a mfg, which cannot be stacked

  • imahuva

    Just came back from the store…It did not print the EB…I will have to go back tomorrow. i noticed that not all the Visine are on sale…The ones with the above $3 & $2 coupons are not. Check before you take it to the register….

    • Mia

      The EB deal doesn’t start till tomorrow.

      • imahuva

        Yes, I know, but in my store you can get next week sale on Saterday evening….Store manager was surprised himself….

        • CoupinsGuy

          But did coupons stack making it free?

          • imahuva

            As i mentioned I did not shop on Saterday….I wanted the EB to print & they did not yet….

  • ShrewdNorwalker

    This coupon added $ 4.00 dollars to my transaction every time the cashier scanned it …..CVS promoted this coupon but something is off ……

    • Michelle T.

      This coupon didn’t scan at my store, but they put it in manually. Got overage and the ECB printed 🙂